Why Does My VTech Baby Camera Keep Flashing?

Baby with lights in the backgroundBaby with lights in the background

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It is well known that babies are sensitive to light, far more so than adults. For this reason, it is a bit of recurrent advice that one shouldn’t place a flashing light near them. But what if the baby monitor itself is the cause of all the flashing?

Your RM VTech baby Camera flashes to notify you of video streaming, either in direct or WiFi mode. The VM and LM products flash to notify that the two units are not connected.

A detailed explanation of this follows, and we’ll also discuss how you can turn off the flashing lights if they are undesirable.

Why VTech Baby Camera Keep Flashing

The LED indicator on the camera unit of the VTech baby monitor is there to give updates on the happenings in the baby’s environment. As there are different VTech baby monitor products, these reasons differ by some stretch for each product. Each of the top three most popular products shall be discussed.

RM HD Monitors

The red light notifies you when the baby unit is connecting to the parent unit in direct mode, while the green light is a sign that both the camera and baby units are connected to the home WiFi network.

Additionally, extra notification signals come on when the LED light on the camera unit flashes. Rather than a steady light from the LED indicator, flashes of red light are shown when video streaming in direct mode is going on. Correspondingly, flashes of green light are displayed when there is video streaming going on in WiFi mode.

VM Monitors

The only LED indicator here comes from the on/off light. The light turns on when the baby unit is turned on and connected to the parent unit. The light flashes when the camera unit isn’t being viewed, or the link to the parent unit is lost.

LM Monitors

These monitors’ baby unit has only one LED light — The ON/OFF LED. These light up when the baby unit is turned on and is paired to the parent unit. As with the previous model, it only flashes when the baby unit is not being viewed or when the link to the parent unit is lost.

These two indicators are very important, as it has been reported that baby monitors can be hacked. If you and everyone with access aren’t streaming, but you are seeing these signals, it is a sign that malicious actors have hijacked your baby monitor. Luckily, despite the alarms, the chances of this happening are a tall order.

How Do I Turn Off The Flashing Light On My VTech Baby Monitor?

It is well advised to turn off flashing lights near your baby, especially with the baby monitor itself. How do you get rid of the light so the baby won’t be disturbed by it?

Again, because there are different VTech baby monitor products, we will look at how to turn off the flashing light on the previous three products mentioned. Well, it’s not that difficult. Follow these procedures below:

RM HD Monitors

On the Camera icon of the parent unit, go to status LED. Here, you can turn off the light. You can always turn it back on when needed.

VM Monitors

This monitor has only the ON/OFF led light, and the light flashing means that the connection between the baby unit and parent unit is lost. To connect them back, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that both units are powered on
  • Press menu; If the parent unit is idle
  • Use the arrow navigation buttons to choose Pair/Unpair CAM and press select
  • Use the navigation buttons again to select an empty baby unit slot and press select.
  • The screen of the parent unit will display a message to the effect of “Press and hold the pair button at the CAM for 5 seconds until the power indicator flashes.”
  • Use a pointed object to press the Pair button on the bottom of the parent unit

The ON/OFF light will flash quickly, indicating that the pairing is successful.

LM Monitors

As this device only has the power LED light, there is no way to turn off the flashing light. Rather, you have to fix the cause of the flashing itself. On these, the only reason for flashing lights is a lack of connection between the units.

If the baby unit lost connection with the monitor, quickly resolve it following the same steps as with the VM in the previous subsection.


A flashing light from the baby monitor or camera can disturb both the kid and even some adults in the home. For this reason, it is sometimes best to turn it off using the techniques mentioned in this piece. However, the lights are there as notifications for a reason, and you should always keep in mind that you have removed the signal when you turn off the flashing lights.

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