Why Is My Eufy Camera Not Charging?

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You may have been using the Eufy Cam for a while now and then one day, through the EufySecurity app, you find out that your smart camera battery is low and in dire need of charging. You detach it from the mount, you plug it in using your Homebase,  and you discover that your Camera is not charging as it used to. Why?

Your Eufy Camera may not be charging due to several reasons. It may be because you are not using the recommended charger, your fresh-out-the-box charge cable is broken, your camera’s ambient temperature may be too high or too low during charging, or your EufyCam battery may be faulty or bad.

Either way, you need to troubleshoot to know the reason why your camera is not charging. In this article, we would also look into how long your Eufy camera batteries can last, and the solutions you can take when your EufyCam won’t charge. But for now, let’s find out how to know if your camera is charging for the new users. 

How Do I Know if My Eufy Camera is Charging?

It’s very easy to charge your EufyCam. All you just have to do is to remove the smart camera from its mount, then remove the rubber seal covering its charging port, and plug the cable to your home base as the micro USB goes to the charging port. So how would you know these batteries are charging when you plug it into the socket or Homebase?

When charging your Eufy Cam, it takes approximately 4-8 hours depending on the type of charger you use. To know if your smart camera is charging, an LED indicator light is present to give you information on that. When charging, the LED light would turn red, and when the battery is filled up, the light would go off.

For the EufyCam 2 and 2C, the status light would shine blue rather when it’s being charged. You can also check if the battery is charging using the Eufy Security app. The app would show you the information you need to know about the status of your EufyCam battery such as the percentage charged, how much charge is left, and the progress of the battery as it charges. That way, you can also know how fast your battery can charge.

What Do You Do When Your Camera Won’t Charge?

You might have undergone troubleshooting for your EufyCam, but you don’t know what to do in response to the problem, so what do you do?

To get your EufyCam to charge again, do these:

  • Ensure that you use the recommended charger from the box.
  • If your recommended power cable is broken, try replacing it with a suitable one.
  • Ensure your EufyCam is not too hot or cold.
  • Charge the Cameras using only your home base. The Homebase that comes with each set of EufyCam has one charging port with Anker Power IQ Technology. If you can’t use the one from the Homebase, you can try a 5V/2A or a 9V/2A charger. 

Charging with the Homebase or a 9V/2A charger from 0 to 100 may take about 4 hours to complete while using a 5V/2A charger might take up to 8 hours or more to charge. If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

How Long Do Eufy Camera Batteries Last?

The EufyCam boasts about four 13,000mAH batteries made out of Lithium ions and built into the case of the Smart camera. Normally, lithium batteries are perfect for multiple charging cycles. So how long can Eufy Camera Last in a single charge?

Eufy Camera batteries last long, if not the longest of any smart home camera. The company claims that the battery can last for an entire year in function, and give or take, three years in standby mode, and this makes maintenance rare. This means that you need to charge the batteries of your EufyCam yearly as stated.

When it comes to the overall health of the batteries, and how long they can last or be recharged, the batteries are also here to stay. Since they are lithium-ion batteries, they can be recharged 500 to 1000 times. Hence with the need of charging it only once a year, you may be able to use these cameras for 500 – 1000 years. 


If your EufyCam does not charge, and you have tried all the solutions we presented above without any results, then the problem may be a result of damaged batteries. Eufy made it possible that the battery of the EufyCam would not be removed easily hence building into the case of the Cameras. 

Do not fear! The company also made it possible for their customers to be able to send back the camera if the battery has been damaged. The company would replace these batteries, and send you back the camera without voiding the waterproof features.

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