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Why Your Ring Floodlight Keeps Coming On

Last Updated Jun 2, 2022
Ring floodlight camera with lights on installed on home.

Even the smartest of smart-home tech needs proper setup to obtain the best results. The Ring Floodlight Cam is a great option for home security, with a floodlight that turns on when motion is detected to help capture the best video as well as ward off intruders. If you haven’t adjusted your settings properly, though, the floodlight may turn off and on too frequently. So how do you stop your Ring Floodlight from constantly turning on and off?

Your Ring Floodlight Cam settings can affect how easily it triggers and turns on. If the motion or sensitivity settings are set too high, your floodlight could be triggering too frequently. Adjusting the motion and sensitivity settings can limit how often your floodlight turns on.

For best results, it is important to optimize your camera’s settings. Keep reading to learn how to adjust your Ring app settings to limit when your floodlight cam triggers, as well as more reasons why your floodlight camera might be triggering unnecessarily.

How to Stop Ring Floodlight from Constantly Turning On

The first thing you will want to check is your camera’s motion, sensitivity, and light settings.

In the Ring App, select your Ring Floodlight Cam. Light Settings will allow you to adjust the area that your Floodlight Cam is looking for motion. Motion Settings will allow you to adjust the motion sensitivity to determine what triggers the floodlight.

Adjust Light Settings

If your Ring Floodlight Cam is triggering too frequently, in Light Settings, under Advanced Settings, you can manage the areas that your Ring cam captures that trigger the lights to turn on. Adjusting these areas to be smaller should lower the sensitivity of your Ring Floodlight Cam.

Adjust Motion Settings

In motion settings, you can set zones within your camera’s area of view for the Ring Floodlight Cam to only pick up motion in certain areas. You can also turn your camera’s motion sensitivity all the way down so that it will need larger motion events. Both of these options will limit your camera’s motion sensors, so they trigger less frequently.

If adjusting your light and motion settings does not sufficiently decrease how frequently your ring floodlight triggers, there may be another reason why your Ring floodlight is turning on.

Check for Nearby Heat Sources

A nearby heat source may be causing your Ring Floodlight Cam to trigger unnecessarily. Check for nearby heat sources such as a dryer vent, bathroom fan vent, or another nearby source that could produce heat, then direct the heat away from the camera or relocate the camera.

Removing the extra heat from your camera will help limit your Ring floodlight from turning on too frequently.

What if the Ring Cam Floodlight Won’t Turn On?

You may be experiencing the opposite issue, and your Ring Floodlight Cam is not turning on frequently enough. There are several fixes for this problem as well:

  • Adjust the height of your Ring Floodlight Cam.
  • Adjust the Light Settings in the Ring App.
  • Adjust the Motion Settings in the Ring App.
  • Ensure sure your battery is charged if you have a battery unit.
  • If you have a wired unit, make sure your wires are attached properly.


The angle of your Floodlight Cam can significantly impact how your device captures videos and triggers the floodlight. Ring suggests hanging your Ring Floodlight Cam at 9ft high. Any lower can significantly impact your camera’s ability to capture motion events. It is better to hang the Floodlight Cam higher rather than lower for maximum motion detection and coverage.

Light Settings

In the Ring App, under Advanced Settings, you can adjust the areas of coverage that trigger the floodlight to turn on. Adjusting these areas to be larger will make your Ring Floodlight Cam more likely to trigger and turn on the floodlight.

Motion Settings

Likewise, in the Motion Settings, you’ll want to increase the size of the motion trigger zones if your Ring Floodlight Cam is not capturing enough motion events. You can also increase the motion sensitivity setting to be higher to capture more motion.


Low battery power on the battery unit or miswiring of the wired unit can affect your Ring Floodlight Cam’s ability to turn on and capture motion events.

If you are using a battery Ring Floodlight and it has recently started capturing fewer motion events, or the Floodlight Cam has recently stopped turning on, make sure you charge the battery. If you have a wired unit, ensure all the wires are still connected properly and check that the breaker has not tripped in your electrical box.


Several settings within your Ring App might cause your Ring Floodlight Cam to be turning the floodlight on too frequently. Checking the light and motion settings and adjusting them up and down can change how frequently your Ring Floodlight turns on. Adjusting your settings when setting up a new camera is important to ensure your new device functions properly.

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