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Does the Eufy Camera Work in Direct Sunlightt?

Last Updated Feb 1, 2022
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Eufy cameras are one of the best security cameras for homeowners looking to feel at ease in their own homes and also looking to enjoy a great camera with no monthly subscription. And even though they are not as popular as other smart cameras they are user-friendly and perform quite well. But even so, why does their manual insist that they should be mounted away from direct sunlight? Don’t they work in direct sunlight?

Eufy cameras work in direct sunlight. It’s just that when they are installed in sunny rooms, rooms with mirrors or any space outside that gets a lot of sunlight, the quality of the videos being captured by the camera disintegrates. 

Knowing this, then you will come to ensure that your Eufy camera is placed at the right angle and enjoy its benefits. But that’s not all about the Eufy camera, do read on and find out what we are talking about. 

Can Direct Sunlight Damage a CCTV Camera?

Direct sunlight can not damage your security camera as the sun is harmless and doesn’t have the power to destroy your CCTV camera. So if the sun can’t damage your security camera, why does its manual instruct you not to place your camera into direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight will travel to your camera’s lens first and eventually encounter the image sensor in your security camera. When this happens, distortions on your camera lens will be created affecting the quality of the videos that will be generated at that time. 

Does Eufy Make an Outdoor Camera?

Even though the Eufy’s manual instructs us not to place our camera in direct sunlight, we might think that the camera can’t be installed outdoors; but that’s incorrect. 

Eufy comes in three types of cameras, indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. You can install them anywhere in your property: mainstays, basement, yard, driveway, garages and just anywhere else you might want to mount the camera itself. 

Things You Should Know About Your Eufy Camera

Now that you’ve purchased your camera and decided which rooms are secure, then there are other considerations one should have before mounting their cameras:

  • Reflection and glare: The first thing you come to learn when trying to mount your camera from your manual is that your camera shouldn’t face direct sunlight. It’s not that the sun rays are going to spoil your cameras, no that’s not it, this is because if your camera is mounted in such a way that the camera lens is always exposed to lots of sun rays, then the camera’s video footage is not going to be of good quality. They may come out grainy, or of low quality. So whenever you want to install your camera keep in mind reflection and glare. 
  • The total number of cameras: Since your camera is going to be using WiFi, do consider how many cameras you are going to install as many Eufy cameras connected to the Wifi may affect your internet speed. If your internet speed goes slow due to all the cameras you have, then be prepared to have inconsistent video footage and while no one wants that, then think about purchasing another router. 
  • Place them close to your valuable objects: Burglars will be looking for the most valuable objects in your home and so your home’s valuable objects should help you determine where to place your cameras. 
  • Hidden vs Visible:  This decision will solely depend on you. Whether you want your security camera to be visible or hidden from your visitors.
  • Place them out of reach of burglars: it is quite important that once you intend to mount your camera, you need to place them where they can’t easily be stolen. 

If you would like to learn more about your Eufy camera, check out this link.

Can you Leave Eufy Camera Plugged in?

Yes, you can plug your camera into your charger at all times without the continuous hassle of plugging it or unplugging. 

How Long Does a Eufy Camera Last?

A Eufy camera has long durability. No matter the weather condition, the Eufy camera can stay up and running for more than 365 days. 

Is Eufy Camera Any Good?

Eufy cameras are good. Especially since it is user-friendly and you don’t need to subscribe to any monthly subscriptions. It offers quality video, motor detection, and other smart features. 


Eufy cameras are among the best cameras one can have in their own home. As much as they are not so popular, they offer quality videos and are pocket-friendly. As they get installed around your home, it is recommended that you shouldn’t place them facing any direct sunlight. And that is because this might affect the quality of your videos and no one wants that. That is why while you mount them, find places that aren’t exposed to too much light.

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