How to Factory Reset a Eufy Camera?

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Smart Cameras are one of the most important pieces of technology when it comes to setting up your smart home because of the security these home devices provide. It can be installed using an app which makes it easier to control the device while having full information about your home. Sometimes, this security provision can be breached and hackers can be able to gain access to your home’s camera.

A major security breach was detected in this brand’s cameras which allowed other users to be able to log in and pry on other users without their consent. Although this was experienced by a few Eufy users in the US, UK, and Australia, the company itself advises that all users should reset their cameras. In this article, we are going to look at how you can do so.

How Do I Reset My Eufy 2K Indoor Camera?

Just as Eufy hinted to its users, resetting their smart home camera can solve most of the glitches, and problems associated with it. Resetting your Eufy smart camera can make a difference when you want to remove it from your account, re-add the device, if it doesn’t connect properly, and if it doesn’t function as usual. In short, the factory reset process would take it back to the original factory settings.

To reset your Eufy 2k camera is done just like the other forms of cameras made by this brand. To perform a reset, do this:

  1. Find the “Sync” button on your Eufy camera. For indoor cam (2k and 1080) and the Indoor Cam pan and tilt(2k and 1080), the sync button can be found at the back of the device. For the outdoor cam and outdoor cam pro, it can be found at the top of the device under the rubberized casing. For the indoor cam Mini, the sync button can be found under the device.
  2. Once you have found the “sync” button, press and hold it until you hear two beeps. The camera is then restored to its original settings.

Ensure you save important clips from your Eufy smart home camera before resetting. Also, if you reset your smart camera, you have to re-sync it using the App. We will show you how to in the coming paragraph.

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How Do I Resync My Eufy Camera?

Once you have gone through the factory reset process on your Eufy smart home camera, you may need to reconnect it back to your account so you can be able to better control the device. Re-syncing works just like the first time you install the camera. So how do you re-sync your Eufy Camera?

To resync your Eufy camera, do this:

  1. Open your “Eufy” app, on the device tab, select “add device”, and select the type of cam you want to resync.
  2. Plug your device into a power source and mount it. Then wait for the LED light to shine blue.
  3. Check around your smart camera device for a “QR code” then scan it 
  4. Press and hold the “Sync” button on your device for 2 seconds. You can refer above to check the position of the Sync button on your device. The LED will start blinking blue. 
  5. Select the “Heard a beep”, then wait for the connection to take place. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on for this process.
  6. Select and connect to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network on your app.
  7. Rename your Eufy cam and click done.

Ensure that you are already signed in to an existing Account before resyncing your smart camera. 

Why Is My Eufy Camera Not Working?

There are countless reasons your Eufy camera may not be working, and we would be looking into some of them now. Maybe your device might have stopped recording, or the camera displays as being “offline” on your app, there are certain reasons this happens.

Your Eufy camera may not be working because the camera may have lost power in the battery, it may not be connected to your home Wi-Fi, it may need to be reset, and resynced into your Eufy ecosystem, or it may just need to be simply re-added to your app. 

To get it working back, you need to check and charge the battery if necessary. Also check if it’s connected to your home Wi-Fi and if it does need to be reset and re-synced, you can follow the instructions above.


The Eufy smart camera is an essential tool one can add to their smart home ecosystem. If by any chance it misbehaves or has any issues, a simple reset can go a long way to restore the device to its original state. It can then be re-added to the system to continue giving you the best security that will protect your house. 

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