What Does the Red Light On the Infant Optics Baby Monitor Mean?

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Becoming a parent and caring for a newborn baby is certainly not easy. For any parent, taking care of a child and ensuring they stay safe is the number one priority. To help you in your daily life and for the sake of both your child and your tranquility, you have decided to buy an Infant Optics baby monitor to keep an eye on your child constantly. But, now you see a red light on the monitor and are wondering what it could mean.

There are two red LEDs that may light up on the Infant Optics baby monitor. The one on the left side will turn on when the baby is crying or there is another loud noise. The one on the right may indicate that the battery is charging or that there’s an issue with the battery. 

Infant Optics is one of the most popular baby monitor brands to ensure your child’s safety, even when you are not in the same room. A red light on such devices always indicates that something is happening that you need to pay attention to. Keep reading to learn what to do when you see a red light on your Infant Optics monitor!

What Does a Red Light On the Infant Optics Baby Monitor Mean?

A newborn baby requires constant attention, which is exactly what Infant Optics baby monitors provide. Both the DXR-8 and the DXR-8 PRO have a similar build. On some occasions, you will see a red LED turn on. Reasons this may happen include:

  • A loud noise close to the camera
  • The battery is charging
  • The battery is damaged

Depending on which of these three instances is the cause, the red light may illuminate on either the monitor’s left or right side. Now, we will examine how to interpret these red lights and find a solution if needed. 

Red Light Indicating High Levels of Noise

On the left side of the monitor, you will find an LED bar indicating the noise level around the camera. If there is very little noise, only the bottom part of the bar will turn green. As the noise level increases, the bar grows and changes to yellow. If there are high noise levels in your baby’s room, for example, if your baby starts crying, the bar will grow further and change to red. 

Keep in mind that the DXR-8 PRO monitor has noise filtering software that will filter out most background noise, such as fans, humidifiers, heaters, and air purifiers. These can still be heard on the DXR-8, as the standard version of the monitor does not include this feature. 

Thus, the red lights on the right side of the DXR-8 PRO monitor will mostly turn on only when the baby is making noise, whereas the DXR-8 monitor might also catch background noise. This can lead to a red LED that’s constantly turned on.

Red Light Indicating Charging or Battery Issues

On the right side of the monitor, you will also find another LED. Both the DXR-8 and DXR-8 PRO Infant Optics monitors run on battery. When on standby mode, this battery should last about 10 hours. If the screen is on constantly, the battery can last up to 6.5 hours. 

When the battery dies, you will need to charge it with the AC adaptor. Your Infant Optics monitor will generally take around 6 to 8 hours to charge fully, and during this period, you will see a red LED turn on. Once the battery is charged, this light will turn blue.

If you see this light even when the device is not charging, this light may indicate an issue with the battery. Take the battery out and let it cool down for 30 minutes. Then, reinsert the battery, making sure it is fully plugged in. If the red light is still on after this, you will need to replace the battery. 

If the red light does not turn blue after more than 8 hours of charging and the battery life is not as long as it should be, this also indicates an issue with the battery. Try taking it out, letting it sit for 30 minutes, and charging it again. If this still does not solve the issue, the battery is damaged and it is time to replace it.


A red light on your Infant Optics monitor could mean three things. If there is a loud noise close to the camera, you will see a red light on the left side of the monitor. If the red LED lights up on the right side, it either means the monitor is charging or the battery is damaged. You will know that the battery is damaged if the red light is still on after more than 8 hours of charging, or if the monitor does not turn on at all. 

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