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How to Change the Owner of the Nest Hello (and Other Nest Products)

Last Updated Jun 21, 2022
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Video doorbells are among the newest technology to replace the traditional peephole in your front door. They allow homeowners to view live feeds of their doorway and hold two-way conversations to enhance the security of their homes.

How do you change the owner of a Nest Hello and other devices? Changing the owner on Google Nest Hello video doorbells requires you to first remove the product from your account. This will allow a new user to take over and add the device to their account instead.

Getting acquainted with new technology like this can be challenging for many families, so it can be helpful to stay tuned in to helpful how-to articles. Read on to get some more details on changing owners on your Nest Hello and other Nest Home products.

How to Change the Owner of Your Nest Hello

In many households across the nation, homeowners use Smart Home technology to manage and keep track of many devices in their home. The Internet of Things is truly changing the way we interact with each other and our belongings. Users can connect multiple devices like a Google Home, Nest Hello video doorbell, and other Nest products to remotely control devices in their home—even if they’re not there.

Each device within the home can be managed by a separate owner who can control certain settings for said device.

If there comes a time that you ever want to change these settings and add a different owner to your device, there are some things to consider before you make the change. To change the owner of your Nest Hello video doorbell, you must first remove your account from the device, meaning you will lose some capabilities and permissions.

Before removing your account, keep these things in mind: removing the device from your account permanently deletes all of the recorded Video History. This is important to remember if you think you may need to access any video in the future.

However, if you have at least one Nest camera or Hello in your household, you can still access saved videos online at So, remember to Save any important videos if you think they’ll be valuable in the future if you ever stop using the device.

Here’s how to remove a Nest Hello from your account:

  1. Login to the Nest app. If you manage than one household, select the home that has the product you’d like to remove.
  2. Select Settings, and tap the product you’d like to remove.
  3. Scroll down and select Remove Nest Hello.
  4. Confirm your choice.

If you don’t plan on using the Nest Hello again, make sure to perform a factory reset. This will clear your settings, data, and passcodes to get the product clean and ready for a new owner.

Users Have the Same Access as Owners With the New Google Migration

If you’ve decided to change your Nest Hello’s owner, it’s important to know that a new update has given regular users some of the same capabilities and permissions as owners of the device.

Nest product owners have recently been encouraged to migrate their accounts to Google. If you have a Google account, you can use this to set up your Google Nest products. And if you do not already, Google is recommending that you get one. (If you’ve been on the internet, using YouTube, or signing into many other platforms, there’s a chance you already have one!)

Switching your Nest account to a Google account means you only need to login to one unified account to manage your products and their security. The goal is to create a more seamless Smart Home experience, essentially being able to control and integrate multiple Nest and Google Home products.

Once you migrate your account to a Google account, all unified members of your household will have the same access and control as you, the owner. They can add or remove devices, use and change existing device settings, link to other services, and add or remove other members. So, if you want to add more users to your Home, it’s important to only invite users you know and trust.

Adding New Users to Your Nest Hello

After changing the owner of your Nest Hello, you may want to add other users in your household. To do so, visit the Settings in your Nest app.

  1. Select Family & Guests, then choose Add a Person.
  2. Type in the person’s name and select Continue.
  3. Type in the email address of the person you’d like to add. You can also select this person from your Contacts.
  4. Tap Send.

What to Know about Changing the Owner of Other Nest Products

Like the Nest Hello video doorbell, other Nest products follow a simple procedure to change the owner (removing the device from your account first). Check out some things you need to know when you’ve made the decision to switch users.

Changing the Owner of a Nest Thermostats and Nest Protect

Nest thermostats and Nest Protect can both work without having to add an owner account. However, you will need an account to control certain features like push notifications and remote control.

Learn more on changing the owner of the Nest Thermostat here.

After you remove a Nest Protect from your account, the alarm will still go off if it detects dangerous levels of smoke or carbon monoxide. Other features will be limited. For instance, you can no longer view the last reported status of the Nest Protect in the app. Also, you will not be able to change settings or receive push notifications.

Owner Settings for the Google Nest Secure

The Google Nest Secure also requires an owner account to access certain features. You’ll need an owner to install the device, control the system with the app, and get notifications on your phone.

Nest x Yale Lock

If you decide to remove the Nest x Yale Lock from your account, you can still lock and unlock your door. However, you will be required to use the passcode you previously created in your account.

When you’re ready to transfer ownership to a new user, you’ll have to perform a factory reset. This will update the settings on the lock itself and you can then start over with set up on the lock itself using the keypad. This factory reset clears any previously created passcodes and allows the new owner to create his or her own.

Beware, though. After the Nest x Yale Lock is removed from your account, you can no longer:

  • Create or change passcodes in the Nest app
  • Lock and unlock your door remotely
  • Review the last reported lock or unlock status
  • Receive push notifications
  • Adjust settings to enable or disable features

Smart Home technology can benefit many individuals and families. These products help us keep our home safe, modernized, and fun! Be sure to explore your user manuals or keep track of articles like this to continue learning about new features on your device. Who knows, you may learn something you never knew your device can do for you!

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