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Does LG TV Have Google Play Store?

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022
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You may assume that your LG smart TV would use the Google Play Store program to access and download your apps and features. If you are searching your LG TV for the familiar Google Play icon and are confused about where it is, here’s what you need to know.

LG TVs do not come equipped with the Google Play store. In fact, they use their own version of an app store known as the LG Content Store. But don’t worry, essentially, the two applications work in the same way, so you can still download any desired programs for your smart TV. LG TVs App Program

LG TVs operate on the WebOS system, not the Andriod system, so the programs may have different names, but they all have the same capabilities. Now that you aren’t looking for the Google Play Store app, let’s discuss this LG Content Store. How do you find it? What features does it provide? Can you download Andriod apps from the Content Store? These are important questions to answer in order to better understand your LG TV, as well as how to maximize the available aspects of your smart TV. 

Where Can I Find the LG Content Store on my LG TV?

Before accessing the LG Content Store, it is important to know that your LG TV must be connected to your wireless internet for the program to function, once you have done this, finding and using the LG Content Store is a breeze. 

  • Press the HOME button on your LG remote.
  • Scroll to the side to the LG Content Store icon (which is red with a “play” symbol). 
  • That’s it! Once you are in, you can easily browse for movies, TV shows, and through the app store for anything you might need. 

If for any reason you cannot find it, you can watch this short Youtube video for step-by-step directions shown in action. 

What Features Does the LG Content Store Provide? 

Even though your LG TV does not have a Google Play Store, your favorite television shows, movies, games, and endless apps are all available with the click of a button through the LG Content Store. 

It’s extremely easy to use as it runs exactly like any of the other app download services on your smart devices. If you don’t have a lot of experience downloading apps, we will break it down for you!

  • Press the HOME button on your LG remote
  • Scroll to find the LG Content Store icon and click enter.
  • Select APPS. 
  • Click on your app of choice and then choose INSTALL.
  • Once downloaded, your app is ready to use! Install Apps With LG Content Store

It really is that easy. There are even recommended apps, a search bar to find exactly what you are looking for, and the details are provided for each application so everyone can easily understand and use the LG Content Store. 

Can I Run Andriod Apps on my LG TV?

Because your LG TV is not Android operated and therefore does not use the Google Play Store for app downloads, you will not be able to access Andriod apps on the television.

So if you have a certain app in mind and you cannot find it on your LG Content Store, it is most likely Andriod operated. However, LG promises that you can find an equivalent to each and every app Andriod provides, you might just need to do a little research on what you are looking for. 

If you are desperate to use a favorite Andriod app, or any unavailable app, on your LG TV, there is a way to make it happen. You can mirror your smartphone or device that already runs the app and therefore view, and essentially use it, on your television. Chromecast or Airplay are the two easiest ways to stream your smart devices onto your LG TV, and you can find detailed instructions here.  


Technology has advanced at such an exponential rate that we, the users, are having a hard time keeping up. Although your LG smart TV is fairly easy to use, you may find yourself slightly confused with why it does not offer all the same applications as your other various smart devices. If you are used to working with Apple or Andriod, the LG WebOS system is a whole other program to master. 

You may be disappointed to hear that you need to learn a new operating system since your LG smart TV does not run with Andriod, and therefore does not use the Google Play Store. 

Luckily, if you purchased an LG smart TV, they have done their best to ensure a user-friendly system that you can understand in no time. And of course, you still have the option to download enjoy hundreds of apps within your LG Content Store. 

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