Ring Camera Siren Keeps Going Off (6 Things To Try)

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The Ring Doorbell is a reliable home security system owned by Amazon. The Ring product lines include many different home security products designed specifically for home protection. Installation is simple and can be set up with a battery backup or a hardwire installation with existing connections. In either event, there is a backup battery for power outages.

If your ring camera siren keeps going off there are many reasons it can happen. In order to figure out why it is going off there are several steps you can take such as restarting the device, reconnecting to the app, checking your connection and more. We are going to explore more about what some of the most common solutions are in this article. 

My Ring Camera Siren Keeps Going Off

The Ring Doorbell has impressive features to allow you and your family peace of mind for yourselves and your home.  However, sometimes questions may arise, such as—Why does my camera siren keep going off? 

How To Turn The Siren On Or Off Your Ring Camera

The steps to turning the siren off and on on your ring camera are:

  • Log into the Ring App
  • Select Timeline
  • Select Quick Controls
  • Live View and press the button-center icon (or the left-hand side in Landscape View)
  • Select Device Control
  • Select Ring Spotlight Camera
  • Select Toggle to enable or disable the siren

Restart Devices

Troubleshooting – If these steps fail to solve the issue, then as with most electronics – try restarting the Ring device as well as your mobile device.  Often a restart will solve the problem by initiating a new, clean connection between the two devices.

Reconnect Devices to the Mobile App

Reconnect the Ring device to your mobile app.  Sometimes the connection simply gets lost and needs to be reconnected. Do you own a smartwatch?  If you do, you have likely experienced a disconnect between your mobile device and your smartwatch.  This action is similar – disconnect the Ring device from the mobile app and reconnect it.

Internet Connectivity

Since we rely on a wifi connection for almost everything nowadays, check your connection.  Find your router and modem.  Unplug both, wait a minute, and plug both back in, and restart both devices. This disconnect/reconnect is similar to your router/modem simply not working all of a sudden.  Give them both a reset and check if your camera siren is back to its original working order.

Uninstall and Reinstall

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  Perhaps your device has missed critical updates that are not automatically downloading. Have you ever had a store app all of a sudden not work?  It can be very frustrating.  Uninstall the app, reinstall it, and log back in to see if that reset helps.

VPN Setup

If you have a VPN setup on your mobile device, try disabling it to see if that solves the issue with your camera siren.  If the problem still exists once you disable the VPN, it is likely not contributing to the issue.


Watch Live Feature

Ring Cameras are a part of a new technology and offer various features. They are a top of the line product. Even though you may stumble across an issue you should easily be able to troubleshoot it. 

In June 2021, Ring introduced the “Watch Live” feature on its website. With this new feature, consumers can instantly view the video footage of their home via a computer connection and a mobile device.

When customers register with the Ring Doorbell site, they can add to their home security system and view their live video footage on the web page. This innovative feature was one of the features launched with the company’s second product, the Ring Viewer. The Viewer has also been sold as a separate product.

The “Watch Live” feature allows users to view their video doorbell recordings remotely, anywhere in the world. For example, the Ring Viewer functions as a tablet computer and acts as the remote control for the camera.

Once connected, users can watch their recorded footage through their web browser, a mobile phone, or a tablet. A live person can be seen on the screen anytime, day or night, as long as they have an internet connection. All of the recorded footage can be stored on Ring’s secure server in the US.

Neighbor’s Application

Ring’s “Neighbors” application can share video doorbell recordings with up to five social media app users through Facebook and Twitter. Through the “Followers” section, owners can select other users that they would like to inform about the existence of their video doorbells. The “Your Videos” section allows users to upload and store their most popular videos.

You can set up a Neighbor’s account even if you don’t have the Ring Doorbell.  Downloading this app without the Ring device still allows the app user to be notified of neighborhood activities. This app can notify of weather concerns, road closures, emergency response situations, and more.

The “My Account” section allows users to manage their digital property. It also offers two-factor authentication, which provides security for both incoming and outgoing links. Two-factor authentication requires that a message from a trusted source must be presented before the link is opened.

Ring Doorbell Growth

With all of these added capabilities, it is safe to assume that the Ring Doorbell will continue growing and expanding into new markets. As economies are struggling and families are having a more difficult time making ends meet, home security needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s priorities.  Ring is keeping up with these security needs and updating its hardware and software accordingly.


With all technology, occasional issues arise. These issues can stem from weather conditions, humidity, power surges, and so many other possibilities. There are ways to resolve just about any concern with these troubleshooting steps.

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