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Is VTech a Good Baby Monitor Brand?

Last Updated Aug 30, 2022
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Have second thoughts about your baby’s nursery snuck at the back of the house? How will you be able to keep an eye on the baby while working in the kitchen? Or when your WFH Zoom meeting stretches beyond the baby’s nap time? Luckily, the market is full of several baby products which can help keep an eye out when you are not next to the baby–like the VTech baby monitor.

VTech is a good baby monitor brand with several smart, economical, and user-friendly devices available for its consumers. Parents can choose from a wide variety of audio and video cameras for their newborns without breaking the bank.

Generally, VTech Baby Monitors are considered a good and safe option in the industry due to their wide variety and budget-friendly products. However, many factors increase the popularity of VTech baby monitors in the market. Based on these elements, consumers can decide which VTech product best suits their requirements.

Qualities of VTech Baby Monitors

Because the baby product industry offers a large variety of audio and video baby monitors, choosing the right baby product for your little one can often become daunting.

Therefore, it is essential to take a closer look at what qualities determine a baby monitor to be a good one.

Affordability and Wide Price Range

Parents of newborns are swamped with so many expenses–hospital bills, nursery set-up, diapers, and all the additional purchases on daily basis–that can put every couple on a budget.

By the time parents start looking for a monitor, most of them have money constraints. So, trying not to spend much on a baby monitor could be a big factor.

Fortunately, VTech baby monitors are pocket-friendly and economical as compared to their competitors. They also offer a wide range of products.

Depending upon their preference, consumers can choose from Wi-Fi Video Monitors, Video Monitors, or Audio Monitors.


Concerned about hacking or cyber threats? VTech baby monitors are notoriously safe. Also, the company provides both Wi-Fi and plugged-in monitors.

Overall, there is a very small chance of a monitor getting hacked but to be on the safe side; consumers can opt for a plugged-in device. The baby camera can be plugged in while the portable monitor is battery operated.

Coverage and Range

VTech monitors have an excellent audio and video range – up to 1000 ft. – with optimal results. Customers have reported no outages inside homes within 150 ft.

This is an essential feature for optimal surveillance. Not all budget-friendly monitors have the best coverage range to offer. In addition, most VTech baby monitors boast high definition, night vision-enabled cameras.

Zoom and Angling

While audio monitors don’t have this option, almost all VTech video baby monitors can achieve 360 panoramic viewing, and cameras have a zoom-in option (as high as up to 4 times in certain models).

Another attractive feature in most cameras is the ability to ‘Pan and tilt’ conveniently.

Market Availability

VTech baby monitors are easily available online and in-store. Walmart has many options, some exclusively, like the pan-and-tilt video monitor VM5263.

Significant features of this model include a two-way, talk-back intercom as well as up to 12 hours of battery life. However, this camera is also available on Amazon if you are one of those parents who can have late-night jitters or have no time driving to stores with a small baby.

With Amazon Prime, this monitor can be shipped as early as within a few hours of ordering. 5″ VM924 and 7” VM919 HD are exclusively available on Amazon Prime with next-day shipping.

Product Warranty

All VTech baby monitors come with a limited warranty that extends to one year from the date of the purchase of the product.

In the unlikely event of product malfunction, the baby monitor can be sent back to the manufacturers for repair or replacement.

Additional Features

VTech has introduced additional features like temperature sensors, wall-mount, pre-recorded lullabies, and volume control to make its products more attractive.

VTech is constantly evolving its products; consumers can expect newer models with improved functions every year. With each release, VTech aims to add more variety to its catalog.

To Have Or Not to Have:

VTech can be considered a good brand to offer quality baby monitors. The brand provides a wide range of products including Wi-Fi Monitors, High definition video monitors, and portable audio monitors.

Consumers find its user-friendly and affordable cameras very appealing. Recently, VTech has introduced a hybrid option in its newer models, allowing consumers to choose surveillance through the camera screen or monitor through the phone app.

Even though some features can be improved, like the battery life or the image quality in certain models is not the best. Overall, VTech baby monitors are a welcome addition to your baby’s life.