Do Eufy Cameras Have a Siren?


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Recently, security systems have included a camera and a siren to ward off uninvited guests from your premises. This can prevent a burglar from entering or damaging your home more than silent cameras. Eufy cameras have proven to be some of the best smart security cameras in the world, so many potential buyers want to know “Do Eufy Cameras Have a Siren?”

Eufy cameras have a siren that can be activated manually or upon motion. This feature makes it difficult for intruders to walk around restricted areas or for criminals to walk to the camera and just take it.

There are many reasons why a siren is needed in a camera. Keep reading while we explore the reasons for a siren and how you can activate the siren on your Eufy camera.

What are Siren Alarms?

Siren alarms are an essential part of a home’s security system. They provide security by generating a loud, piercing sound when an intruder comes close within a restricted area. Apart from the shrill sound, they also emit bright lights to alert more people.

Siren alarms work by creating a circuit around the restricted area. When a burglar or intruder passes that area, it breaks the circuit and causes the alarm to sound. 

Other siren alarms need a motion detector to work effectively. These kinds are usually found inside the house, where it is more complicated to detect motion with a closed circuit. A motion detector detects the presence of an intruder and sounds the alarm to let the person know that they have been seen.

Ideally, a siren alarm works with other parts of the security system. For example, there could be an alarm that calls the police when an intruder is detected, a camera showing the intruder’s live recording, and an alarm that alerts the owner if they are away.

Some cameras come with an inbuilt siren that goes off to keep the intruders out and record the video footage to show the owner when they return. Many Eufy cameras have this feature.

The Importance of Siren Alarms

The importance of having siren alarms installed around your home cannot be overstated. It is always better to feel that you are safe whenever you go to bed and that your house is in good condition even when you leave home for work.

Siren alarms help ward off intruders. Many burglars are always looking out for cameras and other security systems around your house. If they notice that you have a siren alarm or camera around the house, they will remove your home from their list. 

This protection is not talked about often. The numerous incidents you will avoid and never know about, simply because you chose to keep your house surrounded by security appliances.

Siren alarms can also help call the police. They can do this if you don’t get the alert on time because you’re busy with something else. Then, the police can arrive quickly and apprehend the criminal before they get away. Siren alarms will also send you an alert and record footage of the intruder that can be used as evidence to prosecute them if they deny later. 

Eufy Cameras with Siren Alarms

Most Eufy sirens can be found on the HomeBase device, which is used to ward off intruders who make it to your house and alert your neighbors. Some Eufy cameras also have a siren built into them. For example, if you have the eufyCam 2C, you will find the siren alarm built into the camera that can be used outdoors. 

Eufy Cams do not rely on simple circuits to detect the presence of intruders. Instead, they use sensors called Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors. These sensors detect ambient heat generated by all living creatures.

When a temperature differential proves a movement by a human being or animal, the camera starts recording and sets off the alarm. The alarm system also sends you an alert and footage of the area.

The alarm sounds for a couple of seconds before it goes off automatically. You can also set it to keep blaring until you turn it off manually. 

Many people have complained that the HomeBase siren is not sufficient and loud enough. As a result, Eufy has promised to create more outdoor cameras with sirens that can notify neighbors of intruders on the property. 


There is still a lot to be done, but Anker has shown their commitment to bolstering your home security with siren alarms built into the cameras. These siren alarms work well with cameras that run 24/7, and eufy has a few of them made like that.

Also, installation is effortless. Anyone who has used Eufy cams can attest that it is one of the most straightforward systems to install and use. 

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