Can Chromecast Use Bluetooth?

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Chromecast allows you to project your mobile device’s screen onto your television seamlessly. Relying on Wi-Fi signals, this device allows viewers to stream YouTube, Netflix, HBO, and Disney+––just to name a few. But can you connect it via Bluetooth to other external devices?

Later-generation Chromecasts use Bluetooth. Users can use the Bluetooth feature to connect headphones, speakers, and smart home assistants. You can enable this feature in the “settings” portion of your Chromecast device.

Continue reading to learn more about using Bluetooth on your Chromecast device. We’ll also cover Bluetooth features that could enhance your user experience with your new Chromecast.

Does Chromecast Have Bluetooth?

The latest generation Chromecast has Bluetooth-enabled hardware built into the device. This cannot be said for earlier models, however. Your Chromecast will only use Bluetooth if it was made after or around 2019.

If you are using an earlier model, that does not mean that you cannot use Bluetooth altogether. You might be able to pair your headphones and speakers with your TV instead, though this will depend on what type of TV you have. For instance, many smart TVs come with Bluetooth. One example is Samsung’s smart TV; it allows you to connect to external speakers if you make changes in the TV’s settings.

Even if you are using an older Chromecast or TV, there is still a way to use Bluetooth. If your TV has an auxiliary port, you can use the Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver. This device will give your TV the ability to use Bluetooth features. Simply plug in the aux cord to your TV’s port and pair your headphones or speakers to the device.

If your TV does not have an auxiliary port (which most TVs do have), you can use VGA component cables.

How to Connect Chromecast to Other Bluetooth Devices

Chromecast’s Bluetooth allows devices to wirelessly exchange information. It allows you to use wireless headphones and send images via certain channels (like AirDrop, for example).

Here is how you can pair Chromecast with an external Bluetooth device:

  1. Select your profile in the top corner of the Google home screen.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Find and select “Remote & Accessories.”
  4. Put your headphones or speakers in “Pairing Mode” (these instructions will depend on the specifics of your output device).
  5. Choose “Select and Pair Accessory.”

At this point, your Chromecast should connect to your other device via Bluetooth. You can only have one device connect to your Chromecast’s Bluetooth at a time. You cannot listen to your favorite TV show on your headphones and also have it playing in another room on a speaker, for example.

How to Pair Chromecast to a Smart Home Assistant

The specific details of connecting your smart home assistant will depend on what type of device you have. For the most part, however, you can do this within your device’s app. For example:

  • If you have an Amazon Echo with Alexa, you can set up your Bluetooth settings within the Alexa App.
  • If you have Nest or Google Home, you can configure your settings in the Google Home app.

You do not need to pair your Chromecast to your smart home assistant every time you want to use it. Once you pair it, it should connect every time. You might need to reconnect your Chromecast and smart home assistant if you pair your Chromecast to another device, though.

What if My Chromecast Stops Connecting to Bluetooth?

If you have your Chromecast set up to a Bluetooth device, and now it is not working, there could be many different reasons for this.

Your Headphones or Speakers Are Connected to Another Device

Earlier, we said that Bluetooth allows for one connection at a time. If your headphones are connected to your phone, for instance, they may not automatically connect to your Chromecast.

Make sure that your computer, tablet, and phone are not connected to your Bluetooth speakers. If they are, unpair them, go into your Chromecast’s settings, and connect your speakers.

If you have connected a Bluetooth device to your Chromecast but don’t hear anything, try turning up the volume on your speakers, TV, or headphones. It may even be connected to your smart home assistant without you knowing it. Check these channels before you move on to other troubleshooting methods.

Chromecast Needs to Be Reset

If your Chromecast is not picking up on your Bluetooth device, you could try resetting them. You can reset your Chromecast by holding downs the small reset button by the USB port for 25 seconds.

Once the device’s light starts flashing, unplug your Chromecast from the power source. Give it about a minute, then plug it back in. Now try setting up your Bluetooth connection again.

In Summary

Later-generation Chromecasts do have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect to external speakers, headphones, or devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Nest. However, even if you have an older model, there are third-party devices you can buy to enable this feature.

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