Is the LG TV Android?

Is the LG TV Android?Is the LG TV Android?

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Smart TVs run on different operating systems, and Android is a top contender. While LG can technically run on the Android operating system, they don’t come with it right out of the box.

LG TVs do not run on Android technology. Instead, they use LG’s WebOS. While you cannot download Android apps directly onto your LG TV, there are ways to get the same capabilities.

What OS Does LG TV Operate On?

LG tv web OS

LG smart TVs are designed with LG WebOS. This operating system offers:

  • Effortless playback
  • An intuitive user interface
  • An Easy-to-use app store 

You can browse through the LG Content Store and download many of the same apps you can on TVs that use Android’s operating system.

Comparing LG TV WebOS and Android OS

WebOS and Android OS have many similarities. They both offer features like voice control and screen casting. But, there are also some differences.

FeaturesWebOSAndroid OS
RemoteMagic RemoteSmart TV Remote
App StoreLG Content StoreGoogle Play Store
Compatible with other devicesYesYes
Game streamingOneFour
Compatible with Android phoneYesYes
Compatible with iPhoneYesYes
Built-in web browserYesDepends on TV

In my opinion, WebOS is easier to use and has a better interface. However, you are limited to the LG Content Store and LG applications. Because Android TVs use the Google Play Store, you have a lot more options.

Does LG TV Support Android?

While LG TVs do not use the Android operating system, they can connect to many Android devices through Miracast. 

However, even though both WebOS and Android OS are Linux-based operating systems, you can’t download Android apps or access the Google Play Store if you’re not using the Android operating system. 

Can I Use Android Technology on an LG TV? 

While LG TVs do not come with the Android operating system, nor can you install Google apps, there are a couple of ways to run an Android operating system on your LG TV:

Chromecast plugged into LG TV

Connecting an Android TV Box or Chromecast device will give you all the benefits of the Android operating system when the device is connected, and all the benefits of WebOS when it’s not. 

You can connect Chromecast with Google TV or an Android Streaming Box to your LG TV the same way you’d connect any other HDMI device. 

However, switching to the Android operating system is a little more difficult and will completely change your operating system from WebOS to Android OS.

FAQ: LG TV’s Operating System

What Devices Use WebOS?

All LG smart devices use WebOS. This includes: 

  • Smart TVs
  • Smart projectors
  • Smart watches
  • Smart appliances

Whatever LG device you’re using, it’s safe to assume it runs through WebOS technology. 

How Do I Use Screen Share on My LG TV?

The easiest way to screen share on an LG TV is through Apple AirPlay. However, this will only work if your TV was made in 2018 or later and you have an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Here’s a quick video showing you how to do this:

If you have an Android phone, you can share your screen to your LG TV following the steps below:

  1. Swipe down on your phone’s screen to open the Quick Access menu.
  2. Tap the screen share icon.
  3. Select your LG TV from the list of available devices.

This should connect your Android phone to your TV.

What is an Operating System? 

An operating system is the system that controls a smart TV, computer, or other device’s basic functions. A device cannot run without some kind of operating system installed.

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