Why Is My Eufy Camera Picture Pink?

eufy cam pink screeneufy cam pink screen

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Security cameras are not always perfect, and when it comes to Eufy smart cameras, it is not any different. They can malfunction anytime irrespective of the condition. However, no matter the problem, you may have to know why it’s there, and how to fix the problem or replace it if you have a warranty. In this case, it might be that your camera recordings show a pink image.

Your Eufy Camera may have a pink tint mainly because of a malfunction in the IR Cut filter. The IR Cut filter is a color filter found in your Eufy cam, and its function is to block infrared light to prevent unwanted side effects triggered by infrared light during footage recording in daylight mode.

This is a common problem for most security cameras in general. This might not look real, but your Eufy cam footage suddenly turning pink is something that can or might happen. This can also cause your cam footage to degrade in quality and resolution, making security in your smart home vulnerable. In this article, you are going to know why your EufyCam footage is pink in hue and how to fix it.

Why Causes a Pink Tint on Eufy Camera?

There are several reasons your Eufy cam can have a pink tint or hue, and some of them come as a result of the wrong settings on your Camera app, bad software or firmware, or unbearable weather. However, this issue is mainly caused by a factor we are going to discuss below. So why does this happen?

This filter is meant to block the occurrence of infrared light onto the image sensor, hence it is installed in front of the sensor. So this IR Cut filter automatically switches on and off to carry out this function. 

This part of your Eufy smart camera may not close properly, get stuck in night mode, or it may be damaged causing the pink hue you may notice in your footage. If your Eufy camera is also exposed to extremely cold temperatures, it can cause this IR cut Filter to freeze making it get stuck in the process.

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How Do I Fix Pink Hue On My Eufy Camera?

There are ways you can try to fix the Pink Hue on your Eufy camera. We would go over the most common steps which you can take before contacting Eufy support.

Toggle Off and On The IR LED Board

Try manually turning off the IR LED lights on your Eufy cam. Since this camera is built by the company not to be dismantled easily, you can do this through your app by going to the camera settings. To do this, turn off the “night vision” feature on your EufyCam for a few minutes then turn it back on.

Power Cycle Your Camera

Power cycle your Eufy Camera by unplugging it from the power source for 30 seconds. You can do this for battery-powered devices by turning them off using the Eufy Security app. To do this, Go to the App’s “menu”, select the camera you want to turn off and toggle it off. 

Try Using a Magnet

Try using a strong magnet to get the IR cut filter in place. Use it to make a sweeping motion over the camera lens. This is perfect if your cut filter is stuck inside the lens of the camera. Getting it unstuck would make your footage color go back to normal.

Check The Camera’s Settings

Check your EufyCam settings if you would see anything above normal. Maybe someone tempered the camera settings and added a pink overlay to it. On the settings, you can correct any of these mistakes or a simple factory reset would solve this. Try setting the image on default. 

Try a Factory Reset

Try resetting your EufyCam to go back to its initial or default settings. Doing this would erase all the settings you or someone else have done on your smart camera. Sometimes, this can solve a bad or malfunctioning IR cut filter by getting it back into its original place. Hence your footage and images would come back normal. 

To reset your Eufy Camera, find the Sync button, and press it while holding it for up to 10 seconds. You would hear two beeps which would indicate that the reset is done.


So there you have it, the reason why your EufyCam suddenly had this pink tint to its picture quality. You can try the above solutions to get it back on track. If you have tried them, and your camera doesn’t seem to come back to its original picture, you can then contact Eufy support. 

Eufy claimed some models of their smart camera can have pink tint faulty footage because of factory error. You can contact them, and get your smart home camera replaced for free.

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