How Far Apart are The Legs on Samsung TVs

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Samsung Smart TVs are a top choice in entertainment investment today – and they require proper setup to fully enjoy and also every person likes them. With each Samsung TV, you can enjoy countless intuitive design options and applications that will customize your watching experience. 

Leg distance varies between models. Some of the most popular options have leg distances of:

InchesLeg Distance
43 Inch TVLegs are about 34 inches apart
55 Inch TVLegs are about 43 inches apart
65 Inch TVLegs are about 45 inches apart

You should always try to figure out how many inches your TV legs are so you can ensure that it will fit on the TV stand properly as well as many other reasons. Being able to determine how many inches apart the legs are can help you determine many things for your TV. Read on to find out which TV and leg distance is best for you.

TV Legs Or Stand Mount?

As TV technology advances, TVs are getting slimmer and more streamlined in design. However, these design advancements do not negate the need for stabilization! It is important to ensure that the weight of your TV is spread out over the total size of your machine. 

TV legs provide you with internal stability, as this relies on the two small legs that are molded into the TV. This option also has the added benefit of taking up less space, and is easier to ship. A mount offers similar benefits and is often sold separately depending on the size of your TV. 

For a 55 inch Samsung version, legs are at 43 inches apart at their largest. They angle out in the front and back, so they are also able to attach to the TV in a smaller-sized range. For the Samsung 65 inch TV, the legs are 42 inches apart and are 12 inches in size. If your stand is 48.5 inches long, it will be able to fit correctly.

Does TV Legs Distance Affect Picture Quality?

Distance matters when picking the correct TV option for your space. Dimension has a significant effect on the viewed photo top quality. For instance, a TV with 4K resolution has 4 times a variety of pixels as a 1080p resolution display. This means that a higher quantity of pixels are loaded in the same area, which provides you with a higher quality of image on your TV. 

Why Should You Use A Stand Mount For Your TV?

With a reasonable distance between your TV and the wall, you’ll have much easy-access to ports on your TV’s backside for any auxiliary connections that you need. Plus, a stand will often have shelves or storage space for other devices like a cable box, Blu-ray player, video game console or soundbar. If you need to clean, rearrange for viewing angle, or relocate your TV to a new location, you can quickly and also quickly move your TV when required.

  • Mounting your television not only makes your room look more elegant, but it also gives you the opportunity to save even more money. By mounting the TV, you’ll have more room to display your favorite pieces of decor, such as houseplants or other memorabilia. 
  • If your TV is not correctly secured to the wall’s surface, this can be a significant security concern during an earthquake. If you have a well-protected television, you’ll be less likely to drop it or have it damaged in the event of a natural disaster or bump.  
  • By mounting your display on the wall, you reduce the risk of your child or pet damaging the cables or tipping the TV over. Using a TV stand removes the hassle of considering several dimensions and screws needed – you only need an electrical outlet available when mounting the television on the wall surface. 

Even though a lot of TV mounters prefer to use the top of the fireplace as a viewing area, you have the freedom to design your living room however you want. There are countless layout options that you can consider when using a stand mount for your TV. 

Would Mounting Damage The Wall Or Increase The Risk Of Falling?

TVs are too heavy to be adequately protected by drywall. Fixing it to the wall studs or dry-lined plasterboard wall surfaces is recommended if you opt for a screw system rather than a standing mount option for your device. The no-drill solution of a separate TV stand is an excellent option if you can’t connect your TV to the wall. 


Mounting your TV has the added benefit of freeing up valuable floor space. Those who live in smaller spaces and don’t have room for a large entertainment center will gain a new appreciation for this chic design touch. 

Even if you have a large living space, entertainment centers can be bulky and unwieldy in their design. Standing mounts allow you to safely mount, use, and enjoy your TV and take advantage of the streamlined and minimalistic design to add a classy touch to the room. 

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