Does Hisense TV Work With Google Home?

Google Home device on a counterGoogle Home device on a counter

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Google Home allows you to take control of your TV from your phone and tablet. You can even use voice commands to navigate to selected apps and ports. In the sections below, you’ll learn how to connect a Hisense TV to Google Home.

Hisense TVs work with Google Home, but they run off different platforms depending upon the specific model. Roku and others all come with different instructions on how to connect to Google Home. You may have to download a couple of apps, but it is possible to use Google Home with a Hisense TV.

The ability to use Google Hone comes with many benefits, not just in terms of voice commands, but also due to the capability to cast and stream just about anything, just as long as you have the right apps downloaded.

How Do I Connect My Hisense TV To Google Home?

Hisense manufactures Smart TVs running a variety of platforms. You may have a TV supported by Roku, Android TV, or none of the above. Scroll to the subsections below to find instructions for each TV type.

Roku TV

Start by ensuring that the newest system update has been installed. This can be accomplished by scrolling down to settings, selecting “system” from the options, navigating to the menu to the right, and scrolling down to system update.

Once the TV software has been updated:

  1. Install the Google Home app onto your phone or tablet.
  2. Make sure that you remember your account log-in info for your Roku account.
  3. Open the Google Home app on your phone: Click on the + button to set up a device.
  4. In the device search bar, type in “Roku TV.”
  5. Sign in to your Roku account when directed to do so.
  6. Select the TV you wish to connect to.

Once you have been connected, you will be able to see your TV listed on the Google Home app under the name of whichever room you put it in.

Android TVs

Newer models of Hisense TVs running the Android platform already have Chromecast built into the TV. You can connect these to Google Home by:

  1. Installing Google Home on your phone/laptop.
  2. Adding a Home, if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Add the device as instructed. You should see a code on the screen that matches the code on your mobile device.
  4. Refer to instructions from Google for troubleshooting.

TVs With Chromecast Device

You can also add a Chromecast device to your TV, which will allow you to add any TV and HDMI port to Google Home.

  1. To connect to a Chromecast, download the Google Home app.
  2. Create a home.
  3. Select the + sign in the upper left corner.
  4. Under “Add and Manage,” go to “Set up a device.”
  5. Then go to “New device,” where you should see Chromecast as an option.

For more on the Chromecast device, you are encouraged to scan the section below.

Do Hisense TVs Have Built-In Chromecast?

It depends on the model. Chromecast allows you to cast photos, music, and videos from your smartphone or tablet onto your television. There are more than 1,000 Chromecast-supported apps, including The lines of Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now.

Hisense Android TVs

If you purchase a Hisense containing the Android TV platform, such as the 32H5500G  or the 50GU6G, then Chromecast is automatically built into the TV. This makes it quite simple to access this feature. Start by installing Google Home onto your device. If you have an Android phone, then this app may come factory-installed.

For TVs Without Chromecast Built-In

The good news is that you can still find a way to stream from your phone, even if you own a Hisense TV model that doesn’t have Chromecast built-in. Consider purchasing a Google Chromecast device here.

The Google Chromecast is plugged into the HDMI port at the rear of the TV. The device is packaged with a power brick so that you can still use the Chromecast if you don’t have a USB port on your TV.

You will still need to download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet and set up a home and associated devices as you would with a TV without Chromecast built-in.

How Do I Use Google Assistant On My Hisense TV?

Google Assistant allows you to use voice commands to control your TV. This is easiest with TVs that have Chromecast built-in, such as this Hisense 50″ Android Smart TV. You do not need to speak into a smartphone or tablet, as the remotes typically come with a voice command button. Even on TVs without Chromecast built-in, you can still take advantage of these features.

Roku TV

You can use Google Assistant if you have Google Home connected to your Roku TV. Refer back to the instructions at the beginning of the article for guidance on how to get this setup.

Once installation is complete, you should be able to access Google Assistant by:

  1. Go to the Google Home app and select the room where your TV is located.
  2. An icon of a TV should be under the corresponding room name.
  3. You may give a command by pressing the speaker icon at the bottom middle of the screen.
  4. You can give a command such as “Go to YouTube” and then cast a video from YouTube onto the TV.

There are a variety of other commands that you can give the TV. If you want to switch to a gaming console or DVD player, for example, you can say “Go to HDMI 2”. You can also direct the TV to “go to” any app of your choosing.


You can turn any TV into a device controllable by Google Assistant, just as long as you have the HDMI port on your TV. You are encouraged to scroll up to the sections above, where you’ll learn more about the advantages of this amazing device.

Final Thoughts

Google Home works with Hisense TVs, just as long as you have the right apps downloaded and a working Wi-Fi network. For TVs without Chromecast built-in, you might consider the benefits of buying a Google Chromecast device. This small attachment is quite handy and affordable.

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