Can a VTech Baby Monitor be Hacked?

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VTech baby monitors offer both radio and video monitors so you can keep an eye on your baby when you’re out of the room. However, many people have safety concerns about baby monitors being hacked lately.

People can hack VTech video baby monitors. However, hackers are less likely to compromise VTech radio baby monitors.

Since monitoring systems are usually attached to Wi-Fi and offer video, they’ve become a hotspot for hackers. Recently, there have been reports about people hacking video doorbells, surveillance systems, and baby monitors. Continue reading to learn more about VTech baby monitors and how you can keep yourself safe from hackers.

Are Vtech Baby Monitors Secure?

If you want a baby monitor that uses Wi-Fi and video, Vtech is one of the more secure options. However, if safety precautions are not taken, people can hack any baby monitor with these capabilities. If you don’t want a video monitor, you can use a Vtech radio monitor, which will be safer from hackers. People can hack any Wi-Fi-enabled video camera, but Vtech is not one of the options with significant security issues like some other brands are.

Are Vtech Baby Monitors Encrypted?

One reason why VTech baby monitors are safer than other options is that their camera feed is encrypted. This security measure helps prevent unauthorized access and conceals your data. However, even with this security measure in place, hackers can get a hold of your monitors through other means. So ensure you secure your Wi-Fi and keep your passwords varied for optimal security.

How To Protect Your Vtech Baby Monitor from Hackers

It can be frightening for parents to find out someone is looking in on them and their children through their baby monitor or another video system. People buy baby monitors to keep their kids safe and not to allow strangers to look in. follow the stuff below to protect your VTech baby monitor from hackers and increase your cyber security.

  1. Change your Wi-Fi password to something stronger, and remember to keep your passwords varied to increase your security.
  2. Keep your Wi-Fi router updated to prevent any security breaches through your network.
  3. Keep your baby monitor software updated through your manufacturer. Outdated systems are easier for hackers to infiltrate.
  4. Disable remote access to your baby monitor so people outside the house can’t access your video or audio.
  5. Change your baby monitor’s password and remove your default login information.

Disabling remote access is the biggest way to stop hackers from looking into your Vtech baby monitor. It would also be ideal for you to disable remote access on any other video monitoring systems you keep throughout your home for optimal security.

Radio vs. Video Baby Monitors

Fortunately, VTech offers both radio and video baby monitors, so you can pick whichever one suits your lifestyle needs. Each type of monitoring system has pros and cons that you should consider before purchasing.

Here are some differences between the two kinds of monitors:

Radio Baby MonitorsVideo Baby Monitors
Harder to hackGreat for kids who wander and get into trouble
Don’t need Wi-Fi to useDoubles as security
More affordableDecreases risk of nefarious activity
More durableMore thorough monitoring

On the bright side, VTech is not one of the companies that have a strong history of hacker activity. So far, Vtech does a great job of keeping hackers out of their baby monitors, but you also need to help with that process. Some baby monitor brands are easier to hack than others, and Vtech is one of the more secure options.

Why People Hack Vtech Baby Monitors

You might wonder what kind of person hacks a baby monitor and their motivation. Some hackers compromise baby monitors for small stupid reasons, but other people are scarier. The following are reasons why someone might want to hack your baby monitor.

  1. Scammers and thieves like to hack baby monitors to either steal your information or scare you into giving your information. If a criminal knows there’s sensitive audio or video on your baby’s monitor, they’ll be inclined to pay attention to your monitors to make a profit.
  2. Some people want to hack your baby monitor because they’re nosy about your life. Sometimes these hackers are people you know, and sometimes they’re strangers.
  3. Teenagers are pretty tech-savvy these days, and they still like to do pranks. One obnoxious prank that some hackers like is creating a lot of noise through the baby monitor to disrupt your child and freak them out.

No matter what reason someone has for hacking your baby monitor, it’s violating your privacy and infuriating. As a parent, you want to keep your baby safe, and when someone hacks your baby monitor, it disrupts your sense of security.

Final Thoughts

People can hack your VTech baby monitors, but you can take steps to minimize this problem. For example, people are less likely to hack radio monitors than video ones because it’s difficult and there’s less incentive. VTech is one of the safer baby monitor options, and you can take measures to keep your family safe from hackers.

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