Why is the Sound on Disney Plus so Low (Easy Fix)

Disney plus on screenDisney plus on screen

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Disney+ is a popular streaming service for a reason, appealing to all ages and tastes with its wide range of different genres. However, the experience is most enjoyable when you can hear the content. For some people, there is an issue with not hearing the sound or the sound being too low to understand. So, why is the sound on Disney+ so low?

If Disney+’s volume is too low for you to hear, this may be because the device audio output for your stream is incorrect or even the audio output is too quiet. 

Regardless, keep reading to find a few things to try to get Disney+’s audio louder. 

Check the Disney+’s Volume

The easiest fix if you have been fiddling with the master volume on your device and you still cannot hear your stream is to check Disney+’s volume. Like several other video and streaming services, the platform itself has volume control. 

Check the bottom right of the progress bar on what you’re watching on Disney+, and you should see the audio control button as shown in the photo above to the left. Select the audio button and adjust the bar to whatever volume that is audible to you. 

Check the Audio Output

If the volume is still low on Disney+, try watching something else on Disney+ to see if it is just that movie/TV show. If that does not seem to be the case, check other streaming services to see if the sound is low. 

If the volume is low also on Youtube, Netflix, or any other streaming service, the issue may be with your audio device. Devices do not always switch to the audio output that you want, whether it is a Bluetooth speaker or a headset. Sometimes, the audio output needs to be set manually. 

How to Connect a Bluetooth Audio Device to Disney+

Here is the steps to connecting a Bluetooth audio device to your TV:

  1. Turn Bluetooth on
  2. Pair Bluetooth device
  3. Swap to the Bluetooth device
    • iOS: Swap in the control panel
    • Mobile/Tablet: Swap within Disney+ in the top right corner
    • Windows: Swap by clicking the audio button on the bottom right corner
    • MacOS: Swap by clicking the Apple logo > System Preferences > Bluetooth
    • TV: Swap within settings and select the audio output

Now, let’s see how to ensure an audio device connected to Disney+ physically will work properly.

How to Troubleshoot Physically Connected Audio Devices On Disney+

To troubleshoot your physical audio device, check the following:

  1. Device is compatible: check the audio device and the streaming device’s website to make sure that everything is compatible
  2. Plugs are properly connected: Try unplugging them and plugging them back in
  3. Selected device for audio output:
    • iOS: swap in the control panel (if not defaulted already)
    • Mobile/Tablet: swap within Disney+ in the top right corner or in settings
    • Windows: swap by clicking the audio button on the bottom right corner
    • MacOS: swap by clicking the Apple logo > System Preferences > Sound > Output
    • TV: swap within settings and select the audio output

If the above did not fix the low sound, let’s check if the application has been updated.

Update and Restart Your Device

Perhaps the audio output device did not help or the issue is not with the audio output device at all. Let’s try updating the application and your devices.

If auto-updates are not turned on, check that the application is updated and consider turning on auto-updates. After, try restarting the application and your updated device to see if that resolved the issue.

Some audio output devices also require software updates. If applicable, make sure to update and restart your audio device that you are trying to listen to also. 

Check Your Device’s Drivers

Computers require drivers to interact with different components, like different audio devices. If the sound is low when you are trying to stream Disney+ on your computer, it is worth a shot trying to update your drivers. 

How to Update Your Computer Drivers

In order to update your computer drivers, follow these steps

  1. Hit the “Windows” key
  2. Type “Device Manager” and select “Device Manager”
  3. Under the device name, select “Audio inputs and outputs”
  4. Right-click the desired audio driver and select “Update Driver”
  5. Select “Search automatically for drivers”
  6. Repeat on desired or all audio drivers

Now, let’s see the next solution.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Your Computer Drivers

If updating the drivers does not resolve the issue, or all of the drivers say they are up-to-date, try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers:

  1. Take note of the driver names!
  2. Right-click the desired audio driver and select “Uninstall Device”
  3. Follow your computer company’s prompts to install the drivers by entering your computer information: Dell, Asus, HP, Acer, Lenovo

Above are several links to computer companies’ websites to re-install certain drivers. If your brand is not listed, you can search your brand name + “drivers” to find the re-installation information.


The suggestions above hopefully helped with the volume issue on your Disney+ binges so you can get back sooner watching your favorite movies and shows. If the suggestions did not help and closed captions are not working for you, Disney+ has a 24/7 service to assist you.

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