Sometimes you need the help of a village to look out for what is yours. Having a shared user on your Ring account can make sure that you never miss a beat when it comes to looking after your property.

What can a shared user do on Ring?

Shared users on your Ring account have access to these key features:

  • Live View
  • Two-way Audio
  • Ring Alerts

With others being able to help you with any alerts or messages you may receive from your Ring ecosystem, it can help put your mind at ease. Now all you must do is learn about the different features that shared users have access to.

What Can Shared Users Do On Ring?

So, you have an entire Ring ecosystem that includes Ring security cameras and a Ring Doorbell. Maybe, you just have a Ring Doorbell; no matter how big your Ring inventory is you can add a shared user to your Ring account.

Now, when it comes to your Ring account, there are three ways in which you can categorize another user:

  • Full Access User: This user has been given the username and password to the entire Ring account. They can do any and everything within this account without restrictions.
  • Shared User: Shared Users are to be invited by the primary Ring account owner. The features that are allowed to this user are just enough without having total control over the Ring account.
  • Guest User: Only used for the Ring Alarm. These users can arm and disarm the alarm with the PIN but do not have access to the Ring app and other features.

With shared users on your Ring account, you can give them access to the following features:

  • Live View 
  • Two-way Audio
  • Ring Alerts and Messages
  • Event History
  • View and Share Stored Videos on Ring app
  • Store Videos on Smartphone or Tablet
  • Control Base Station
  • Lock and Unlock Connected Locks
  • Arm and Disarm the Ring Alarm System

It is up to the Ring account owner to know when to remove a shared user. If the shared user is no longer a friend that they are in contact with, it is best to remove them. This helps with keeping the number of shared users in check and having too many people with access to your Ring devices.

On the other hand, what is shared users unable to do on your Ring account?

What Shared Users Cannot Do On Ring?

Shared Users may seem like they have access to a lot of features when it comes to your Ring account, but they do not. You can control what each shared user is capable of doing on your account. What they cannot do includes the following:

  • Add Other Shared Users
  • Activate Alexa-enables devices to answer and react to your doorbell
  • Use Alexa for other features on your Ring devices.
  • Delete Videos
  • Delete Other Devices on the Account
  • Change Settings
  • Change Ring Devices Name

The above features of what a shared user cannot do may give the Ring account owner a piece of mind. This helps the Ring account owner to know that while a shared user has access to their videos, they cannot delete any footage at their leisure.

Adding and Deleting a Shared User

When it comes to adding a shared user, the process is very simple. What you have to do includes the following:

  1. Open your Ring app to the main home page.
  2. Locate the Settings button and tap on it to reveal the “+” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Next, enter the person you would like to have as a shared user’s email.
  4. “Assign the Role” you want that shared user to have with your Ring account.
  5. Hit the “Send Invite” button. All you have to do now is just wait for them to accept it and create their own Ring account.

If you wish to remove a friend or family member who you no longer feel should be a shared user on your Ring account, all you have to do is:

  1. In the Ring app, go to the Settings page.
  2. Tap on the Users button and select the user you wish to remove.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a “Remove User” button ready for you to push. They will now be taken off of your account forever.

Yet, when adding others to your account as a shared user, how many non-Ring devices can your Ring account hold?

Controlling Your Ring Devices with Multiple Devices

As you continue to add more shared users to your Ring account, there will be more devices that are connected to your account as well. Even if you were to give someone full access to your account, they still must use their own device to access it.

Some shared users may have a tablet and a smartphone connected to your Ring account while the owner will have all of their smart devices connected to their Ring account. There are no limits to how many devices can be connected to one Ring account.