How Do I Pair My VTech Camera?

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VTech is a very popular kid’s technology brand. They are famous for making many educational tech products to help children learn technological autonomy and self-reliance when using modern technology. VTech also makes many different models of video baby monitors. Some are even shaped like fun animals like bears and owls to be more kid-friendly.

There are numerous models of VTech Baby monitor camera systems, but luckily, most of them use the same VTech software to operate, so most of the instructions in this article will work even if your specific model isn’t listed. VTech has made a very homogenous user interface across its different video monitors. So how do you pair a VTech camera?

How Do I Pair my VTech Camera?

Adding a camera to the system is one of the simplest actions you will take using your VTech baby monitor or camera system. It is important to note the cameras are not cross-compatible with VTech systems. The systems will only accept cameras designed for the same model system. Even the bear and owl animal cameras are not interchangeable. 

  • Pair a new baby unit with your VTech Baby Monitor system
  • Check your parent unit display model number and compare it to your baby unit camera’s model number – make sure they’re compatible
  • Update software and firmware for your camera system

If your cameras aren’t connecting to your parent unit display it is possible that the baby unit camera and the parent unit display aren’t compatible. There are multiple model numbers of VTech baby monitors, and none of the baby unit cameras are interchangeable with other parent unit display models. The model numbers have to be compatible.

How to Pair a Baby Unit Camera with your VTech Parent Unit Display

Even though there are many models of VTech video baby monitor systems, the fact that VTech uses the same proprietary software on their camera systems means that the same instructions on pairing a baby unit camera with a parent unit display unit will work across most models of VTech camera systems.

How to Pair a Baby Unit Camera to a Parent Unit Display

  1. Ensure the Baby Unit Camera is plugged into a working power outlet
  2. Make sure the power switch on the Baby Unit Camera is turned On
  3. Ensure the Parent Unit Display’s built-in rechargeable battery has a full charge
  4. Press the Menu/Select button on the Parent Unit Display
  5. Use the right and left arrow buttons to select Camera Settings
  6. Press the Menu/Select button
  7. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select Pair New Baby Unit
  8. Press the Menu/Select button
  9. Press and hold the Pair key on the baby unit camera for 5 seconds
  10. If pairing worked, there will be a confirmation chime

VTech Model Numbers that are Compatible with These Instructions


There are many more model numbers for VTech video baby monitors. If, for some reason, these instructions don’t match up with the specific model you own, you can view the VTech Baby Monitor FAQ or the VTech support page to find help with your specific model.

With all these models, be careful and consider that some VTech camera models can be hacked.

How Do I Pair a Second VTech Camera?

Some VTech baby monitors are sold with multiple cameras, or you have purchased a compatible camera for your system, so you might wonder how to pair a second VTech camera?

You can pair a second camera the same way as adding the first camera to the baby monitor system. You just have to pair the additional baby unit camera to the parent unit display (the parent unit can support up to four).

Then the paired cameras will rotate, visible on the screen after a few seconds. You can also switch to view any particular camera from the Menu/Settings button.

Parent Unit Display and Baby Unit Camera Model Numbers

One of the biggest caveats to troubleshooting with VTech baby monitors is their large product range and model number range. 

VTech makes many model numbers that are retail chain exclusives, leading to many different models of baby monitors. Each with its own cameras that aren’t usually interchangeable with other model numbers.

Even if the cameras look similar to the ones you know that pair, they may still not be compatible. Even the BM5150-BEAR model, where the camera looks like a bear, and the BM5550-OWL model, where the camera looks like an owl, are not interchangeable. 

Update the Software and Firmware of your VTech Baby Monitor

The software and firmware updates for both the parent unit display, and the baby unit camera is delivered automatically in all VTech baby monitor models as long as the camera is in router mode and has a connection to the internet via an active WiFi connection. 

Each VTech baby monitor has two modes: Direct WiFi mode and Router Mode. 

Direct WiFi mode allows the baby unit camera to connect directly to the parent unit display without a WiFi or internet connection. 

Router mode connects the parent unit display to your home WiFi and allows the baby monitor system access to the internet. It also allows you to use the VTech app.

To update the software and firmware of your VTech baby monitor system, the system must be in router mode and have an active internet connection.


Pairing cameras is easy as long as you can find the model number of your camera and system. VTech has a very large range of model numbers to sift through to ensure correct instructions. Once you have it paired, connect your system to the internet to get all firmware and software updates, even if you go to WiFi directly after you download them.

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