How Bright is the Ring Spotlight Cam? (Is the Floodlight Better?)

Ring spotlight cam light with the light on and wired to a power source.Ring spotlight cam light with the light on and wired to a power source.

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If you are looking at options to make your home more secure, you have probably started exploring options for outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights can encourage people to stay away from your property and let you know when people are around your door, and the brighter the light, the more likely you can deter would-be burglars. Ring has many great camera/light options, including the Spotlight Cam, but how bright can it get?

The Ring Spotlight Cam is 300 lumens. Each side of the camera has 4 LED lights with 4,000 color temperatures. In comparison, the Ring Floodlight is 1800 lumens.

While the Floodlight might be brighter, deciding which one is better requires a more in-depth review. Below, we will go over all the features of both the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight so you can determine which one might be better for you and your home.

How Bright Is a Ring Spotlight Cam?

The Ring Spotlight Camera Battery is 300 lumens. If you choose the Spotlight Camera Wired option, you will get 375 lumens.

While some people might opt for the wired connection, it is slightly more inconvenient due to a few reasons:

  • The wired connection will need a power outlet to work rather than just the rechargeable battery pack.
  • It takes longer to install.
  • It doesn’t work with the Ring Solar Panel.  

The Ring Spotlight Cam with the battery still has the 1080p HD video with live view, two-way talk features, and advanced motion detection. However, if you prefer a wired connection and don’t plan to use solar panels, you can choose the Ring Wired Spotlight to get some extra brightness.

How Bright is 300 Lumens?

While you may see the specifications on the cameras, knowing exactly how bright 300 or 375 lumens is hard to gauge if you don’t have a visual example.

To help, know that a typical LED light of 6-7 watts is between 400-500 lumens. So, your Ring Spotlight Camera may be less bright than a common LED light.

Here is a table to more easily compare the brightness:

LumensLED WattsIncandescent Watts

If you are still having trouble imagining exactly how bright the camera will be, find out how bright your current outdoor lighting is (or indoor if you don’t have any outdoor lights). Then, compare the watts to the lumens from the chart above.

Is the Ring Spotlight Camera Worth It?

Since the brightness is very low, you might be wondering if getting the camera is even worth it.

If your main purpose for getting the camera is to have a bright light outside that will scare away thieves or other people, this camera might not be the best option.

However, the camera still has some great features that make an overall great product:

  • It has great image quality and live view features.
  • The motion detection and two-way talk feature also make it easy to see who is around your home.
  • The light will also provide some basic lighting around your home when the sensor goes off.
  • It can also help you walk from your car to the door or garage when it’s dark outside.

Is the Ring Floodlight Better in Brightness?

If your main goal for lighting is extreme brightness, the Ring Floodlight is probably a much better option for your house. It’s 1800 lumens; this is very bright, so it’s best not to install it by a window or door that will shine into a bedroom or where someone is sleeping.

The Ring Floodlight camera also has two floodlights attached to the camera that can be adjusted to shine in separate directions. This is a great way to illuminate different areas of your yard or property.

Should You Use the Ring Spotlight or Floodlight?

If you live in a small home or a neighborhood, the Ring Spotlight Camera is probably bright enough to illuminate your area. However, if you live on a large piece of property or have a big backyard, the Ring Floodlight Camera is a much better option.

If you have the Ring Solar panels, though, or plan to get them in the near future, you should get the Ring Spotlight Camera as the Floodlight cannot use alternative power options. You can always consider buying more than one Spotlight Cam and mounting them in different areas to get more light around your property instead of using the Floodlight.

Final Thoughts

Both the Ring Spotlight Camera and the Ring Floodlight are great ways to light up your outdoor areas. At 300-375 lumens, the Ring Spotlight is better for small homes and yards. Since the Ring Floodlight has 1800 lumens, it’s a better option for large gardens or yards.

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