What Does the Blue Light on an Infant Optics Baby Monitor Mean?

Blue lightBlue light

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There are two led indicators on every Infant optics baby monitor, and they show different colors of light in different states of the monitor. It is normal for new users to be confused as to the meaning of the colors from the indicator.

The blue light coming from the charging LED indicator of your Infant Optics Monitor means that it is fully charged, while the red light coming from the indicator is a sign that it is being charged. You can unplug your monitor from the power supply when you see this sign.

This lets you know when it’s time to unplug the monitor from the charger, as it is easier to notice the change in light on the indicator than having to check the screen to monitor charging progress. Let’s look at this in detail!

Meaning of Light Shown on Indicators of the Infant Optics Baby Monitor

There are two indicators on the monitor unit of Infant Optics baby monitors. One is the charging LED indicator, while the other is the power LED indicator. As the names suggest, there are different uses for these two.

When your Infant Optics baby monitor is charging when powered off, an adapter icon shows on the screen to indicate that the charging process has begun. Also, the charging indicator shows a red light to confirm that it is indeed charging. The indicator changes to blue when the battery is charged to full capacity. If the monitor is on, the battery bar will show that charging is going on, and the charging indicator will also turn red. As with when it’s off, the charging indicator turns blue when the battery is fully charged.

This blue light shown by the Charging LED indicator is a sign that it is time to unplug the monitor from the power, as leaving it plugged after it is fully charged can contribute to a decline in the battery capacity in the long run. Also, overcharging can often cause overheating of sensitive parts like the charging port, which can cause damage to these parts, or even worse, to the motherboard itself.

On the other hand, the power LED indicator turns blue when the monitor is powered on and shows no light when it’s powered off.

Best Practices with Infant Optics Baby Monitor

To ensure that you enjoy your infant optics baby monitor for as long as possible, there are numerous things you have to always keep in mind. These will reduce the risk of random damage to any parts of the monitor and ensure that you get value for your money for a long time. They are:

  • Always charge the monitor before use: While you can always charge your monitor unit while using it, it is advised that you should always charge it fully before use. After full charging, you can then recharge it normally while using it.
  • Always unplug adapters from the wall in periods of no use: This is pretty self-explanatory, and it is because of the rare but possible situations of power surges. While the adapter is plugged into the power supply, these surges can lead to damage.
  • Avoid using the product near water: Contact with water can lead to hardware damage or even increase the risk of electric shocks. You should therefore avoid placing both monitor and camera units near any source of water or moisture.
  • Remember that the monitor is not a replacement for real adult supervision: It is very easy to get complacent because one has a monitor installed in the baby’s crib. However, the monitor will never alert you to the silent activities of the baby, so you always have to check the monitor at regular intervals.
  • Ensure that the camera unit is placed so there will be no intervention with the temperature sensor: Placing the camera unit near heat sources or openings can lead to discrepancies between the results on the monitor and the actual temperature. Also, placing the camera unit in a spot without airflow can affect the accuracy of temperature readings.

These are important points to remember, whether you are a new user or already had the Infant optics baby monitor but didn’t know about them.


As with many other devices, Infant Optics baby monitors have a signal to let you know when they are charging and when the battery is charged to full capacity. The charging LED indicator at the side of the monitor unit shows red when charging is going on and shows blue when it’s fully charged. This feature is very useful as it is often advised that the device shouldn’t be plugged into the power supply for much longer than necessary. Therefore, unplug the monitor unit from power when you see the blue light.

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