VTech Baby Monitor Won’t Charge – 4 Troubleshooting Tips

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For electronics devices, charging is simply an indispensable thing. Certainly, anyone who has ever used one (who hasn’t?) knows that such a device refusing to charge is quite worrisome. This problem is one of the few common to VTech baby monitors, and you have to know how to detect the cause of the problem.

There are four ways to check what is wrong with your VTech baby monitor when it doesn’t charge. Keep reading to find out what they are and why this might be happening.

Why VTech Baby Monitor Won’t Charge

Having a baby monitor that isn’t taking power is Akin to not having one at all, at least for the time it isn’t charging. This problem is limited to the parent unit, as the baby unit only works while plugged into power.

The causes of the VTech baby monitor’s parent unit not charging are:

  • Battery issues: If the battery of your baby monitor has been used for up to a year, it might deplete to a level where it doesn’t charge anymore. Never rule out the battery if your monitor isn’t charging.
  • Power issues: It is also possible that power isn’t getting to the monitor itself. This could be because the wall outlet is faulty or is switched off.
  • Charging port issues: Another possible cause of VTech baby monitors not charging is a faulty charging port. This could be due to the port being clogged by certain objects or the port being damaged totally.
  • Charging adapter issues: The charging adapter also has to be in perfect working order for the device to charge.
  • Other hardware issues: Asides from the charging port and battery, other internal hardware of the baby monitor t it from charging. This ranges from the motherboard to the battery connectors. This can only be resolved by requesting professional help.

With such a myriad of possible causes, how do you know which is the problem? This is the focus of the next section.

Troubleshoot VTech Baby Monitor Not Charging

As seen above, there are quite a few causes of VTech baby monitors not charging. To pinpoint where the problem lies so you can know what to fix, there are five troubleshooting steps you can take. By knowing the problem, it would now be an easy task to pinpoint the solutions.

Remove the battery and replace it

Sometimes, your baby monitor not charging could be because of a slight and temporary issue that is resolved by removing the battery and putting it back in. Ensure that the battery is secure in place. Afterward, plug it into power again to see if it charges.

Confirm That The Power Supply Is Working Perfectly

Again, you have to ensure that electricity is getting to the unit. Check the power jack or port with another device to be sure that it works. If it does, plug your power plug properly.

Confirm that your Power plug is working

As the charging adapter can sometimes be faulty, you have to rule it out by confirming that it still works. To do this, plug it into the power supply and find a way to see if it gives out power.

Fix the Charging Port

Certain objects like dirt or dust may block the charging port of your baby monitor. These prevent the charging port from receiving power from the charging adapter. If all the above do not work, it is quite likely that your battery, charging port or other hardware has been damaged. If you can’t resolve those at home, you have to contact VTech customer service in that case for further assistance. If you still have a warranty, even better!

How Do I Fix the Charging Port On My Baby Monitor?

It is not uncommon for the charging port of a VTech baby monitor to be clogged by alien objects. These include dust, dirt, or fragments. The presence of these objects in the charging point will prevent your baby monitor from charging.

To rid the charging port of the first in it, ow the steps below:

  • Power off both units
  • Use touch to examine the inside of the USB charging port. Shine a light in it to meticulously check for any dirt, dust, or rust.
  • Gently blow air into the port to remove any alien objects.

Note that you shouldn’t insert any object into the charging port, as this may cause damage to the port. If the charging port still doesn’t work, contact professional support to change or clean it further.


One of the few issues you might face in using VTech Baby Monitor is the device not charging. Various reasons could cause this, and it is hard to pinpoint what is wrong. Luckily, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you can use to determine what is wrong. Knowing these, you can easily find the best solutions.

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