Can Samsung TV Use HomePod?

Homepod and Apple tv in front of Samsung tvHomepod and Apple tv in front of Samsung tv

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Samsung has been creating high end TVs for a very long time, but its no surprise that TV speakers are generally not the best audio experience. Apples HomePods pack a punch of good quality sound, but Samsung TV owners may wonder if the two can be connected.

Unfortunately, you can’t use HomePod as a traditional TV speaker unless the TV is connected to an Apple TV device. This is the only way you can play audio through HomePod from your smart Samsung TV. 

Is using a HomePod with your Samsung TV impossible? While the two devices are not compatible, there is a workaround with a few requirements.

How to Use Homepod with Samsung TV – Requirements

If you’ve invested in a HomePod or HomePod Mini, you’ll want to take full advantage of the device. One way is to connect it with your Samsung TV for a full home theater experience. However, the two devices aren’t compatible by default.

The HomePod or HomePod Mini will work with any TV as long it is connected to an Apple TV device. Ensure your TV has an HDMI port because it’s the only way to connect the Apple TV.  

Homepod and Apple TV

You also need to ensure you have a stable internet connection to connect your HomePod to a Samsung TV. The Apple TV device uses your Wi-Fi connection to communicate with the HomePod to give you a seamless sound experience.

To summarize, these are the requirements:

  • HomePod or HomePod Mini
  • Apple TV
  • Internet Connection
  • TV with HDMI port

Once you’ve met these requirements, you should be able to use your HomePod with your Samsung TV without any hassle.

Note: To hear audio from your TV and a gaming console, you’ll need the Apple TV 4K version and a TV with an HDMI eARC/ARC input.

However, keep in mind that you can only connect to HomePod using one device at a time. Therefore, if you want to use the speaker through your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to disconnect the Apple Device from the TV and connect to the device of your choice.

How Do You Use HomePod With Samsung TV & Apple Device?

Seeing that an Apple TV device is crucial for making HomePod work with your Samsung TV, you’ll need to set up the speaker using an Apple TV device. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to achieve this:

  1. Launch Apple TV on your Samsung TV
  2. Go to Apple TV Settings
    Select settings - Apple TV
  3. Go to Video and Audio
    Video and audio - Apple TV
  4. Select Audio Output
    Audio Output - Apple TV
  5. Under Default Audio Output, Select your HomePod
    Select Homepod - Apple TV

Once you’ve paired your Apple TV device with your HomePod, you’ll be able to select it as your preferred audio device by selecting the TV’s icon on the top right corner of your Apple TV menu.

Simply hold down the play/pause button on your remote control. Doing this allows you to switch between all your paired audio outputs. You can choose HomePod from there.

Which Apple TV Devices Are Compatible with HomePod?

There are 7 different versions of the Apple TV, the first being released in 2007!

Not all Apple TV models will be compatible with the HomePod or HomePod Mini.

Which Apple TV is compatible with HomePod?

Any Apple TV 4K is compatible with the Apple HomePod or HomePod Mini speakers.

Here is a list of all the compatible models:

  • Apple TV 4K (2nd Generation) – 2021
  • Apple TV 4K (3rd Generation) – 2022
  • Apple TV 4K – 2017

Note: The original HomePod (2018) produces Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound. The Apple TV 4K does not support home theater sound on the HomePod mini.

Homepod in front of TV

With an Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen+), your HomePod speakers can play audio from devices like gaming consoles or DVD players via HDMI cable.

With any of the Apple TV 4K models , you get to enjoy crisp and realistic pictures and it’s the best option as far as UHD TVs are concerned. This device also offers home theater audio. Besides, it features Dolby Atoms which allows you to create an incredible movie theater experience by having your HomePod in the same room as your TV.

Can You Use a HomePod As a Bluetooth Speaker?

You cannot use a HomePod as a Bluetooth speaker. You can only play audio by using an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, or Apple TV.

Even though the HomePod uses bluetooth, it will only allow Apple devices to connect to it when you are in close proximity. It will show a popup card that walks you through the setup process, similar to when you open AirPods for the first time near your iPhone.

Why was the original Apple HomePod Discontinued?

The original Apple HomePod was released in 2018.

Apple has decided to focus on their HomePod Mini and attract more buyers with their lower price point. This HomePod Mini is also a major upgrade as it has many more features than it’s older brother.

The HomePod was released at $349 where as the HomePod Mini was released at $99.

There’s no doubt the original HomePod could produce some high quality sound, but the pricing really pushed the envelop for consumers.

While the HomePod was meant to replace most homes audio systems, it didn’t perform as well and was eventually discontinued.

Common Questions

Can Samsung Connect to HomePod?

Samsung TVs cannot connect directly to HomePods.

They have to use an intermediary such as an Apple TV which plugs into the HDMI port on the back of the Samsung TV.

Can I use HomePod as TV speaker without Apple TV?

You cannot use a HomePod as a TV speaker without an Apple TV. It does not connect directly.

Can the HomePod replaced a Soundbar?

The HomePod will provide sufficient audio and surround sound for the average consumer, but it will not exceed the high quality surround sound system a soundbar will produce.

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