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How to Clean an LG TV Screen

Last Updated Jun 19, 2022
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If you have an LG TV, you know how amazing they are for viewing your favorite shows and movies. However, having fingerprints and other dirt on the screen can make it extremely annoying to watch shows. Knowing how to clean the TV screen will ensure you always have the clearest picture. So, how do you clean an LG TV screen?

LG TVs are best cleaned with dry clothes, microfiber cloths, or other soft cloths . Water and liquid should not be sprayed onto the TV. Never use chemicals or household cleaning products to clean an LG TV.

You might still be wondering the best tips for how to clean your TV and what solutions you should clean it with if any. We will go over all of this in this article as well as tips for keeping the TV clean so you don’t need to spend time wiping it down as often. 

Steps for Cleaning an LG TV Screen

Cleaning the TV screen of an LG TV is simple as long as you have the right products and follow the guidelines below. Always be gentle when cleaning the screen and don’t put too much pressure. 

Unplug the TV Before Cleaning 

Even though the chance of an electric show is low when cleaning the TV since you won’t be using any liquids, you should still unplug the TV when cleaning it. This way if you touch any cords or wires when cleaning, you’re not at any risk. 

Wipe With a Clean Dry Cloth 

Use a fresh clean cloth every time you clean the TV screen. Don’t use a cloth that you used to dust other furniture because dust and dirt might end up being rubbed onto the TV screen. Gently rub the cloth across the screen, paying special attention to areas with fingerprints and dirt. 

Use a soft cloth that can’t scratch the TV. Microfiber cloths or the cloths you use to clean eyeglasses are perfect options. Don’t use a cloth that sheds fibers. You also shouldn’t use clothing or paper towels to use the TV. 

Plug the TV Back In 

Once you are done cleaning, you can plug the TV back in and start using it. 

What Do I Clean My LG TV’s Screen with? 

The best thing to clean the TV with is a dry cloth. Many people think they need to wet cloth or use a household cleaner, but this can actually damage the screen and make the lifespan much shorter. 

Using a wet cloth can also leave behind streaks and residue. This will make cleaning the TV harder because then you will have to work harder to remove the streaks. 

Never use the following when cleaning your LG TV screen:

  • Windex 
  • Household cleaning solutions 
  • Water 
  • Paper towels or napkins 
  • Rough cloths 

Many people are surprised to see that they can’t use Windex to clean their TV. Remember that TV screens are not the same material as glass windows and doors. So, Windex is not a good material to use. 

Keep in mind that the tips above are for LG TVs. Other TV brands might have different tips or other cleaning solutions you can use. Always check the brand of your TV and see what their website suggests. Some TVs such as Panasonic and Sony suggest using water and mild dish detergent. 

How Do I Keep My TV Screen Clean?

TV mounted on wall

If you constantly find yourself needing to wipe dirt and debris from your TV, you might want to consider moving it or following some other tips to save you cleaning time in the future. 

Try the following to keep your TV screen clean:

  • Hang your TV higher up on the wall so that children can’t reach to touch it. 
  • Move the TV away from a door or window where more dirt and dust might get on it. 
  • Move the TV away from a common area where people might rub against it or touch it. 
  • Don’t let dogs or other pets play or roll around in front of the TV. 
  • Keep the thin plastic film on the TV that comes when it’s out of the box. 
  • Drape a covering over the TV when you are not using it if you live in an area where large amounts of dirt come from outside. 

You also shouldn’t wait too long to clean the TV when you see marks or dirt. Rubbing away dirt and fingerprints is easier when they first appear. Keep in mind that you can always see more smudges when the TV is off. If you are watching the TV, you might not be able to see the fingerprints and spend time wiping them all off. 

If your issue is not with cleaning your LG TV itself, but the screen is just getting darker, check out our other article, “How To Stop LG TV From Dimming/Brightening”

Final Thoughts 

Always gently clean your TV with a microfiber cloth. Never wet it or put cleaning solutions onto the cloth. Make sure you use a clean cloth and do not use it to clean anything else before the TV.