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Hardwired Ring Doorbell Not Charging

Feb 25, 2020
Ring doorbell flashing blue

Having your hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging can be a significant problem; for one, it can run the risk of criminals being undetected or missing an important delivery. This can cause a headache for any Ring Doorbell owner. To help, we have provided details about the causes and solutions of a hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging.

A hardwired Ring Doorbell battery not charging could be caused by damaged or loose wires, the voltage of the doorbell wires being too low or too high, or cold temperatures outside the home. You can check the wires and voltage yourself or wire a local electrician.

Figuring out why your hardwired Ring Doorbell is not charging is the first step to fixing it correctly. Below, we have included tips to ensure that your hardwired Ring Doorbell is always charged and working effectively.

Why is My Hardwired Ring Doorbell Not Charging?

Ideally, you won’t have to charge your Ring Doorbell when you hard-wire it to your home’s existing doorbell wires. It should consistently be charging, so you should not have to worry about it daily.

However, for the following hardwired Ring Doorbells, the wires do not actually power the doorbell. Instead, they provide a trickle charge to the battery so that you don’t have to remove and charge it yourself:

Unfortunately, some users have reported the problem of a hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging. The charging problem could stem from:

  • Low voltage from your home’s doorbell wires
  • Cold temperatures
  • The wires being damaged
  • An installation error
  • No Wi-Fi connection

Diagnosing a Hardwired Ring Doorbell Not Charging

There are some easy ways to diagnose the problem of a hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging. Checking your Ring Doorbell’s health and settings will help to analyze the issue quickly and accurately.

Make sure the device’s firmware is up-to-date using the steps below:

  1. In the Ring app, choose your hardwired doorbell.
  2. Select “Device Health.”
  3. Look for the firmware information under “Device Details.”

Under “Power Source,” if your Ring Doorbell says battery when hardwired, there may be an issue with the wiring or mounting bracket.

Also, if your Wi-Fi is not working, the doorbell status will not update in the Ring app. Wait until your Wi-Fi is back online for the status to update.

Check Ring Doorbell Wiring and Installation

There should be one wire tightly wrapped around each of the two screws on the Ring Doorbell mounting bracket. It doesn’t matter which wire goes with which screw. The screws should be tightened so that they don’t move but not too tight. Wires and screws that are too tight or too loose may disrupt the connection.

Note: Make sure to turn off the power to the doorbell using the circuit breaker before handling any wires.

Corrosion or damage to the wires can interrupt the power supply as well. Corroded wires should be stripped, cleaned, or replaced. Damaged wires should be replaced. Also, clean any residue off the mounting bracket or screws as it might interfere with the connection.

Several users have reported that loosening the screws on the mounting bracket solved the problem for them. This is because if the screws are too tight, it may slightly warp the bracket’s shape and disrupt the connection with the wires.

Check the Ring Doorbell Voltage

If your hardwired Ring Doorbell still isn’t charging, make sure that it is receiving enough voltage. Hardwired Ring Doorbells need 8-24 volts of AC power to operate.

To check the voltage that your hardwired Ring Doorbell is receiving, use a voltage reader. Follow the directions that came with the device to read the voltage supplied to the doorbell.

If your existing doorbell transformer doesn’t meet the voltage requirements, you can use the Ring Doorbell Transformer. It’s compatible with all hardwired Ring Doorbell models.

Cold Weather

Because hardwired Ring Doorbells use lithium batteries, the power supply can be affected by the weather. Lithium batteries may not hold a charge when the temperatures drop below 36°F. Below -5°F, the Ring Doorbell battery will most likely stop working altogether.

Unfortunately, if you live in a cold place, there isn’t much you can do to prevent this problem besides bringing your doorbell inside when you don’t need it. 

Things to Remember When Charging Hardwired Ring Doorbells

Before completing your Ring Doorbell’s hard-wiring, it is recommended that you remove the battery pack and fully charge it. This ensures that the doorbell will perform at its best when it’s hardwired correctly.

The original Ring Video Doorbell is fully charged when the circle light is completely blue. The removable battery pack is fully charged when only the green light is on. It takes between five and ten hours to charge fully.

Check out this article for more tips on maximizing Ring battery life!


Hopefully, you were able to resolve the issue of your hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging using the troubleshooting tips described above. If you cannot diagnose the problem yourself or still can’t fix it, contact Ring technical support for help. They could potentially declare that the device is faulty and send you a new one for free if it’s still under warranty.

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