How Long Does Night Owl Record?

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When you purchase a Night Owl security camera, you want to make sure it protects your property around the clock. Having a security camera that is capable of recording for long bouts of time can help you catch anything that may have you feeling uncomfortable around your home.

How long does Night Owl record? Yes, Night owl has the potential to record 24/7. The wireless systems use AC power to record. The wired systems have several different recording modes as well as being able to have a live viewing with an Internet connection, through their many Night Owl apps.

You want to be able to track down anything that could potentially harm your loved ones. Having the ability to record for a long time can bring peace and justice should anything happen when you want to track someone down. The Night Owl security cameras have different modes to determine the best length of recordings for you.

Length of Recordings

With your Night Owl, you have the ability to choose how long you want to record. If you choose the continuous recording option, it will record approx. 1600 hours of footage. When the hard drive no longer has any space, it will begin to delete the older footage first.

Night Owl security cameras have a Smart Dual Sensor Technology that uses thermal energy to help track:

  • Animals
  • People
  • Vehicles

This helps to save on recording space when you record locally on a Hard Disk Drive or micros SD card as it reduces false alarms by up to 90%. It may also help to save hard drive space by keeping your settings set to motion only.

If you want to change your record settings at any time, there are a few steps you must take.

If you are also worried about if the Night Owl can be hacked, we cover it in extensive detail here.

How to Schedule Your Recordings

The Night Owl DVR can be used with a USB mouse or the remote that was included in the packaging. This will help you to control it remotely by your router or through the internet from your computer or smartphone. Here are the following steps to schedule your recordings:

  1. Select REC Para
  2. Choose your cameras
  3. Enable or Disable recording
  4. Pick your duration
  5. Pre-record
  6. Scheduling

1. Select REC Para

On the left-hand side of your screen, tap on the Record icon and then select the REC Para tab to show you the recording settings.

2. Choose Your Cameras

This is the time you must choose which cameras or channel you want to set a certain recording duration on.

3. Enable or Disable Recording

You can enable or disable a camera to record. This allows you to set a specific time that you want those cameras to start or stop recording.

4. Pick Your Duration

Select either continuous record or set it to motion activated. You have the option with motion activated to choose either:

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes

This will record for the amount of time you have specified after your camera has detected something by motion.

5. Pre-record

The security camera is always sampling footage and this feature allows your Night Owl to capture footage right before it detects motion.

6. Scheduling

Right next to your REC Para tab is the Record tab which is going to help with schedules.

  • Pick the camera of your choice and pick a day of the week that you wish for it to record.
  • You have three record statuses that are Normal, Motion, and No Record.
  • Once you have set the recording schedule for all of your cameras and channels, you can save them by clicking Apply.

There are color codes for your security camera so that you know its status at all times.

  • Red: Motion activated, or manual recording has started.
  • Green: Normal continuous recording.
  • No color/Blue: Your camera is not recording at all.

Accessing the Cloud Recordings

The Night Owl uses the internet to remotely view the footage from anywhere. Your Cloud recordings can be seen with the Night Owl Connect App. This allows you to look at the stored footage, whether your camera is “offline” or “online” and it will let you download the footage.

Online Status

  • On the home screen of your app, select the Play button.
  • On the top right-hand corner of the next page, click on the Cloud icon. This will show you all of the recordings in order.
  • In order to view the footage, tap the center to play it and tap the downward-facing arrow on the right to download the video.

Offline Status

  • If your device is offline, on your home screen tap the cloud icon in the top right corner.
  • This will show you all of your videos and you are still able to download them. You just will not have the option of view your live footage at the time.
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