Does Amazon Echo Have an Aux Input?

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The Amazon Echo can connect to other devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but some users still prefer hardwired connections, such as auxiliary input. However, not all the Echo models have an aux input feature.

The Amazon Echo 3rd generation, Echo Plus, and Echo Studio do have aux inputs. The Echo Dot, Spot, Show, and Auto do not have aux inputs; older generations of the Echo also do not have aux inputs.

If you want to purchase or switch to an Amazon Echo that can work with an aux cord, read on to learn more about which models support this function and how to connect your devices. You should also stick around if you want to learn more about Amazon Echo’s aux out capabilities!

Aux Input and Echo Devices

Aux input requires a 3.5mm auxiliary cable and a device with aux output capabilities. You may recognize the aux cable as the same type of plug that comes on a standard pair of headphones.

An aux input amplifies audio from the output source. For example, most cars have aux input ports that allow you to play audio from a smartphone or an MP3 player through the car’s sound system.

The aux input port on an Echo device (Amazon) works the same way. It allows you to play audio through your Echo device from another device, such as a phone. Essentially, this makes your Echo function like a regular speaker.

Which Amazon Echo Devices Have Aux Inputs?

The following table lists various Amazon Echo models that have been or are currently on the market and whether they support auxiliary connectivity. This is a breakdown of all relevant Amazon Echo Devices and if they have an Aux Input:

Amazon Echo ModelAux InputAux OutputSpeaker
Echo 1st and 2nd generationNoYes2.5-inch woofer and 0.6-inch tweeter
Echo 3rd generationYesYes3.0-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter
Echo DotNoYes1.6-inch speaker
Echo PlusYesYes3.0-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter
Echo SpotNoYes2W, 1.4-inch speaker
Echo StudioYesYes2.0-inch mid-range, 1.0-inch tweeter, and 5.25-inch woofer
Echo ShowNoYesTwo 10W 2-inch neodymium drivers with a passive bass radiator
Echo AutoNoYesNone

Compatible Devices with the Echo’s Aux Input

The aux input feature on some Echo devices is convenient when you want to play audio from a source that doesn’t have Bluetooth, such as an old iPod.

To connect another audio source to your Echo using an aux cable, the other device must have an aux output port.

Compatible devices include:

  • iPhone 6 or earlier
  • Other smartphones with headphone jacks
  • MP3 players
  • Tablets
  • Computers

When Should You Use the Echo’s Aux Input?

Knowing the speaker’s strength of your Echo is essential in determining if you should use an aux cord with it.

For example, the Echo Studio allows you to use its powerful speaker to play audio from another source such as a phone or MP3 player. On the other hand, there is no need for an aux input on the Echo Dot because the speaker is too small to serve as an efficient sound amplifier for another device.

Using the Aux Input on Your Echo Device

Amazon Echo devices are simplistic and provide a user-friendly experience. Using the aux input port on your Echo is no exception. It’s quick and easy to use the aux input with any other compatible devices. Follow the below steps to start connecting with a compatible aux cord:

  1. Make sure you are using a 3.5mm aux cord (Amazon).
  2. Connect one end of the cord to a compatible Echo device.
  3. Connect the other end to your audio output device.
  4. Play music or other audio from the second device to start listening to it through your Echo.

If the audio doesn’t start playing from your Echo automatically, you may need to select the output source on your other device. Go to the sound settings on your other device and select the appropriate aux output source.

Does Amazon Echo Have an Aux Output?

All Echo devices have aux output, even devices like the Echo Dot that do not have aux-in capabilities. This allows the Echo device to play sounds or music through an external speaker, such as a Bluetooth speaker. Aux output is especially helpful if you have an Echo Dot or Auto:

  • The speaker on an Echo Dot is not very loud, so users often connect it to a more powerful speaker for better sound quality and volume.
  • Echo Auto is designed explicitly for use in a moving vehicle and therefore doesn’t have a speaker of its own. Instead, it connects to your car’s sound system through Bluetooth. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, or you prefer to hard-wire your Echo Auto, you can always connect it to your car’s sound system using an aux cable.

Having aux out on your Echo model is also beneficial if the sound quality of its speaker isn’t that great. Based on the information above, you may have noticed that the Echo Dot may not have a strong speaker compared to the rest, while the Echo Studio has a very powerful sound system.

To use the aux output on your Echo device, connect a 3.5mm auxiliary cable in the same way you would for an aux input.

In Summary

In summary, all of the newer versions of the Amazon Echo, such as the 3rd generation Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Studio, do have aux inputs in addition to an aux out. All you need to do to get connected is a 3.5mm auxiliary cable!

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