The Best Place to Mount a Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink outdoor camera with plugs and box on tableBlink outdoor camera with plugs and box on table

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A Blink Outdoor Camera is a great way to see what’s going on in your home when you are away. With the many features, such as live view and the ability to save recordings, you can know what’s happening around your front door or other outdoor areas. Of course, you can’t make the most of these features unless you have your Blink Outdoor Camera mounted in a good place.

The Blink Outdoor Camera should be mounted outside of direct sunlight and about 8-10 feet from the ground. It should also be pointed away from the sun and ground, ideally tilted slightly so you can still view your home’s surroundings.

Below, we will go over a few of the best—and worst—places to mount your new Blink Outdoor Camera so you can maximize its views.

Best Places to Mount Blink Outdoor Cameras

There are several places you can mount your camera to make sure you get the most use out of it. First, decide where in your outdoor area you want to place the device. If you have more than one camera, you can place them in various parts of the yard or around various entryways to get more coverage.

Here are the most common outdoor places to mount the Blink Outdoor Camera:

  • Front Door: the best place to mount the camera if you want to see who is coming to the door, see who is coming in and out of the home, and make sure your packages are not being stolen
  • Garage: a great place to mount the camera if you want to see the driveway or cars parked around your home
  • Yard: a common area to mount the Blink camera if you want to monitor your kids playing outside and to make sure no one is coming through your gate
  • Back Doors: place the camera here if you are concerned about people snooping around the back or sides of your home. Having more cameras here will cover all your exit and entry points.
  • Under an awning or covering: this will prevent the camera from having water damage or climate problems. However, make sure your device still has good visibility, as too shaded of an area will make footage too dark to decipher anything

Regardless of where you decide to mount your camera, you always want to make sure the device is placed at a height and angle where you can achieve maximum visibility. Most people find that placing the camera 8-10 feet above the ground is optimal.

You should also consider whether or not you want the Blink Outdoor Camera to be seen. It’s worth noting that the camera will start flashing a blue LED light while recording; some people leave this feature on to let visitors know they have a camera, whereas others like to keep their cameras hidden and with the light setting turned off.

Where to Avoid Mounting Blink Outdoor Cameras

The following are a few places where you should avoid mounting your Blink Outdoor Camera:

  • Areas with direct sunlight: this will cause a glare that might make people or things around your home very unclear in recordings or live views
  • Anywhere low to the ground: this will give people ample opportunity to vandalize or possibly steal the device. (You might want to add a case around your camera to protect it.)
  • In front of large trees and shrubs: due to the Blink Outdoor Camera’s sensitivity, waving branches and moving leaves may trigger the device to start recording or send you notifications of movement.

Never place your camera in a place that violates the privacy of neighbors. Your camera should not be able to see into the bedrooms or bathrooms of any of the houses in your neighborhood. It’s okay if the fronts of their homes are visible, though.

Note: If you live in a strict area of town, make sure cameras are okay with your Homeowner’s Association. Some people also like to let their neighbors know they have cameras.

How Do You Mount a Blink Camera?

Mounting the Blink Outdoor Camera is easy and doesn’t require a professional. The mounting kit comes with a mount and screws. It also comes with a horizontal adapter if you need it.

To install the camera horizontally, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the silicon disc from the back of the camera that protects the fastener.
  2. Press the adapter onto the connecting point where the disc was.
  3. Make sure you hear a snap.
  4. Now slide the mount into the adapter.
  5. Firmly press it against the wall.

To install the camera vertically, follow these steps:

  1. Push the mount into the back of the camera.
  2. Firmly press the mount onto the wall or area where you want the camera to be.

The included screws don’t usually need to be used unless your mounting surface is very rough or uneven. You can check the view of your camera by using the Blink app and clicking Live View. This will ensure you are putting it in a good spot.

In Summary

Mounting the Blink Outdoor Camera is easy and only takes a few minutes. However, you’ll want to make sure it’s installed in the best spot for high visibility and clear footage. Generally speaking, the best spot to mount the device is outside of direct sunlight, around 8-10 feet above the ground.

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