Eufy Camera VS Reolink


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Smart cameras are important for your home’s security. They offer a neat, efficient, and powerful platform for keeping the prowlers and intruders away. When integrated with smart hubs, these cameras will give you and your family an unparalleled experience of comfort and security. But which smart camera should you get? A Eufy camera, or one from Reolink? Or perhaps one from another manufacturer entirely?

In general, Eufy and Reolink are the brands that make efficient, affordable Smart camera devices. Although they are both fine, Eufy’s software and hardware design are better than Reolink in most cases. However, there are many other things to consider before buying a camera from Eufy or Reolink. 

Read on to learn more about Eufy and Relink cameras. After going through this post, you can make a confident decision regarding these devices. Happy reading!

Are Eufy Cameras Good?

Eufy Smart cameras offer HD video quality, long battery life, and local video storage for competitive prices. They are made with increased privacy in mind and do not require monthly subscription fees. In short, a Eufy camera is an excellent choice for smart home security.

Although some Eufy cameras do not have cloud storage, the cloud plans available to you will not be expensive. If outdoor security is what you want, then the EufyCam 2C is an ideal choice. It has a 135° field of view, IP67 waterproof rating, night vision, and 180-day battery life. Purchase this device from Amazon today.

Eufy also has you covered on indoor security because the Solo IndoorCam C24 will provide up to 2K-resolution video, two-way audio, voice assistant support, as well as HomeKit integration for better control. The IndoorCam is a wired device, meaning that you won’t have to worry about charging it from time to time. It also comes with a MicroSD slot so you can expand the storage to your liking.

You can get this indoor camera also from Amazon. If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

Is Reolink A Good Brand?

Reolink makes a range of cameras with excellent video quality, expandable storage, and increased warranty. They are especially good with solar-powered solutions. However, some of their offerings are not affordable, and the cameras lack behind competitors in certain aspects.

Reolink cameras generally have lower fields of view than products from Eufy and Google, and their cloud storage plans will set you back a hefty sum of money. On top of that, Reolink cameras that rely on your home’s wireless connection are known to have slight hitches sometimes in capturing or playing video.

Let us look at the Argus Pro 3, Reolink’s popular outdoor security camera. It features a wire-free design and a 122° range of viewing angles, apart from 2K video capturing capability. Although its battery is not removable, it should not be a problem if you install the Reolink solar panel with it. 

The solar panel is not expensive, and you can buy the complete kit here from Amazon. One nifty feature in the Argus Pro 3 is its timelapse ability, which you can use by first installing an SD card. The device does have Smart detection but no support for motion zones.

The Reolink E1 Zoom is an indoor-only camera with an impressive 1920p (2K) resolution video capture and 3x optical zoom capability. You can make this camera pan and tilt it in either direction. The camera records smoother video than the Argus, and it can automatically reposition its lens in a room. Therefore, it is of better value than the Argus Pro 3 if outdoor security is not something you want.

Get your Reolink E1 Zoom from Amazon today! 

Are Eufy Cameras Hackable?

Although no digital system is guaranteed to be safe from hacking, it is unlikely that Eufy camera users will face unauthorized access to their devices. Most Eufy cameras have built-in storage and strong encryption standards to prevent malicious activity.

Having someone spying on you is a spine-chilling notion for sure. Hackers usually target devices connected to or interacting with the Internet. Eufy cameras work with a base station to store the captured footage and data. That means whatever they record will not go online and will be safe from prying eyes.

Furthermore, the data stored in the base station will be protected via 256-bit encryption, possibly the best type. Your Eufy camera will also not need any paid subscriptions to work. So don’t worry about hackers finding a way to sneak into your Eufy camera. Always keep the device’s software up-to-date, and ensure that your home WiFi network is secure.

Can You Reset EUFY Camera?

Users can reset their Eufy cameras to factory defaults by pressing and holding the Sync button for about 10 seconds. The Sync button is generally on the back of an indoor or outdoor Eufy camera.

When you factory reset your Eufy Camera, you’ll have to connect it back again to the WiFi network as well as the Eufy app. Ensure that you save the captured footage before resetting if you want because the process will wipe it completely.


Smart cameras have grown a lot in popularity over the last few years because more and more people are moving towards Smart home setups. There are countless camera devices available on the market, and it can be difficult for you to choose which one you should get. But we have made selecting the right product a little bit easier for you now. 

Don’t forget to come back if you’ve got more questions about smart gadgets and devices.

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