Why Is My VTech Baby Monitor Not Pairing? – 4 Tips To Get Connected

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A baby monitor works by the camera unit picking up the feed from the baby’s crib and transmitting this feed to the parent unit, where it is displayed to the monitoring parent or person. But what happens if the connection between both units doesn’t work? What do you do if you try to pair them and the process keeps failing?

In this piece, we will discuss the various reasons for your baby monitor not pairing with its camera unit and how you can resolve each of them. Also, we’ll take a brief detour to discuss how you can turn off the sound on your baby monitor.

Why VTech Baby Monitor Won’t Pair

If you have been trying to pair your baby monitor parent unit with the camera unsuccessfully and want to know what is wrong, you are in the right place. Many things could cause your monitor not to connect to the camera, and they include:

  • Outdated Firmware and Software: An outdated software or firmware in both the camera and monitor parent units can lead to both units not connecting despite you going through the proper process. The baby unit automatically updates, but you have to update the parent unit manually, so it is possible that you missed an update.
  • Devices are out of range: Both units have to be within the effective range of each other for you to be able to connect them. If outside the range, they won’t connect.
  • There is a minor bug: There is sometimes a bug in the firmware and software of your baby monitor. Often, this causes a temporary inability to connect the two units. However, it is often resolved by restarting the devices.

These are all the possible causes of VTech baby monitors not pairing. Now, let’s take a look at how you can resolve it.

Four Ways To Fix Baby Monitor Not Pairing

It is not easy to know what the exact problem is when your baby monitor’s parent unit and baby unit aren’t pairing. Rather, you can take steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

These troubleshooting methods are:

Ensure That The Parent Unit Is In The Correct Mode

This works for all RM HD baby monitor models. You can do this by turning off the parent unit’s WiFi connection. This is done in PU WiFi connection under Settings.

Ensure That The Units Are Within Range

Depending on your baby monitor product, the effective range between the camera and the parent unit is up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) outdoors or 50 meters (160 feet) indoors. These are also subject to environmental conditions and the presence of obstacles like doors or windows. Make sure that they are well within this range as the signal weakens as the range increases.

Ensure That The Firmware And Software Are Up To Date

The baby unit of your monitor automatically downloads updates when connected to the home WiFi network. On the other hand, the parent unit detects and notifies you whenever there is an update available, provided that it is connected to the WiFi network. If the unit isn’t pairing, try to search for updates and, if available, download and install it. You can then try to pair again.

Power Off Both Units And Pair Again

This is often a very simple solution to the problem of your VTech baby monitor not connecting. First, power off both devices and power them on the back. If the model is an RM, first use the parent unit to set an empty camera spot. Afterward, use a pointed object to press and hold down the Pair button till the LED indicator flashes.

If all these do not work, contact VTech customer care support for further assistance, as what is needed might be a repair.

How Do I Turn Off The Sound On My VTech Baby Monitor?

Sounds from and to the baby monitor can sometimes be expendable. This might include when there is a noise where the parent unit is, and you don’t want the baby to be disturbed by the noise.

To turn off the sound, follow the steps below:

  • Press Menu/Select when the parent unit is idle
  • Use the navigation buttons to go to Sound activation
  • Change it from On to Off
  • Press Menu/Select to confirm

The sound will be turned off. If you want to turn it back on, follow the same process but in reverse.


As you need both units of your baby monitor to do their jobs if you want to enjoy the monitor, both units must connect properly so you can use the device. There are a few reasons the camera and parent unit will refuse to connect. Luckily, you can resolve most of these reasons by yourself.

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