How To Hack Nest Cam

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Smart home devices are the new targets for hackers in recent times due to the number of internet-enabled devices that have basic, or no security protection at all. A successful operation can allow strangers to access home smart cameras, and use them to their advantage by adding the device into a hoard of vulnerable devices that can be used to attack websites, or steal information. 

Although Nest devices are one of the most secured smart home devices, they can still be tempered by hackers. After a report of an automated attack on a couple in early 2020, Google decided to tune up security amongst its Nest Cam users. In this article, we are going to look at how one can hack a Nest Cam, and how to tell if someone is watching you.

Is it Possible to Hack a Nest Camera?

Home security is an asset, and smart homeowners are investing a lot of money in technologies that can help keep their homes secured. The Nest Camera has proven to be one of these devices which most homeowners use all around the world due to various reasons. So is it possible to hack a Nest Cam?

First of all, you have to understand that there is no technological device that is IMPOSSIBLE to hack. All of Nest Cam’s models, such as the Dropcam, the indoor, and the outdoor models all have vulnerabilities that can let hackers break into the system by hijacking your Wi-Fi router or using third-party applications. 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your Nest Cam is doomed. However, you must get familiar with these security risks so that you can know what to do. In the next paragraph, we are going to look at ways your Nest Cam can be hacked.

Is Nest Easy to Hack?

Nest Cam can be hacked in several ways which we would look into soon. According to reports, Nest is very EASY to hack but it can be prevented in several ways. Let us look at the ways one could easily hack a Nest Cam.

Hacking Through the Wi-Fi Router

One of the ways hackers can get into your system is by hijacking your Wi-Fi router. This is done by taking advantage of the UPnP protocol also known as the Universal Plug and Play. This is used by any router system. This feature is used by routers to easily identify devices for easy connection and communication. Hackers can in turn hijack any of your Nest cameras as far as it is connected to that homeless network. 

Hacking Through a Third-party App

Hackers can hack into your Google home by using a simple action that can appear as a harmless one. This action is called phishing. They can initiate an error message instead of the normal message so you would think the device made a simple mistake of not listening. 

This would follow with a message for a security update asking you to put in your password. Once you do that, the password would be sent to the hacker.

How Do I Protect Your Nest Cam from Being Hacked?

Now you have realized how easy it is to hack a Nest, if you own one, you have to do everything possible to protect yourself, and your family. You wouldn’t want a stranger to be snooping around your house. 

To protect your Nest Cam from being hacked, do this:

  1. Disable your UPnP protocol in the advanced settings of your router, and factory reset your Google home or the Nest App. If your router doesn’t permit it, change it.
  2. Google will never ask you to utter your password. Report an error message directly to Google.
  3. Stay away from Public Wi-Fi, or one which is shared with people you don’t know.
  4. Enable Voice recognition in your Google Home.
  5. Authenticate and confirm your identity before payment.
  6. Use two-factor authentication for your login.
  7. Always check your email.

Note: If it is your first time setting up your nest camera, avoid using your former email. Create a new email for your Smart Home products, and use a password that is different from your primary email.

Can you tell when someone is watching a nest camera?

Most of the time, a Nest Cam can be hacked, and the owner won’t know if he’s being watched or not. This can come up as being very creepy, and you wouldn’t want that. You would want to know if you are being watched in any way. So, can you tell when someone is watching your Nest Cam and how?

Fortunately, you can tell when someone is watching a Nest Cam. All you have to do is to look at the light, if it’s green and it is blinking, it means someone is watching you. If it is also blue and blinking, it means someone is talking through it’s speaker. 

If you discover someone watching you through your Nest Cam, shut it down immediately. Reset your Nest app/Google Home, and Follow the steps above.


Although it is highly possible for someone to hack your Nest Cam or Google home, there are certain steps, and precautions you can take to prevent yourself from being a victim. I believe in the future, Google would find a way to fine tune, and add layers of protection so that their Nest Cam customers would be confident of their home security.

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