How Do I Turn The Siren Off/On A Ring Spotlight Camera?

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Navigating smart home devices can be frustrating, and troubleshooting becomes unbearable when combined with a piercing siren that has no shut-off. Thankfully there are many solutions to any issue with the siren on your Ring Spotlight Camera. In just a few simple steps you will silence that siren and restore peace to your ears and your neighbors! 

Sometimes, the basic instructions fail to work, and we end up frustrated and want to give up and abandon what might be a wonderful smart home device. There are multiple reasons why an app may fail, but don’t worry we have you covered! We’ve got quite a few easy tips to get your Ring Spotlight Cam siren under your control and might even solve a few other smart home devices issues you’ve been struggling with along the way. 

This article will provide you with instructions for locating the Toggle On/Off switch on your Ring app for your Spotlight Camera Siren. We will also provide you with tips and tricks to troubleshoot any problems that might prevent the app from functioning. Let’s get started with the basic fix to your problem!

How To Turn The Siren Off/On Your Ring Spotlight Camera 

  • Open The Ring App
  • Select Timeline
  • Select Quick Controls
  • Select Love View and press the bottom-center icon, or the left-hand side in Landscape View 
  • Select Device Control
  • Select Ring Spotlight Camera
  • Use the Toggle feature to enable or disable the siren

There you go, the easiest and most hassle-free way to control your Ring Spotlight Camera siren. But what do you do if this fails to work? Technology is a learning curve for even the most experienced of users. Here are some more handy tips and tricks to save you time!

Restart Your Smart Devices

If the instructions above fail to work, restarting your Spotlight camera and your mobile phone should be the first step. This will re-establish connectivity between your device, the Spotlight Camera, and your wifi source in one step and may resolve any issues with your siren controls. 

Reconnect Your Spotlight Camera to Your Device.

If you have lost the ability to control other functions in addition to your siren toggle switch, there may be a device connection failure, particularly if you have multiple smart home devices connected to the same mobile phone or they are grouped by a smart hub device. If any connection failure occurs in a hub-linked system, it could cause interference in the control functions of your Ring app. Reconnecting your Spotlight Camera may restore app functions.  

Check Your Wifi Settings

One or both devices may be disconnected from wifi, which will cause the Ring app to fail to communicate to your Spotlight Camera. A poor connection can also cause the app to lose one or more of its features. 

You may also be using the wrong radio frequency setting for your Spotlight Camera. Most smart home devices require the 2.4GHZ radio frequency setting to connect properly, while most smartphones will automatically connect on the 5G frequency. This Wifi setting optimizes your connection, but has a shorter range than 2.4GHZ and can cause your phone to fail to connect to the Spotlight Camera. 

A quick check of any other smart home devices you own will better determine if this is the issue preventing your control of the siren function. If this is the problem, please refer to the instructions provided with your Ring Spotlight Camera for further guidance. 

 The App May Be The Issue

 When a smart home device fails to respond to basic commands, the first step to correct the issue may be the simplest solution. Often an app receives updates or new versions come out from the manufacturer and the user is either not informed or cleared the notification due to other matters taking priority. 

Uninstalling the app and downloading it again will quickly provide you with the latest version of the program. Your phone’s designated app downloading store will also notify you of updates to an already downloaded app.    

Turn Off Your VPN Setting

The Ring app can malfunction if you have a VPN enabled on your mobile device, causing you to lose control over some or all of your Spotlight Camera features. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is designed to mask your location online, which causes interference in communication with your Spotlight Camera.  Turn off your VPN setting and try again, after first confirming that disabling your VPN hasn’t caused your mobile phone to drop wifi connection.

Please Note: Disabling your VPN can cause other downloaded apps to malfunction or render them unable to be used by individuals living in a country with internet restriction laws.  

Switch Control Devices

If you are having trouble controlling multiple functions of your Spotlight Camera, you may wish to use a different device to communicate with it. If you are using your phone, consider using a separate device to control your Spotlight Cameras, such as your tablet or an app-enabled computer. These devices are often used less than a mobile phone, while still allowing you to utilize all of the same functions on your Ring app. 

Final Thoughts 

Smart home devices like your Ring Spotlight Camera are a wonderful addition to your home, but no one enjoys an unwanted siren you can’t control! Follow the tips and tricks laid out in this article, and we have every confidence you will master that toggle button and restore control of your Spotlight Camera’s siren, and your sanity!  

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