Why Is My Ring Doorbell Losing Power?

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A Ring Doorbell is an excellent addition to any smart home, but to work properly, it needs to be constantly connected to a power source. If your Ring Doorbell is losing power, it is essential to determine the cause as quickly as possible. 

Why is my Ring Doorbell losing power? Different versions of the Ring Doorbell use different power sources, and there are multiple reasons why your doorbell may be losing power based on what type of power source it is using. Check your device health in the Ring app to gain insight on the cause of your device losing power. 

With many possible causes of a Ring Doorbell losing power, there is a lot of information to share to fully answer this question. I gathered detailed information to assist you in understanding what type of power source your Ring Doorbell uses, why your doorbell is losing power, and how to fix the issue.

The Causes of a Ring Doorbell Losing Power 

Here’s a reference chart to determine what type of power source your Ring Doorbell uses and the potential causes of power failures:

Doorbell Version:Power Source:Potential Reasons for Power Loss:
Ring Video DoorbellRechargeable battery or hardwired to existing doorbell systemLow batteries, Low voltage, Damaged wiring
Ring Video Doorbell 2Quick-release rechargeable battery or hardwired to existing doorbell systemLow batteries, Low voltage, Damaged wiring
Ring Video Doorbell ProHardwired to existing doorbell systemLow voltage, Damaged wiring
Ring Video Doorbell EliteHardwired with Ethernet cordUnstable internet connection, Damaged ethernet cable

For the original Ring Doorbell and Doorbell 2, you can check to see whether your doorbell is using a battery or hard-wired power source using the Ring app.

  1. Go to Device Health.
  2. Select Power.
  3. Select Power Source. 

After determining the power source of your doorbell, it’s time to begin troubleshooting. 

Ring Video Doorbell with Rechargeable Battery

If your doorbell is using a rechargeable battery and loses power, the first step should be to check the battery level. You can do this by going to the Device Health section of the Ring app. You will see the battery level listed as a percentage. 

The time that the battery will last before it needs to be recharged depends on how often the doorbell is used and what functions are used. Ring states that the battery should last several months before needing to be recharged. 

To recharge the battery:

  1. Unmount the doorbell (for the original Ring Doorbell), or remove the quick-release battery pack (for Ring Doorbell 2).
  2. Plug the battery pack into a USB power source such as a computer using the orange cable that came with your doorbell. The doorbell will take between five and ten hours to fully charge. 
  3. Remount the doorbell or battery pack.
  4. Turn on the doorbell, wait 30 seconds, and test it out. 

Hardwired Ring Doorbell and Doorbell Pro

With no option for rechargeable batteries, the Ring Doorbell Pro is the most common version to have power failures. 

To function properly, the Ring Doorbell Pro needs to be connected to a power source with at least 16 volts AC up to 24 volts. To check the voltage that your doorbell is receiving:

  1. Open the Ring app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Go to the Device Health page for your device. 
  3. Check to make sure the voltage says “Good” or “Very Good” with at least 3,900mV.

For a hardwired original Ring Doorbell or Doorbell 2, the minimum voltage required in only 8 volts AC. Use the same steps above to check the voltage of these doorbells in the Ring app. If you are having power issues with a hard-wired original Ring Doorbell or Doorbell 2, I recommend switching to the rechargeable battery for your power source. 

If the Ring app lists your voltage as “Poor” or “Very Poor”, it’s likely that a voltage issue is causing your doorbell to lose power. For the Ring Doorbell Pro, there are three solutions to a voltage issue:

  • Install the Pro Power Kit V2 that came with your Ring Doorbell Pro. This article provides detailed installation instructions. If you have an older Doorbell Pro, it may have come with a Pro Power Cable instead. Use these instructions to install this cable. If you have lost these devices, contact Ring customer service, and they will mail you a replacement. 
  • If the power to your home’s existing doorbell system is unstable, then you can purchase an AC plug-in adapter with a long cord to plug into an outlet in your home for powering your doorbell. Click here to purchase an adapter with a 20-foot cable. Install the adapter onto your Doorbell Pro using these directions. 
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • If your home is more than two decades old, you may want to consider upgrading the hardwired transformer that your Doorbell Pro is connected to. Make sure the new transformer you purchase is at least 16 volts AC, 30-40 volt-amps, and 50-60Hz. A transformer with these specifications can be purchased online here
Ring 8eags7-0en0 Hardwired Transformer for Video Doorbell Pro

When installing a new hardwired transformer, there is a risk of electrical shock. Consider hiring an electrician to install your new transformer. If you decide to take the DIY approach, do so at your own risk, and follow these instructions carefully. 

If the voltage supplied to your hardwired doorbell is good, but the doorbell is still losing power, there may be a problem with your home’s electrical system. You will most likely have to hire an electrician to fix this issue. 

Ring Doorbell Elite 

Owners of the Ring Doorbell Elite do not report many issues with their doorbell losing power. The Doorbell Elite receives power through an Ethernet cable. Therefore, if it does lose power, it’s most likely due to a slow or unstable internet connection. 

The first go-to attempt to fix any internet issue is to restart your modem and router. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Unplug the modem and router.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the modem back in first and wait for it to turn on.
  4. Plug the router back in.

If this tried-and-true troubleshooting tip doesn’t fix the issue, try checking your internet speed. 

Ring recommends internet upload and download speeds of at least 2 Mbps for your doorbell to function properly. You can check your internet speed using this online test. If you are getting lower than 2 Mbps for the upload and/or download speed, contact your internet service provider to upgrade to a faster internet plan. 

You can also check the cables to the internet router and to the doorbell for any cinches or damages to the wiring. Damaged wires should be replaced as they can interrupt communication to your devices.

What Happens if My Ring Doorbell Loses Power

Ring Doorbells cannot operate without a power source. If your doorbell loses power, you will not lose any previously stored data, but the doorbell will not record any new videos or chime when someone rings it. 

The doorbell should turn on automatically when power is restored. It usually takes 30 seconds to a minute for the doorbell to turn back on. Be sure to test out the doorbell functions to ensure it is working properly with no more power issues. 

If your doorbell does not automatically turn back on upon regaining power, press the button on the side. This will put the doorbell in Setup Mode. Wait 10 seconds, and then press the button again. If the doorbell does not start up, you are likely still having power issues. Once you have tried all the troubleshooting steps I outlined, call Ring customer service for additional support. 

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