Does Night Owl Security Need Internet?

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There are countless Night Owl security cameras to choose from. Knowing if your Night Owl needs to be continuously connected to the Internet will determine how you are able to use it.

Does Night Owl Security Need Internet? No. The Night Owl security cameras do not need an Internet connection for your video footage to be recorded. The security system does, however, need an internet connection to look at footage remotely from your computer or smartphone.

Night Owl security cameras need no Internet connections to keep your home safe. Some instances such as device setup and live footage, require a connection. However, there are many factors as to how you can keep your guard up without the Internet.

No Internet Needed

For your security camera to work, you don’t need it hooked up to the Internet all the time. When you are recording your videos, the DVR and NVR systems have a Hard Drive Disk that will automatically save to it.

When storing your footage on the Hard Drive Disks and micro SD cards you do not need to have an internet connection which leads to more fees, most Night Owl cameras come with up to 2T of storage. You also have the ability to transfer these clips to a USB.

With the Wireless Smart Security Hub, it has its own wireless connection. This means the security cameras cover 300 ft. of wireless range.

You can also use the Night Owl Connect app to use as an intercom with the two-way audio feature. With this feature, you do not need to have Wi-Fi to talk to someone.

There are a few times that you will need to have an internet connection to set up your Night Owl.

When You Need the Internet

For the starting setup of your security camera, you need to download the Night Owl Connect app so that you can pair your product. You will need to have your Wi-Fi router giving off signals between 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz.

You will need to have access to an Internet connection to look at your live footage. You can look at this footage anywhere and on any device that can support the app.

Most of the Night Owl security cameras have the ability not to need the Internet and there are a couple of setups to choose from.

Setting Up Your Camera

When you are adding a standalone device to your account, make sure you have a Wireless IP. This will ensure that all of your devices are on the same network. Here are a few more steps to ensure they are on the correct network:

  • On the Night Owl Connect app, pick the standalone camera and answer the question. Is the status of the light flashing quickly?
  • If it is, then take the next step. If the answer is a no, then the app will show you how to reset your camera.
  • You can now leave the Night Owl app and go to your device’s settings.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi tab and choose the network that says, “NOIP.” Pair the device to the NOIP network.
  • Once you have picked the camera’s network, you can go back to the Night Owl Connect app and continue to connect the camera.
  • After you have connected the camera, you can connect your own Wi-Fi and it will ask for your password.
  • The camera setup should be done, and it will prompt you to name your camera and then you can click on Complete Setup.
  • Once you hit Complete Setup, the viewpoint of your connected camera will be on the main screen. You can tap play to look at the live footage.

Night Owl Security Cameras

There are different types of setups you can have with the Night Owl cameras. You can choose to only have one or two cameras or build a whole system. With the ability to add-on up to 8 channels at a time, you can secure all of your home as much as you want.

The screen resolution and other features do not affect how much Internet data the cameras use. Both wired and wireless Night Owl security cameras are great for those who want a cost-effective security system and want to pay no monthly fees for cloud storage.

Wired Cameras

Night Owl’s wired systems are compatible with both DVR and NVR and they can either use a CAT5 OR CAT6 Ethernet cable. These are mostly used for indoor security purposes, but they do take a longer time to setup.

Wireless Cameras

Their wireless systems are connected to NVR. This may be a better option for you as there are fewer wires to take on. If you do care to use the Internet, these can perform better connected to the Internet.

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