How To Connect Eufy Camera to HomeKit


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Slowly, smart cameras are getting more integrated with the Apple HomeKit feature. One of these brands that were added to the HomeKit integration is the Eufy Security brand. This brand of camera features characteristics that would make home automation possible. 

When paired up with the Apple HomeKit, continuous live streaming is possible. In this article, we would look into how Eufy cameras work with HomeKit, which model of cameras can do that, and how you can add those cameras to your Apple HomeKit.

How Does Eufy Work With HomeKit?

Before you add any of your Eufy Cameras, you have to set them up first using the EufySecurity app. Once that is done, you can add it directly to your Home kit, or enable the HomeKit option, and the Secured video capabilities. After adding it, you can then set your recording, and surveillance activity based on your availability. 

There are four of these you can choose from:

  1. Off – No video is recorded and streaming is not active. Eufy cameras can’t detect motions or send notifications.
  2. Detect Activity – Just like using the Eufy Security App, the camera detects activities and triggers automations. Live video is not streamed and video can’t be recorded.
  3. Stream – live view/camera stream is available and can be shared with people who are being invited to view it. Nothing is recorded, but the camera can detect activity, send notifications, and trigger automations.
  4. Stream and Allow Recording – During this, the live stream is activated and can be shared with other users. Eufy cameras can detect activity, record the activity and also send notifications or trigger automations.

One of the disadvantages of connecting, and using Eufy cameras is that they can’t be solely connected to the HomeKit Secure video except if the packaging contains a “works with HomeKit” logo on it. Others have to be connected using the Eufy app first before adding it to HomeKit.

Which Eufy Cameras Work With HomeKit?

Eufy Security has a lot of smart devices for their user’s smart homes, and a lot more smart cameras for users to pick from. These cameras work in hand with the Eufy Security app, and all of them can be connected creating a vast ecosystem that can be assessed anytime. So now we know that Eufy cameras can work with HomeKit, which models can do that?

Apple’s HomeKit can only work with a selected number of Eufy Camera models. These models may include the Indoor Cam 2k, Indoor Camera Pan & Tilt 2k, EufyCam 2/2 pro, and EufyCam 2C/2C Pro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with any of the video doorbell models, users are positive the connection would be made soon.

Camera models such as the Eufy Cam 2/2 pro, and the EufyCam 2C/2C pro first need to be connected to the Homebase 2 to make the connection to the HomeKit app possible. These models can’t also work without a Homebase. 

How Do I Add Eufy Security Camera To Apple Home?

Adding a Eufy Camera to your Apple home is very easy, and we would show you that in a jiffy. As we said, there are two different ways to do this. This applies to both the EufyCam series, as well as the Indoor Cam series.

You can connect your Eufy security camera to your HomeKit by using Apple Home through these steps:

  1. Switch on your Homebase 2
  2. Connect the Homebase 2 to your WiFi router.
  3. Look for a “QR code” under the Homebase 2 to set it up.
  4. Devices with a “HomeKit” logo can be added directly through your Apple home App by clicking here
  5. If your device doesn’t have an Apple logo, you can add the Homebase to the Eufy App, and the EufyCam 2/2C/2 pro/2C pro to your Homebase device.
  6. When that is done, on the Homebase “settings”, choose “HomeKit setup” to activate HomeKit.
  7. Enable the HomeKit feature, and then add your EufyCam to the Home App using the detailed instructions from Apple here.
  8. After that, the device would be synced with your Home App.

When it is added, you can then activate the HomeKit secured video. Apple also charges its users to store video in their cloud. 

Eufy Indoor Camera 2k/2k Pan & Tilt

For Indoor Camera 2k/2k Pan & Tilt do this:

  1. Plugin and Switch on your camera.
  2. Scan the QR code found under, or at the back of the camera, and add the Camera to your EufySecurity by following the instructions in the app.
  3. When that is done, go to the settings of the camera, and enable the HomeKit feature. 
  4. Follow the required steps to enable this feature on your EufySecurity app. To add Eufy to the home app, click here.
  5. The device would then be automatically synced with your Home App. 

To use the HomeKit secure video, you would need to have an iPhone, or iPod running iOS 13.2 or later, an iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod as a home hub, and a subscription for Apple’s cloud services. 


You can do a whole lot more when you connect your Eufy cameras to an Apple-powered smart home hub. With features like HomeKit secure video, you can live stream, record motion detected contents, encrypt, and store those videos in the iCloud directly. These videos can also be viewed in the Home app. 

You should also know that this feature requires an upgraded plan for cloud storage. So if you’re planning to opt in to use the HomeKit feature, you would have to pay.

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