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What Size Screws Do I Need For A Toshiba TV Wall Mount?

Last Updated Feb 25, 2022

Upgrading your television to a bigger and better option can be exciting. Modern TVs have become more sophisticated and have better quality pictures, sound, and technology than ever before. Before you begin mounting it on the wall, you may be wondering what size screws do I need for a Toshiba TV wall mount?

When mounting a Toshiba TV with a wall mount, the size of the screw is dependent on the compatible VESA bracket used in the mounting process. Each bracket is designed specifically for a certain sized television and will require different screws.

Every Toshiba TV can come in an array of different styles and sizes. When selecting the suitable wall mount for your new tv, it is essential to ensure you pick a compatible product. Keep reading to find out what a VESA wall mount is, what size TVs can be wall-mounted, and how to mount a TV with a bracket properly.

What is a VESA Wall Mount?

A VESA wall mount or bracketing system is a standardized system that televisions and monitors use to make it easier to mount on a wall. 

Many modern wall brackets use this system to standardize the size and placement of the screws for their wall mounts. While you will need a screw to mount your new Toshiba TV, the size will depend on the type of VESA mount you have.

What Size Screw Do I Need?

Most wall mounting systems have the required screws needed to mount your television. If your Toshiba TV wall mount is missing the screws in its packaging, use the table below to estimate the size you may need.

Wall MountScrew Size
SanusM4, M6, M8 all come with this system
MonopriceM4 is most commonly used with this model
Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall MountM4, M5, M6, M8 all come with this system

How to Properly Mount a TV

Mounting a TV can become quite the project. The tools needed to mount a TV can get confusing, and the TV’s weight can be hard to handle. Another confusing part of mounting a Toshiba TV is determining the correct bolt size. After reading the owner’s manual and the mount instructions, you should have your bearings. In case you don’t, here are some tips:

Grab Your Tools

When mounting a TV, you need to grab a few tools to help yourself out. These tools include a stud finder, a power drill with various bits, a level, and a wall-mount kit.

Additionally, you could use a cable management system to hide unsightly cables, but this is an optional tool.

Optimal Placement

Now that you have your devices, you need to pick the place you want to wall mount your Toshiba TV. Try sitting on the couch and looking at the wall you have envisioned. This will give you a relative idea of how high the TV should be. Once you have selected the best spot, grab out your stud finder, find the studs and mark them lightly with a pencil.

Toshiba TVs are great additions to outdoor living rooms. Take extra consideration when placing it outside.

Pilot Holes Vs. Pencil Marks

Some people like to make pilot holes on their walls that line up with their mount for easier placement. A friend or family member will need to hold the mount while drilling each hole. Alternatively, some people prefer to mark their hole placement with a pencil.

Attach the Wall Mount to the Wall

With the pilot holes or pencil marks in place, take the wall mount and place it on the wall. Grab out your bolts and begin to bolt the mount to the wall. Please be sure to use as many studs as possible. TVs can be heavy, and mounts can rip out of the wall if they are not bolted into at least one stud.

Wall Plate Placement

Take the mounting plate and attach it to your Toshiba TV. Use the manual to determine which sized screw needs to be used for its VESA brackets. Each Toshiba TV uses different screws based on its size.

Hang It Up!

Now that all the brackets and mounts are in place take the television and mount it onto the wall bracket according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Many manufacturers have how-to videos on their websites to help users troubleshoot common errors and questions if they get stuck.

Can All TVs be Wall Mounted?

All TVs can be wall-mounted with the correct sized bracketing system. Most TVs use a VESA bracketing standard. Read your owner’s manual or ask a retail associate if your new TV is VESA compatible. If it is, you will find wall mounts for Toshiba TVs as small as 13 inches and as large as 120 inches. 

Keep Your Cool

It can be frustrating not knowing what sized screw you need for your new TV to mount it. Keep a cool head and grab out your owner’s manual before making a trip to the store to grab the mount. It will guide you on the right size and VESA bracket needed.

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