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How Do I Reset My VTech Baby Monitor?

Last Updated Aug 29, 2022
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Video baby monitors are a true lifesaver for modern parents. Decades ago, people had to be content with just listening to their baby sleeping. Sometimes things go wrong, and a reset is the best way to fix it, so how do you reset a VTech baby monitor?

You can reset your VTech Baby Monitor by pressing and holding the reset button on the back of the parent unit display while the baby unit is disconnected from power. Wait 15 seconds and then reconnect the power.

Resetting modern devices will fix many of the problems and hiccups electronic devices have. Sometimes returning both units to factor settings will solve 90% of your problems.

How Do I Reset my VTech Baby Monitor?

A simple reset is one of the easiest methods to fix most problems with modern video baby monitors. Sometimes modern electronics just get a system bug that needs to be cleared.

Resetting a VTech Baby Monitor is quick. You just have to press and hold the reset button on the back of the parent unit display and wait for the reset. You can also reset the baby unit camera.

If you decide to reset your VTech Baby Monitor, it is a good practice to reset your baby unit camera as well, just to be certain that the problem you were having isn’t with the camera side. 

Resetting the VTech Baby Monitor Parent Unit Display

Resetting the parent unit display is as easy as unplugging the camera and pressing the button on the back of the parent unit to start the reset process. 

It’s also important to note that if you perform a factory reset on your VTech Baby Monitor, you will lose all your saved settings. 

Any temperature settings, alarms, or the like will be lost and have to be reprogrammed back into the baby monitor once the reset is complete.

Because there are so many models, some have a reset button, and some don’t. There are instructions below for both types.

How to Reset the Parent Unit Display with the Reset Button

You can use these instructions if your VTech Baby Monitor has a visible reset button on the back. You may need a small paper clip or pen to push the reset button.

  1. Disconnect the power from the baby unit cameras
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the VTech Baby Monitor for 15 seconds
  3. The device should now reset itself
  4. Wait for the device to reboot
  5. Reconnect power to your cameras – you may also want to reset the cameras
How to Reset the Parent Unit Display without the Reset Button

If your model of VTech Baby Monitor doesn’t have a reset button, you will need to pull the battery to perform a factor reset.

  1. Disconnect the power from the baby unit cameras
  2. Disconnect the charging cable from the parent unit display
  3. Disconnect the battery from the parent unit display
  4. Wait 15 seconds
  5. Reconnect the battery to the parent unit display
  6. Reconnect the power to your cameras – you may also want to reset the cameras

You should also consider resetting all your baby unit cameras connected to your parent unit display, so the system starts from a completely new factory state. 

Resetting the Baby Unit Cameras

It is fairly easy to reset the baby unit cameras on the VTech Baby Monitor systems. There are a couple of different methods depending on your particular model. Each is quite easy.

Cameras that Connect Automatically

If your parent unit display connects automatically to the cameras, then you just need to unplug the power to the cameras and wait 15 seconds. The cameras should now be reset.

You can also add the cameras manually, but the parent unit should detect them automatically for these instructions to work.

Cameras that Have a Pair Button

Some models of the VTech Baby Monitor have a button on the cameras that are used to put the cameras into Pair Mode so the parent unit display can detect them. 

If your baby unit camera has a button to Pair to the parent unit display, you will usually press and hold the Pair button for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. 

To reset a camera with a Pair button, press and hold the Pair button for 20 seconds. The camera will then reset back to its factory settings.


Resetting your VTech Baby Monitor parent unit display and baby unit cameras back to factory settings is quick and easy. It will also solve most problems that don’t seem to have an easy fix.

Quickly resetting back to factory settings will erase all of your saved options and choices. The VTech Baby Monitor will be as if you just bought it and took it out of the box.

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