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Does TCL TV Have Bluetooth? How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With TV!

Last Updated Feb 10, 2022
bluetooth headphones, mouse, and keyboard

Sometimes we want to watch our favorite Netflix series on TV at the highest volume we want without disturbing others in our space. It’s expected these days that our entertainment devices will allow us to control them from anywhere in an instant using Bluetooth technology. If you own a TCL TV, you may be wondering if this is an option for you.

The TCL Android TV and TCL Roku TV models are best known to have Bluetooth adaptability. Additionally, other TCL models such as Google TV from the TCL 5 series may also have Bluetooth compatibility depending on the features described in their manuals.

By the end of this article, you will know how to pair your Bluetooth headphones to your TCL TV and get the most out of your remote devices. Keep reading for more.

What Is Bluetooth?

“Bluetooth” is a genius innovation in technology founded by a European company called Bluetooth SIG in 1999. 

Bluetooth allows wireless, long-range communication between electronic devices via low-frequency radio signals. 

Some of the first Bluetooth technologies were wireless home phones and remote garage openers. 

TCL TV And Bluetooth

TCL takes pride in the manufacturing and selling of electronic goods. One of TCL’s most popular products is its TCL TV, which comes in these brand series:

  • TCL-3
  • TCL-4
  • TCL-5
  • TCL-6
  • TCL-8

All of these TVs have similar features but different advantages

What Bluetooth Products Are Compatible With TCL TV?

The available Bluetooth devices you can connect to your TCL TV include:

If you would like to learn more about TCL, check out this article.

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With TCL TV

TCL has clear instructions on its website to help its users pair their personal Bluetooth headphones to TCL TVs. You do not have to own Bluetooth headphones made by TCL in order to use them with a TCL TV. 

Turn On Your Bluetooth Headphones

To use Bluetooth headphones with your TCL TV, the first thing you must do is activate the signaling for your headphone’s Bluetooth feature by turning the headphones on. To activate this signaling, you must press and hold the power button of your Bluetooth headphones. 

Hold Down The Power Button Of Your Headphones

Keep holding down the power button of your headphones for a minimum of five to six seconds to be sure that your headphone device is activated. 

Wait For Your Bluetooth Headphones To Flash

You will know that your Bluetooth headphones are activated and ready to pair with your TCL TV when one light signal of the device flashes alternately with a different-colored light signal installed in the headphones. 

(Typically, the “on” signal of the headphones is colored blue, and the “off” signal is colored red or white. Therefore, the power button of your Bluetooth headphones will most likely flash blue and red, or it will blink with blue and white colors when it is turned on and ready to connect with your TCL TV.)

Turn On Your TCL TV

After your Bluetooth headphones are ready to connect with your TCL TV, turn on your TCL TV by pressing and holding the home button on your TCL TV remote. 

Go To “Settings” On Your TCL TV

Next, press the navigation buttons on your TCL TV remote and scroll to the settings icon. Then select the settings icon by selecting “OK” on your TCL TV remote to confirm the choice. 

Go To “Remote And Accessories” On Your TCL TV

Next, use your TCL TV remote’s navigation buttons to go down to “Remote And Accessories” under “Settings.” Next, select “OK” on your remote to confirm the choice. 

Go To “Add Accessory” On Your TCL TV

Then, you will select “Add Accessory” under “Remote and Accessories.” Then, you will choose “OK” using your remote to confirm the choice. When you select “Add Accessory,” you should see a menu appear on your TCL TV screen. 

The menu should list the available Bluetooth devices for your TCL Android TV to pair within the area at least ten to twenty feet from the TCL TV. 

Wait For Your Bluetooth Headphones And Your TCL TV To Connect

Your TCL TV will automatically scan for Bluetooth devices ready to pair with it. On your TCL TV screen, you should see that your Bluetooth headphones are selected and ready to be used with your TV.


It is fast and easy to start enjoying your TCL TV through your Bluetooth headphones right away. After being sure that your TCL TV model can work with wireless Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy all of the benefits of Bluetooth to listen to your favorite shows as loud as you want from anywhere. 

TCL recommends users check the availability of Bluetooth compatibility with your TCL TV so you can be sure to enjoy entertainment to the fullest extent. So, be sure to consult with your TV’s manual and the TCL website to compare TCL TV models for any other specific features or accessories that fit the needs of your home.