Why Does My VTech Baby Monitor Screen Keep Turning Off?

Adult and baby looking at a screenAdult and baby looking at a screen

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Of all home appliances, a baby monitor might just be one of those that should be turned off at irregular periods. This is because of how important they are to people with infants.

The main reason for the VTech baby monitor screen turning off is to save power when the device is idle.

Let’s look at this in detail and also discuss how you can increase or decrease the screen time before the screen turns off. Additionally, we will talk about the possible causes of a black Vtech baby monitor screen and how you can resolve them.

Why VTech Baby Monitor Screen Turns Off

Most VTech baby monitor parent unit screens turn off automatically after some minutes of idleness. This feature exists to save power whenever the parent unit is not in use. When the unit is neither picking up sound from the baby unit nor being used for other purposes for the time set, the screen turns off automatically.

If you want to use this feature, ensure that the sensitivity level is set to one that suits your baby’s environment. This ensures that the screen doesn’t sleep despite the baby needing attention if the sensitivity is too low or the screen is not sleeping at all because the sensitivity is set too high. You can reduce or increase the time before the sleep time activates and deactivates the feature.

Here is how to do this:

  • Press Menu while the parent unit is not in use
  • Use the arrow navigation buttons to choose Settings
  • Use the navigation buttons to go to Sleep timer and press select
  • Navigate to the desired time for the screen to go to Sleep and select it.

You can leave the device for the time set to confirm that all is in perfect order.

How to Change Sensitivity Levels and Sounds Activation of VTech Baby Monitor

If you set Sound activation on, your VTech baby monitor parent unit will light up whenever it detects a sound at the set sensitivity level.

Activate or Deactivate Sound Activation

Here is how to activate or deactivate sound activation:

  • Press Menu while the parent unit is not in use
  • Use navigation buttons to choose the baby icon
  • Use the navigation buttons to choose ON or OFF

Be sure to select ON to activate and OFF to deactivate this feature.

 Change the Sensitivity Level

Here is how to change the sensitivity level to fit the environment for your baby:

  • Press Menu while the parent unit is not in use
  • Use the navigation buttons to go to the Baby icon and select it
  • Go to Vox
  • Select the desired sensitivity level and use the Select button to confirm

The sensitivity level ranges from Highest, which notifies you of any sound made from the baby’s room to lowest, which only notifies you when there is loud crying or screeching from the baby. To improve sound detection, adjust the location of the baby unit. Also, if you want to use a sound machine or white noise machine while using this baby monitor to check on your baby, you can lower the volume or sensitivity levels of the monitor.

Why is My VTech Baby Monitor Screen Black?

There are many potential causes of your screen going black, especially if the device doesn’t respond to input.

They are:

  • Sleep timer has been activated: As discussed in the previous section, most baby monitors have an automatic sleep mode that activates when the parent unit is idle for some time. Pressing a button on the unit is enough for it to light up back in this case.
  • Screen powering off: If the baby monitor has powered off, it will, of course, show a black screen. This could be due to a low battery or a fault with certain hardware of the device, like the battery.
  • Unresponsive buttons: If you press the monitor’s buttons and it doesn’t come on, the buttons might be unresponsive for whatever reason. Resolve this by removing the battery to reset the device.

If you have ever tried to check your baby monitor and found the screen to be black, you probably know the panic that quickly follows.

How to Solve Black Screen on VTech Baby Monitors

To resolve the issues, you can try to reset your baby monitor. You may do this by following the steps below:

  •  Disconnect both the baby unit and the parent unit from power.
  • Remove the batteries in the parent unit. Afterward, install the batteries again. Ensure that the batteries are properly placed
  • Wait for a minute and connect power back to both units
  •  Turn on the baby units and the parent unit
  • Wait for the parent unit to synchronize with the baby units

It can take up to one minute for the synchronization process to take place. If this still doesn’t work, contact VTech customer support for further assistance.


If your VTech baby monitor screen keeps turning off, there are certain reasons you should know are causing these. Some of these are. Many are things you can fix by yourself, and if you can’t, contact VTech customer support.

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