Is Toshiba TV Better than Hisense?

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Good television is one of the things people look out for in a well-furnished home. But getting the one that will offer the best value may be a bit difficult. In terms of offering value, Toshiba and Hisense TV have stood out. However, choosing which one is better can be a tough call to make.

On average, Toshiba is better than Hisense, given its overall durability and technical quality. Toshiba does not, however, come close to Hisense when considering affordability and decent features. Nonetheless, the edge each has over the other is not finite as both brands are constantly innovating.

To exhaustively answer whether Toshiba is better than Hisense TV, one would have to consider specific features in similar models. Hence, a comparison across different features and models has been done below. What will inform your choice will be the specific features you want to see in your TV, and which of the two brands has more of it.

Should You Buy a Hisense TV or A Toshiba TV?

TVs are not like clothing materials that you can change every three months. Often, once you choose which one to buy, you will have to stick with your choice for months or years. This is why you need all the guidance available to make the right choice.

Toshiba TVs are better than Hisense TVs because they are durable and fantastic technical TV qualities. However, if you are looking for budget-friendly TVs with good enough specs, Hisense TVs are better fit.

Yet, an effective way to decide which is the better of both brands is to do a head-to-head comparison of their products. Here, we carefully examined the Toshiba 4K FireTV in contrast with the Hisense Android TV.

Toshiba 4K UHD Fire TV vs Hisense Android TV

To get the best sense of which TV brand will be better for you, there are several categories to consider:

  • General Information
  • Physical Specifications
  • Software, Display
  • Connectivity
  • Presence of Other Hi-tech features.

General Information

The general specifications of a television are the first step to deciding which brand you might like better.

 Toshiba 4K Smart Fire TVHisense Android Smart TV
Product Name50″ LED 4K Fire TV43″ A6G Series LED 4K Android TV
Product Model50LF621U2143A6G
Screen Size Class (and Actual Screen)50″ (49.5 inches)43″ (42.5 inches)
Year of Release20202021

Detailed product information for the Toshiba 4K Smart FireTV and the Hisense Android Smart TV

Physical Specifications

How each of these TV sets looks on the outside will significantly affect the user experience. For instance, a larger screen with minimal bezels means more detailed images. Then, there is the weight for easy portability and the audio output quality.

 Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020)Hisense Android Smart TV (2021)
Height28 inches24 inches  
Weight10.2 kg6.8kg  
No. of speakers22  
Output per speaker10W/speaker 20W total audio output7W/ speaker 14W total audio output  
Curved TV?NoNo, it’s flat.  
Ultra slim?NoNo.  

The defining physical elements of both TV models including their size, audio quality and other outer features.

Software Specifications

One thing that determines how smart a TV will be is the quality and capabilities of its software. For instance, a TV with a more advanced processor will deliver higher-quality displays, faster refresh rates and broad support for high-tech additions.

 Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020)Hisense Android Smart TV (2021)
Smart TVYesYes
Operating SystemFire TVAndroid TV
ProcessorQuad-core CPU/Multicore GPUQuad-core
Inbuilt Apps?Yes, including Amazon App StoreYes, with the Google Play Store

Want to know how good the TVs are on the inside? Check this table for a detailed rundown of software offerings.

Display Strength

By far, one of the most important considerations to put into account when selecting a TV is the quality of its display. Higher refresh rates, measured in Hertz (HZ), translate to more natural pictures and prevent lagging in real-time video displays. The same is the case for higher resolution.

Check the table to see how Toshiba holds up against the Hisense:

 Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020)Hisense Android Smart TV (2021)
Display techLEDLED
Refresh rate60Hz60Hz
Highest achievable resolution4K (2160p)3840 × 2160p
Max vertical/horizontal viewing angle178° for both178° for both

Outlined in this table is how the display quality of each TV compares with the other.

Comparing Connectivity

One of the key features of the smart TV is its ability to connect with other devices and services, either wirelessly or otherwise. Such connections include Internet or WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Then, the TV should support seamless cable connectivity.

 Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020)Hisense Android Smart TV (2021)
HDMI inputs34
USB inputs12

How well will you be able to connect with external devices with these TV models? The table provides an accurate summary of both Toshiba and Hisense’s connectivity features.

Other Hi-Tech Features of Both Toshiba and Hisense Smart TVs

Smart TVs may also contain other services that increase the value that users can derive from them.

 Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020)Hisense Android Smart TV (2021)
Remote SmartphoneNoNo.
Voice recognition/ voice assistantYes; Alexa. Also compatible with Echo smart home.Yes; Google Assistant and Alexa
Social media integrationNoNo
Power Consumption137W100W
Parental ControlYesYes
Sleep TimerNoYes

Your TV should do much more than display features. See the table to know which extra tech features to expect from both models.

A detailed look at the above comparison will reveal that the choice of which clearly outranks the other is difficult, if not impossible. This is because each brand has its strengths and downsides.

Instead, we strongly recommend that you study particular models and products to make your choice and not the entire brand.


Although the TV has changed significantly over the years, Toshiba and Hisense have constantly stood at the top of the game. The quality they have maintained makes it difficult to make a definite choice of which is the better.

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