Why is My Eufy Camera Light Red?

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The Eufy family of security products is a fantastic option for in-home cameras, but they’re not free of issues. Like many other electrical devices, Eufy cameras have a light that flashes or turns various colors to notify users that there’s an internal issue. So why is your does Eufy camera light turn red?

If your Eufy camera light is red, it means your camera is not working as it should. If your Eufy camera light is red or blinking red, the odds are that it is not recording camera footage of your home as you would like or expect it to. This issue is fairly common, and thankfully there’s usually an easy fix.

So your Eufy camera has a red light, and now you know that means it’s not functioning properly. Not exactly the news you wanted to hear, but don’t worry- there are ways you can fix this one on your own. Keep reading for more on why your Eufy camera light is red.

How to Fix a Red Light on Your Eufy Camera

We can get your camera back to working and functioning again in just a few short steps. Complete the following to get rid of the red light on your Eufy camera:

  • Make sure your camera is connected to the internet: to make sure your camera is connected to your home wifi, check the Eufy app on your phone. Disconnect and reconnect the Wifi as needed. If the wifi is not working, you may have to reboot your wireless internet modem in your home.
  • Unplug the Ethernet cord and power connector
  • Hold down the sync button on your camera for 15 seconds. Stop holding the button down when the screen on your device turns off.
  • Wait 30 minutes
  • Plug the device back in and restart

Following these steps should eliminate the red or red blinking light on your camera. After completing these tips, check and see if your Eufy camera is working properly. Be sure that your ethernet cord is plugged in correctly and completely. If these steps do not fix the issue, try getting a powerful adapter or enabling DHCP on your router.

Does a Red Light on a Eufy Camera Mean it’s Not Charged

A red light on your Eufy camera doesn’t mean that it’s low battery or needs to be charged. The blue light on your Eufy camera will indicate charging status. If it is fully charged, all of the blue bars on your camera will light up and then turn off. Blue bars will be lost, and the blue light will flash if not fully charged or if it needs to be charged. Be sure to pay attention to the colors and notifications on your Eufy camera.

What Do the Other Lights Mean on Eufy Cameras

There are multiple light colors that you may see on your Eufy camera other than the red or red blinking light. If you see a blue light on your Eufy camera, it means that it is ready to be set up. This will light up in the beginning after plugging in, indicating that your Eufy camera is ready for set up.

The light will turn from red to blue when it is ready for set up and connected to the internet properly. Red and blue are the only two lights that will be present on the Eufy camera. Red means that something is wrong or needs to be fixed, and blue means that it is ready to be connected or is charged and ready to go.

Are Eufy Cameras Always On?

Many security cameras are continuously recording over a 24 hour period and can be looked at on your phone. The Eufy camera, however, only records when it is triggered to do so. The Eufy camera is triggered to start recording when it senses motion.

This is when you will get a notification on your phone if set up and can view the footage taken when triggered by motion.

Final Thoughts

A red light on your Eufy camera is usually a short-term problem with an easy solution. Barring any serious issues, the above steps should help fix the red light and restore your Eufy camera.

Overall, the Eufy camera is a great and affordable security camera option. It is easy to assemble. Keep in mind that this camera only records when triggered to do so by motion. If you are looking for 24-hour camera footage, you may want to opt for another option.

However, if you are looking just to see when something is at the door or to view triggers, this could be a great option. Keep an eye on different light notifications and contact Eufy support for any other questions or concerns in regards to your device.

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