Amazon Alexa Echo Making Static Or Crackling Noise?

Amazon Alexa Echo Making Static Or Crackling Noise?Amazon Alexa Echo Making Static Or Crackling Noise?

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The Amazon Alexa Echo is a convenient smart speaker that allows you to control your smart home with a voice prompt. But what is it making static or crackling noises when it speaks?

If there is a problem with the connectivity, hardware, or software on an Amazon device, it will crackle or make static noises to indicate a problem.

These noises are inconvenient but not the end all of your device. Keep reading to learn why your Amazon device makes funny sounds and how to fix them.

Why is my Echo Making Static Noises

The Echo will make static or crackling noises when it begins to malfunction. This could occur for many reasons, including:

  • The auxiliary cable is broken or frayed
  • There is device interference
  • The device needs to be re-paired to itsBluetooth connection
  • The speaker is faulty

Any one of these problems can lead to static when listening to music.

How to Fix the Amazon Echo Making Crackling Noises

If you like to fix your tech before replacing it, you are not alone. Tech continues to grow in price, so it’s important to hold onto it as much as possible, which means fixing it yourself.

It is important to troubleshoot the Amazon Echo device to fix crackling noises. This can mean restarting it or replacing the audio cable.

Below, we have outlined some of the best ways to fix the most common problems you will run into when you hear static or crackling from your Amazon Echo device.

Replace the Auxillary Cable

If the AUX cable is broken or frayed, it can begin to provide negative feedback to the Amazon Echo device. This negative feedback often transforms into static or crackling noises.

To replace the Aux Cable, follow these steps:

  1. Order an AUX cable from Amazon
  2. Remove the old AUX cable from the back of the Echo
  3. Remove the other end of the AUX cable from your audio device
  4. Plug one end of the new AUX cable into the Amazon Echo Dot 
  5. Plug the other end of the new AUX cable into the audio device

This should solve the problem if the AUX cable is faulty.

Once the AUX cable is replaced, it is important to test the sound quality again. 

Play the song you noticed the feedback on, and see if the problem persists.

Clear The Airwaves

Echo devices may also produce crackling noises or static due to interference. Some common tech items that may cause interference with an Echo device are:

  • Radio signals
  • Microwaves
  • Baby monitors
  • Walkie-Talkies

To fix this issue, the best thing to do is turn off the device causing the interference or remove the device from the area the Echo is in. 

This should stop the static and crackling sound, and you can play music again in no time.

Pair the Device to Bluetooth Again

Another common reason the Amazon device may sound crackling is due to a poor Bluetooth connection. 

To fix it, pair the Bluetooth device to the Echo again with these steps:

  1. Grab your smartphone, tablet, or other devices you want to pair
  2. Forget the Bluetooth device connection it has to start fresh
  3. Say, “Alexa, pair” to the Amazon device
  4. Alexa will inform you that she is searching
  5. A pop-up screen will appear, prompting the user to select a device to pair with
  6. Select the Echo device you want to pair

The Bluetooth connection will automatically begin once you have selected the Echo. Try it out to see if you are still hearing static and crackling. 

Also, ensure your Echo device has the latest software downloaded to ensure there are no bugs.

Faulty Speaker Fix

Unless you are an expert with speakers, it is unlikely that you will be able to repair the speaker of the Echo device at home. This is because it requires many working parts to get it right.

When this is the case, contact a tech professional such as Tech Supportal to assist you. They can often fix the speaker at a minimal cost.

Expert Help With Tech Supportal

If you are tired of figuring out why your Amazon device is making static and crackling noises and none of the fixes, we suggested have worked, try contacting Tech Supportal.

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