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Does Alexa Work With Ring Products?

Last Updated Mar 14, 2022
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Whether you are thinking of adding a Ring device to your smart home or looking to add Alexa voice control to your Ring enabled home, knowing whether Ring works nicely with Alexa is pretty important.

Does Alexa Work With Ring Products? All Ring products do work with Alexa. You will need to have the Ring Skill enabled to allow your echo devices to control your Ring devices.

To enable the Ring skill, you will simply need to sign into your Ring account and discover devices nearby. The process is extremely simple but we will get into a more detailed step by step below.

Connecting Ring Devices to Alexa

Adding the Ring skill is extremely easy. Here is a pretty granular explanation. The Alexa app is very user friendly and makes setting up skills a walk in the park.

Step 1: Open your Alexa app

Step 2: Select the hamburger menu on the upper left side of the screen. These are the three lines that open the side menu.

Step 3: Select the Skills and Games option

Step 4: In the upper right-hand corner, select the search icon. On the search screen type in Ring and select search.

Step 5: Select Ring in the search results. It should be the first option.

Step 6: Select enable to use. This will lead you to a sign in page for Ring. Here you will enter Your Ring credentials.

Step 7: Discover devices. Alexa should prompt you to do this, but if not, just head back to the hamburger menu and select add device. It’s pretty simple and you can follow the on-screen directions from there.

Echo Products

If you only have the Ring doorbell, it will work with any Echo devices. The thing is, the Ring doorbell works better with those Echo devices that have a screen like the Echo Spot or Echo Show.

You can even use an Amazon Firestick to see who is at your door right on your TV. Learn more about the Firestick here!

Amazon Echo products

You want to see who is at your door when someone comes knocking, so if the only Ring device you have is the Ring doorbell, make sure you also have an Echo Spot or Echo Show around. Set it up wherever you spend most of your time and easily check who is at your door on the Echo screen.

Now, if you have any of the Ring security products or Ring smart lighting, any Alexa device will work great. These products do not rely on the ability to see what’s going on and do not necessarily need a screen.

Check out all of the different Echo devices available on Amazon here!

Ring Alexa Voice Commands

I am gonna say most of you reading have an idea of how you would use Alexa and Ring together. If not, here are some of the ways you can control your Ring devices with Alexa.

To turn your Ring smart lights on and off:

  • Alexa, turn on my backyard lights
  • Alexa, turn off my den light
  • Alexa, turn off my garage lights

To manage the Ring Smart light brightness and controls:

  • Alexa, set my patio lamp to 50%
  • Alexa, brighten my patio lamp
  • Alexa, turn on Motion Sensor on patio light
  • Alexa, set Motion Sensitivity of patio lamp to Low
Ring Video Doorbell

To manage timers and other group settings:

  • Alexa, disable Ring Motion Alerts on garage door
  • Alexa, set Turn On time to 10 minutes on backyard
  • Alexa, set Shut off time to 5 minutes on backyard
  • Alexa, set Alert Snooze duration to 2 hours on backyard

To manage your Ring Alarm including locks, arming and disarming:

  • Alexa, arm Ring (defaults to Home Mode)
  • Alexa, arm Ring away
  • Alexa, disarm Ring
  • Alexa, arm Ring in away mode
  • Alexa, arm Ring in home mode
  • Alexa, lock my front door
  • Alexa, unlock my front door
  • Alexa, is the front door locked?

And to ensure your home is armed, simply ask:
Alexa, is Ring armed

There is so much you can do with Ring and Alexa. Whether you have the Echo device with a screen or not, you sill see some value added to your everyday life.

A quick recap:

If you have the Ring doorbell, the best Echo devices for you include screens like the echo Spot or the Echo Show. With a screened Echo device, you can literally see who is at your door in real time.

This is especially helpful if you work from home or spend most of your time in the back room of your house.

If you have or plan on getting, some Ring smart lights or a Ring security system, any type of Echo device will add value. You can control these devices with your voice or in the app. Similar to how you would control your other smart lights or smart security devices.

Ring and Alexa work well together. Setting them up is extremely easy and worth it.

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