How to Connect a Samsung TV to Google Home

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Integrating your Samsung TV into your Google Home smart home system can be a useful way to make your media center more efficient and convenient to use. By just making a few technical adjustments, you can control your Samsung TV’s functions using Google Home’s voice command. 

Below you’ll find a step-by-step breakdown on getting your Google Home system connected with your Samsung TV. This connection will give you control over your television without ever needing to look for the remote. Read on to learn how compatible the Google Home system is with the Samsung TV. 

Connecting a Samsung TV to Google Home

As with many smart televisions and smart home devices, the key to syncing up your devices across multiple systems is a software app. To connect your Samsung TV to Google Home, you’ll need two different software apps downloaded to your chosen smart device: 

  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Google Home

These software apps are compatible with iOS and Android. Regardless of whether you’re using Apple products or only Android products in your smart home setup, you should still be able to use your chosen smart device brand to connect your Samsung TV with Google Home. 

Once you have the apps downloaded, perform the following to sync your Samsung TV with Google Home: 

  • Connect your smart device and Samsung Smart TV to the Internet. Both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to sync them together. You need to use a home Wi-Fi network rather than a public Wi-Fi network for cybersecurity.
  • Log the Samsung TV into your Samsung account. Access your Samsung account by going to Settings on your TV, then select General. In the General submenu, select System Manager. In the System Manager submenu, select your Samsung account.
  • Add the Samsung Smart TV to the SmartThings app. Once you’re in the Samsung SmartThings app, select Devices and then the plus symbol to add your TV to the list of available saved devices.
  • Add the Smartsung Smart TV to the Google Home app. Access your Google Home app on your smartphone or smart device and select the plus symbol in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. Select Set up Device, then select Works with Google.  
  • Connect SmartThings to Google Home. Log into your Samsung account and select Authorize to connect SmartThings with Google Home. This should cause your Samsung Smart TV to appear on the Google Home app screen. 

At this point, you should be able to access your Samsung TV controls through either the Google Home or SmartThings app.  

What Model Years of Samsung TV Support Google Home?

Samsung TV is compatible with Google Home, but only certain models are supported. If you have a Samsung TV that is a model year 2018 or younger, you shouldn’t have any problems connecting Google Home to your smart TV system. 

What Do You Need to Connect a Samsung TV to Google Home?

To connect a Samsung TV with Google Home, you have to have the following components: 

  • A Samsung TV (2018 or newer)
  • A Google Home Hub or Google Nest
  • A smart device such as a smartphone or tablet with wireless Internet capability
  • A home wireless Internet connection

It’s important if you’re planning on setting up a wireless smart home system that you have a steady and strong Internet signal. If you don’t have a steady Internet connection, you may randomly lose functionality between your Samsung TV and your Google Home system. 

What to Do If Samsung TV Won’t Connect to Google Home

If you’re having a difficult time getting your Samsung TV to connect to Google Home, there could be several potential causes that are preventing the two devices from syncing up. Here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try if you’re having a hard time connecting the two: 

  • Update the firmware for your Chromecast and Samsung TV. If the firmware for your Google device or Samsung TV is outdated, this can prevent the two devices from connecting with each other. The firmware may become outdated if your devices receive an automatic update while your wireless connection is down.
  • Turn your Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) settings on. When you adjust some of the settings on your Samsung TV, this may cause the TV to automatically shut off the CEC connection. You should be able to reset your TV’s CEC setting by accessing the general settings in your Samsung TV’s home menu. (Source: CIE Group)
  • Inspect your HDMI ports. If your HDMI port or the HDMI cable connected to your HDMI port becomes damaged, this can cause Google Home and the Samsung TV to lose connection. Check the cables and ports for obvious damage and try a new HDMI cord if you have one to make sure the problem isn’t a defective cable. 
  • Leave the TV turned off for a while. If you have been turning your Samsung TV on and off multiple times, this can cause it to lose connection with Google Home. Try leaving the TV off for at least ten minutes before trying to connect the Samsung TV to it. 

These tips should resolve most technical issues related to connecting the Samsung TV and Google Home. If you still run into trouble even after trying the steps above, try contacting Samsung’s customer service to see if you can’t get some more direct help. 

Samsung TV and Google Home Work Well Together

Thanks to smart technology, it’s never been easier to sync up devices from different brands together for an integrated smart home system. By syncing your Samsung TV with your Google Home network, you’ll have more functionality out of your media system and you’ll be able to keep track of everything on your phone. 

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