How Accurate Is The Temperature On The VTech Monitor?

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Baby monitors are the best way to watch your baby while they sleep. Years ago, a baby monitor was just like a two-way walkie-talkie: it only allowed you to be able to listen to the baby make noises. Now, you are able to see the baby through a camera and even check on the temperature of a room, but how accurate is the temperature on the VTech monitor

The VTech monitor doesn’t give an accurate reading on the temperature and tends to be on the hotter side. Not many baby monitors will give accurate readings, but some on the market will.

The ideal sleeping temperature of a baby’s room is between 68 and 72 degrees. Below we will discuss some issues with the temperature readings with the VTech monitor, how to turn off the temperature alarm, and other alternatives. 

Issues in Temperature Detection

The VTech monitor tends to have issues detecting the correct temperature of the room it resides in. When you first get your monitor, you should set up the ideal temperatures in the room. To toggle the temperature range for alerts on the  VTech monitor, you should: 

  1. Go to the Menu, 
  2. Toggle over to the temperature button. This allows you to set the minimum and maximum temperatures for your temperature detection. 
  3. With the temperature alert tone, it will beep when it goes outside of the temperature range you set. 

Unfortunately, people have reported issues with the temperature detection, saying it could be off. Now, your range being off by a couple of degrees shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is that these end up being off by up to 10 degrees or more. It is usually on the hotter side. 

Turning off the Temperature Alert 

If you decide that you don’t want to be alerted because you have noticed a discrepancy in your own monitor, there is a way to turn off the alert tone.

  1. Go into the Menu 
  2. Find the temperature button
  3. There should be a button that looks like the temperature button, but it has that caution triangle next to it
  4. From there, you should be able to choose “on” or “off”

It would be wise to check to make sure you have it changed to the correct degree before you decide that your VTech monitor isn’t working. The VTech does allow for either Fahrenheit or Celsius, so you might want to check if it is where you want it in that regard first. 

You can toggle many other options with the VTech baby monitor, including the volume.

Alternative Ways to Detect Temperature

There are a few ways you can keep an eye on the temperature in a room without using the VTech monitor. We are going to look at a few alternatives, their defining features, and the different price points. 

LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night LightThree different colorsRed: Over 72 degreesYellow: Just rightBlue: Under 68 degreesNO BLUETOOTH27.99
Tommee Tippee Groegg Digital Baby Nursery Room ThermometerFour easy color changesNo batteries neededSoft light30.29
Angelcare Baby Bath & Room ThermometerHigh-temperature alert indicatorBatteries neededBath & RoomFloats16.79
Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075, Bluetooth Indoor Room Temperature MonitorBluetoothApp monitorTemperature & HumidityFahrenheit and Celsius switchAlert Notification12.99

While the Govee Hygrometer isn’t as pretty looking as the Little Hippo or the Tommee Tippee products, it will probably be the one to give you the most bang for your buck. Especially if you are worried about the room temperature throughout the night. This also helps if you do not want to have to enter your sleeping child’s room to see if the temperature is just right. 

Other Features of the VTech

The VTech monitor isn’t just a monitor or a temperature detection machine. Some versions of the VTech have a nightlight. The majority allow for two-way talk if you have a toddler that you need to tell to lie down, and they have a feature where you can turn on lullabies or white noise. 

If your VTech doesn’t have a nightlight, you can always pair it with a nightlight that also checks the temperature, like the Tommee Tippee from the table above. 

Temperature Accuracy

The VTech monitor is, first and foremost, a baby monitor, and in that regard, it is a great product. It is not the most accurate of reads when it comes to a thermometer because its main use is not to read the temperature. It is to check on the baby. 

Still, there is a way to turn off that feature, and there are plenty of products if you want to keep an eye on the temperature of your little one’s room. It is the parent’s choice.

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