How Long Do Blink Doorbell Batteries Last?

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Before installing your Blink Doorbell, you must decide whether to connect it through electricity or battery power. While the first option is a sure guarantor of a steady power supply, the second may leave you skeptical, especially regarding battery life. For this reason, you may wonder how long Blink Doorbell batteries last.

Blink Doorbell batteries can last as long as two years. During this timeframe, you will have no problem utilizing the doorbell’s full range of home security features. However, the actual battery life will depend on environmental factors and usage.

Battery-powered doorbells are easy to install, but the maintenance can be tricky. Depending on how you use your doorbell, your batteries may not last as long as you expect them to. Keep reading to learn more about how long Blink Doorbell batteries last in different situations!

How Long Do Blink Doorbell Batteries Last?

Your Blink Doorbell batteries have an estimated lifespan of two years. Within this timeframe, you can maximize the doorbell’s security features, including:

  • Front door video surveillance
  • Motion sensors
  • Infrared filming at night
  • Two-way intercom
  • Amazon Echo
  • Live video transmission to your smartphone

However, some of these features are only available when a visitor rings the doorbell in order to save battery power. This is known as “Event Response.” Although battery life is estimated to be around two years, your batteries may die out sooner.

What Factors Can Affect Battery Life?

Although your Blink Doorbell batteries should last up to two years, certain factors can compromise their lifespan. Some of the things to watch out for include:

  • Weather conditions: Extreme heat and cold can damage your batteries. While the battery compartment is waterproof, it does not prevent extreme temperatures from affecting the battery’s lifespan.
  • Slow WiFi connection: If the signal strength between your Blink Doorbell and router is weak, it will use more battery power trying to connect. This can drain battery power significantly.
  • Type of batteries: Only AA 1.5-volt lithium batteries are fit to power your Blink Doorbell. Anything else can reduce your doorbell’s performance and can cause future inconveniences.

Always be vigilant with maintaining your Blink Doorbell batteries and do what you can to reduce the above risks.

How Often Do You Need to Change Blink Doorbell Batteries?

You can monitor your batteries’ remaining power through the Blink app. This way, you will always know when the batteries are running low and will need to be changed soon.

There are also a few performance-related issues that will let you know when your batteries are due for a change. These include:

  • Slow or unresponsive Event Response.
  • A blank video surveillance screen.
  • Slow or no video and audio transmission.

If you notice that your battery level is low in the app, or if you notice any of the above signs, change your doorbell’s batteries as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that Blink Doorbell batteries are not rechargeable. Only non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries can provide the appropriate current to power your doorbell.

How Do I Change the Batteries in My Blink Doorbell?

Changing the batteries of your Blink Doorbell is relatively easy, especially since it’s mounted in a detachable way. It’s important to only use non-rechargeable AA 1.5v lithium batteries in your Blink Doorbell from a reputable brand, such as Energizer.

Once you have the replacement batteries in hand, follow these steps to change your doorbell’s batteries:

  • Gently detach the doorbell from its backplate.
  • Open the battery compartment at the back and remove the old batteries.
  • Insert the new batteries.
  • Mount your doorbell back onto the backplate.

Always use brand-new batteries in your Blink Doorbell. Used batteries can have unfavorable repercussions in the long run.

Can Using the Sync Module 2 Extend Your Blink Doorbell’s Battery Life?

The Sync Module 2 is an external storage capacity for video feeds from your Blink Video Doorbell. It lessens the burden of video transmission from the lithium batteries, thus improving battery life. With this add-on, there is a high probability that your batteries will last the expected two years.

The Sync Module 2 will also give you better access to Blink Doorbell features, especially live feeds. Using the Sync Module 2, you can access the video feed whenever you want, unlike the one-time interaction the battery-powered doorbell permits only when it is rung.

How to Connect the Sync Module to Your Blink Doorbell

The Sync Module is an intermediary between your doorbell and the Blink server. Installation can be completed on the Blink app. Follow these steps to connect the two devices:

  • Link the Sync Module to the Blink app.
  • Select your Blink Video Doorbell as your device of choice.
  • Follow the configuration settings according to the app.

Once you’ve connected it to your doorbell, you will have more peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about changing your doorbell’s battery anytime soon.


Blink gives users the choice between a wired or battery-powered installation. If you choose a battery-powered installation, you can expect the batteries to last up to two years before they need to be changed. To get the longest lifespan possible, be careful of extreme weather conditions and slow WiFi connections, and always use high-quality replacement batteries.

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