How Far Apart are The Legs on Samsung TVs

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Samsung Smart TVs are a popular choice for home entertainment, and just about everyone loves them. But you’ll need the proper setup to enjoy your Samsung TV and its capabilities fully. Attaching the legs to the TV is an important part of the setup process.

Before purchasing, measuring your space is a good idea because you can’t adjust a Samsung TV’s leg width.

Leg Distances Between Varying Models

Samsung TVs are known for their excellent picture quality and features, and the legs are just one of the many things that make Samsung TVs a great choice for home entertainment. The legs on Samsung TVs can vary depending on the size of the TV.

For a 55-inch Samsung version, the legs are 43 inches apart at their widest. They angle out in the front and back, so they can also attach to the TV in a smaller-sized range. 

For the Samsung 65-inch TV, the stands are 42-45 inches apart, and each leg is around 12 inches in size. If your stand is 48.5 inches long, it will fit correctly.

Leg distance varies between models. Some of the most popular options have leg distances of:

InchesLeg Distance
43 Inch TVLegs are about 37.4 inches apart
50 Inch TVLegs are about 30.1 inches apart
55 Inch TVLegs are about 38.7 inches apart
65 Inch TVLegs are about 42-45 inches apart
75 Inch TVLegs are about 48 inches apart
85 Inch TVLegs are about 49 inches apart

Most Samsung curved TVs have leg distances of:

InchesLeg Distance
50 Inch curved TVLegs are about 36 inches apart
55 Inch curved TVLegs are about 40.6 inches apart
65 Inch curvedTVLegs are about 42 inches apart

For more specifics, it’s best to check your Samsung TV’s user manual for dimensions.

In addition to the size of the TV, the weight of the TV can also affect the leg spacing. Heavier TVs will need legs spaced farther apart to support the TV’s weight.

Samsung TVs are designed to be very stable on their legs, so you can be sure your TV will be safe and secure even if it sits on a stand.

Why Should You Use A Stand Mount For Your TV?

A TV stand provides ample space between your TV and the wall, making accessing ports for any necessary connections easier. This also helps with ventilation to prevent your TV from overheating.

Most TV stands come with shelves or storage compartments for other devices and accessories, such as cable boxes, Blu-ray players, video game consoles, or soundbars

Moreover, the convenience of a TV stand allows for easy cleaning, rearrangement for optimal viewing angles, or relocation if needed.

  • Mounting your TV makes your room look more elegant and helps you save more money. With your TV mounted, you get more space to display your interior decor, such as houseplants or other souvenirs.
  • A TV stand eliminates the need to consider several dimensions and needed screws because all you need is an electrical outlet nearby when mounting the television on the wall´s surface.
  • TV Stands help align your TV at the ideal eye level and provide a safe distance from the floor for your comfort and safety.

Options When Using a Samsung TV’s Legs

When placing your Samsung TV, there are several sales options. If you are looking to purchase an entertainment center or a stand for your TV, here are some recommended options you can check out:

  • Glass TV Stand Mount: Durable and classy, this glass stand mount suits any decor while providing sturdy support for your TV. 
  • Rolanstar TV Stand with Mount: Packed with plenty of storage space and fun LED lights, you don’t need to DIY. This TV stand also has added support to mount your Samsung TV. No need to anchor your TV to the wall!
  • Farmhouse TV Stand: If you have a rustic look in your home, this TV stand is perfect for your Samsung TV. It has barn-style doors to help cover up anything you store!

Regardless of how you set up your Samsung TV, your living room or any other space with your TV will look amazing!

FAQ: Samsung TV Legs

Would mounting a TV damage the wall or increase the risk of falling?

TVs are too heavy to be adequately protected by drywall. To ensure stability and safety, it’s advisable to secure your TV to wall studs or dry-lined plasterboard walls using a screw system. A no-drill TV stand is a convenient alternative if wall mounting isn’t feasible.

Can you remove a Samsung TV’s legs?

You can remove the legs of most Samsung TVs. The process involves unscrewing the legs from the bottom of the TV.

Are Samsung TV legs adjustable?

Samsung TV legs are adjustable on most models. You can adjust the height of the legs to your liking to ensure that your TV is at a comfortable viewing angle. You cannot adjust the width of a Samsung TV’s legs.

Does a TV leg’s distance affect picture quality?

No. While the distance between the TV’s legs primarily affects its stability, picture quality is determined by the TV’s resolution, screen size, and viewing distance.

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