What Screws Do I Need for Samsung TV Legs?

assortment of screwsassortment of screws

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We’ve all been there one time or another. You go to move something big like your Samsung TV, only to find that the screws have gone missing when you go to put it back together. You’re left scratching your head, wondering “what kind of screws were those anyway?”

Samsung TV legs generally use screws that range from M4s to M8s depending on the size of the TV. If it is smaller TV that ranges between 19 and 22 inches, then you’ll want to go with M4s. If it is between 30 to 40 inches, then go with M6s. Finally, if it is a larger screen than that, M8s will work. 

If you need to replace the screws for your Samsung TV’s legs but you’re not sure which to buy, you’ve come to the right place. In the sections below, we will break down the screws you need by TV size and even give you our recommendations on alternative ways you can set up your TV. So come along, and let’s get your TV back on its feet. 

Samsung TV Screws By Screen Size

Depending on the size of your TV, you will need different size screws. If you have a smaller TV, naturally you will need to have smaller screws. Below we’ve highlighted what size screws go with what size TVs:

TV Size vs Screw Size
TV SizeScrew Size
19-22inches M4 Standard Length
30-40inchesM6 Standard Length
44-88inchesM8 Standard Length

If you have a TV larger than 88 inches, M8s will still probably work. If you want to be safe, however, you can look up the model number of the TV and make sure. 

How Do You Put the Legs On Samsung TV Stand?

If you’re missing the screws, there’s a good chance you’re missing the manual as well. That’s why we’ve included a brief guide below on how you put the legs back on. 

  • Ensure the legs are on the right sides: Look for a large R or L on the legs of your TV. This indicates whether they go on the left or right side. If you have a central TV stand, you can skip this step.
  • Lay the TV facedown: If you want to be extra careful, you can lay it facedown over a soft blanket or towel. 
  • Line up the legs: The R and L should be facing you when you lay the legs against the TV. You may have to slide these into place by starting at the base of the TV. 
  • Put in the screws: Use a Phillips screwdriver to screw in each set of legs one at a time. Please note, you can use a flathead screwdriver as well if you’re in a pinch, just do it very slowly so you don’t slip and accidentally strip the screw. 

Once you’ve made it through each of these steps, all that’s left to do is tilt the TV upright and plug it in! Just make sure the legs are secure and not wobbly. If they are wobbly, you probably just need to tighten the screws. 

What Size Screws Do You Need for Samsung TV Wall Mount?

Another option you have is to switch from using legs to a wall mount. Still, that leaves the question, do wall mounts take the same screws as TV legs? 

Most wall mounts use half-inch M8 screws, regardless of what size the TV is. Of course, they generally come with a set of screws, so if you’re getting one brand new you probably won’t have to worry about it.

What to Look for in a Wall Mount 

When it comes to wall mounts, you want to take a look at the VESA size in addition to the screws. This just refers to how the holes for the screws are arranged and separated on the back of the TV. Using a tape measure you can get a good idea of what size you’re looking for. 

If you want to save yourself a headache, you can also consider getting a universal wall mount, where its screw placement is adjustable. These should work with any Samsung TV. Just make sure the wall mount is built to sustain your size TV’s weight. 

So Really, What Size Screws Do I Need for Samsung TVs?

At the end of the day, the size screws you need for your Samsung TV will correspond with the TV size itself. If you have a large TV, you will likely need standard-length M8 screws. For medium and small, you’ll want to go with M6s or M4s. 

Of course, you can always consider using a wall mount instead of legs. Most wall mounts will use standard length M8 screws. Just make sure that it fits the TVs VESA or is adjustable. Most universal wall mounts should work fine as long as you first make sure they can hold the weight of your TV. 

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