Having your hardwired Ring Doorbell not charge can be a major problem.  It can run the risk of criminals being undetected or missing an important delivery. This can cause a headache for every Ring Doorbell owner.

Why is the hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging?

  1. The power to your Ring Doorbell could be disrupted or the voltage could be too low.
  2. It could potentially not be connected to the Wi-Fi and that could stop it from updating the battery indicator on the app.
  3. The device you have could just be faulty and need to be replaced.

Having your battery drain so quickly after you have just charged it is enough to annoy anyone, especially if you have just purchased a brand-new Ring Doorbell and carefully hardwired it yourself. Figuring out why your hardwired Ring Doorbell is not charging is the first step in fixing it correctly.

Why It’s Not Working

When you hardwire your Ring Doorbell it should consistently be charging no matter what and that will leave you with a clear conscience of a device you should not have to worry about daily. However, there are those that have purchased Ring Doorbells and have not had such a pleasant time with their batteries.

The charging problem could stem from:

  • The loss of or weakened Wi-Fi
  • The Ring Doorbell itself is defective
  • Low power voltage is not enough to sustain the battery
  • Recent firmware update
  • Night Vision feature
  • The Live View stops when you start it

There are some easy ways to diagnose the problem so that your mind is not wondering and putting your Ring Doorbell through a million different diagnostic tests.

Diagnosing the Problem

Under your first investigation of your Ring Doorbell’s battery loss, it may be hard to determine what is wrong with it. Checking your Ring Doorbell’s health and settings will help to analyze your situation faster and more accurately.

Checking Your Power Supply

Look for your Ring App on your smartphone and open it up and look for the Settings button. Tap on Device Health and check to see if your Voltage reading is either:

  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Very Poor

Having your voltage reader say that it is either very good or good, will let you know that your power supply is not the issue here. If it does say poor or very poor, then that is your main problem with having the device hold a charge.

According to Ring, most hardwired Ring Doorbells need to have at least 16+ volts AC and 30 volt-amps. DC cannot be used.

Look at Your Wi-Fi Connection

When you go to charge your Ring Doorbell the circle should become a blue light. This lets you know that it is charging.

After you have charged your doorbell, open your Ring App and make sure the Wi-Fi connection is set up to your device and that the Wi-Fi signal is strong. If your connection is weak the battery on your Ring Doorbell will drain because it is continuously trying to work hard to keep a stable connection.

Possible Problems

Check to see if your recent firmware update is causing your charging problem. Uninstall your update to be sure.

You may want to check your doorbell wires because loose wires may lead to your videos stopping and causing your Night Vision features to have problems. This will make your camera work harder and draining your battery faster.

Knowing When to Ask for Help

If you are unable to diagnose the problem yourself or you find it difficult, call the Ring technical support line for help. They could potentially declare that the device is flawed and be allowed to send you a new one. You may want to do your research on the various types of Ring Doorbells that can be hardwired specifically if you are looking to purchase one.

Choosing the Right Ring Doorbell to Hardwire

Picking the right Ring Doorbell can help protect your family and lure away invaders. There are four good Ring Doorbells that have the ability to be hardwired.

  • Ring Video Doorbell: The first Ring Doorbell has a built-in rechargeable battery and can be hardwired.
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2: The most popular of the Ring Doorbells has the ability to be used by the battery or be hardwired.
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro: Can only be hardwired to your current doorbell wires.
  • Ring Video Doorbell Elite: There is a professional installation that is required since this doorbell is hardwired with power-over-ethernet. This just means that the ethernet wires have to be run from your internet modem to your front door.

If you have purchased your Ring Doorbell with the intent to hardwire it, knowing how to do the task correctly will help ease your mind with any faults, should they arise.

How to Hardwire Your Ring Doorbell

Installing your Ring Doorbell can be an easy process that anyone can do. These are the steps to take to hardwire a Ring Doorbell that includes:

  1. Charge battery
  2. Ring App
  3. Do no electrocute yourself
  4. Preparation
  5. Doorbell Wires
  6. Turn the power back on

1. Charge Battery

Take the battery pack that you will use for your Ring Doorbell and charge it. This makes sure the bell inside of your doorbell rings as well.

There will be both a red and green button when you go to charge the battery and when the battery is finished charging only the green one will still be lit. Put your freshly powered battery back into your Ring Doorbell before you install it.

2. Ring App

After you Ring Doorbell has taken the time to power up, make sure you download the Ring App that is a companion to all of your Ring devices. This allows you to check and activate all your features that are included with the device.

Create your own account and go through the instructions to set up your Ring Doorbell.

3. Do Not Electrocute Yourself

Go to your circuit breaker to turn off the power to your doorbell before you go outside to touch any wires.

4. Preparing Your Wall

Once, you have turned off the power to your doorbell you can now remove your current doorbell. Use your Ring Doorbell as a guide to show you where to mark the spots on your wall to drill in the screws.

If the spot you will be drilling into is made from concrete, stucco, or brick it is recommended that you use the drill bit that came with your Ring Doorbell to drill holes into the wall and use the provided anchors to secure it.

In case none of the above applies to your situation you can drill the holes in as normal.

5. Doorbell Wires

You are now able to join your wires to your Ring Doorbell. If you are going to use the doorbell wires you currently have, you will need to purchase a transformer that has a voltage of 8-24VAC. DC transformers will not work with a Ring Doorbell.

The wire nuts and wire extensions that are in your Ring Doorbell packaging can be used if you find that your wires are too short.

After you have connected the wires to your doorbell, you can now shift the wires back into your wall and screw in your doorbell.

6. Turn the Power Back On

You can now turn the power back on from your circuit breaker to your doorbell. Your Ring Doorbell should be lit thus signaling to you that it is fully operational.