Why is My Eufy Camera Beeping?

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When people buy electronic products, they get apprehensive when their products don’t work as expected. For example, some Eufy cameras beep for different reasons, so many confused buyers have asked, “Why is my Eufy camera beeping?”

There are different reasons why your Eufy Camera could be beeping, but the most common reason is low battery. You can take down the camera and charge with your homebase or a 5V/9V USB charger if this happens.

The Eufy camera battery is excellent and can last for a very long time, but needs to be recharged after about a year of use. Failure to do this could lead to beeping and shutdown. Please keep reading to find out more about the Eufy camera battery, how to know when it is low and how to charge it.

The Eufy Camera Battery

The Eufy camera battery is better than most camera batteries in its size. It can last for up to a year (365 days) without needing charging. In addition, the battery will last for about three years if you use the camera in standby mode. 

Standby mode means the camera detection function is disabled, and it cannot alert the user. You use this mode when you want your camera to go to sleep for a while.


The Eufy camera battery is also durable because it is made from the same cells that power a Tesla electric vehicle. This means you won’t have any troubles leaving them in your camera for a year or more.

Longer than Lifetime Use

The Eufy camera battery also has 1,000 cycles, meaning it can be charged to 100% and used to 0% one thousand times before it loses its strength. In theory, this means you could use the battery for 1000 years, only needing one charge a year to keep it working.

Protected By the Eufy Camera Shell

The batteries in the Eufy camera cannot be removed as they are built into the device. If you would like to learn more about Eufy cameras, check out this article.

How to Know When Your Eufy Camera Battery is Low 

Even though the Eufy camera battery is long-lasting and can go a year on a single charge, it will run down eventually. Therefore, you need to constantly check that your battery is healthy, not to be unaware.

The easiest way to know that your battery is low is through the EufySecurity App. The app is connected to all the cameras in your system and can tell you the precise battery percentage at any point in time. 

After a full charge, when your camera is put in the proper position, your EufySecurity App should tell you that the battery is at 100% and show you footage of the area covered by the camera. As your battery percentage drops, you will see the number go down in the app.

When your battery is low, you will receive a notification that your camera is going into shutdown mode because the battery is too low. At this point, you need to bring the camera down from where it is mounted to charge it.

Battery Charge Causing Eufy Camera to Beep

Low battery is the primary reason your camera is beeping, and it is usually accompanied by device shutdown. When this happens, the first thing you should do is charge the camera with a Homebase or 5V/9V USB charger.

How to Charge Your Eufy Camera Battery When it Runs Down 

When you’ve noticed that your Eufy camera has shut down and is beeping due to a low battery, you should charge it immediately. You can charge it using two methods: Homebase or USB charger.

Homebase Charging Method

The Homebase device has a USB charging port to connect the cable to the camera. Charging with Homebase generally takes about 4 hours to go from 0% to 100%. 

USB Charging Method

If you don’t like the previous method, you could choose to charge your camera battery using a 5V/2A or 9V/2A USB charger. This method takes roughly about the same amount of time. It is important that you get a good charger and connect the cable tightly.

There is a plastic covering that protects the charging port on the camera. You need to remove this covering to charge the battery, but you must cover it before mounting the camera again. In addition, this coverage protects the camera from the elements, so keeping it open could spoil your camera in no time.


Your beeping camera is usually due to a low battery. When this is not the case, you can solve the beeping problem by re-adding the camera. You can do this by rebooting the Homebase and pressing the SYNC button for 10 seconds till you hear two beeps. Then, add the camera using the steps shown in the app.

If all these fail to work, then you might need to reach out to Anker Support via email or on their website to help you check what’s wrong with the camera.

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