Can You Use a Vizio Soundbar On a TCL TV?


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Vizio Soundbars come in different varieties and they have a good price-to-performance ratio. Although their products are not as premium as models from other Higher competing brands, you still get to enjoy a good amount of features, like sound customization options, different wireless playback options, and  Atmos support. But can Vizio Soundbar work with My TCL TV? 

Vizio Soundbars are modeled to work with different varieties of devices, and your TCL TV is among them. Unfortunately, your TCL TV Remote is not compatible with your Vizio soundbar. Therefore, you can make use of your Vizio Soundbar remote to control the volume of your Vizio Soundbar system. 

After configuring your Vizio Soundbar to your TLC TV, you will enjoy the benefits of good audio quality, boosted bass, and reduced audio loss. In this article, we would be looking at how you can configure your Vizio Soundbar to your TCL TV, the best SoundBar system for Your TCL TV, and if your Roku TV can connect to a SoundBar System Wirelessly?

How To Configure Your Vizio Soundbar To Your TCL TV

Configuring your Vizio Soundbar to your TCL TV takes less than ten minutes. This process is done using the ARC (Audio Return Channel) which is an HDMI feature available in most TCL TVs. This unique ability allows your TCL TV, and other CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible devices to send audio and video. 

In case you buy a brand new Vizio Soundbar system and you need help configuring it with your TCL TV, here’s how to do it according to TCL Support:

  1. At the back of your TCL TV find the port named HDMI ARC.
  2. Only use a High-Speed HDMI cable that supports both HDMI ARC, and CEC control to configure your soundbar system to your TCL TV.
  3. After connecting your soundbar System to the TCL TV make sure it’s turned on. 
  4. Press home on your TCL TV remote to have access to the main screen. 
  5.  Select “Settings”  from the main screen option. 
  6. Press OK, and select System. 
  7. Press OK, and select Control other devices (CEC) 
  8. Press the right arrow button, scroll and select Search for CEC devices.
  9. Press OK, and your TCL TV will scan for connected CEC-compatible devices. 
  10. After scanning, your TCL TV displays a list of CEC Devices that are connected to each HDMI input

Your TCL TV also can remember Multiple CEC devices even when they are no longer connected. You would need to read the product documentation to know the CEC Features of the device. It is important to always use the right cables, and connections for your configurations because different manufacturers possess their own branded names and different capabilities.

Best SoundBar For Your TCL TV

Configuring your SoundBar System to your TCL TV can be easily done without getting you tied up wiring cables. The HDMI ARC helps reduce the number of cables required in connecting your device. Let’s say you want to buy a More advanced SoundBar system for your TCL TV, which mode is the best to buy? 

Here are a few of the Best SoundBar systems you can enjoy with your TCL TV:

These SoundBar systems are designed to be easy to operate, and fast to configure. They are small, light, and flexible to mount. SoundBar systems help to enhance the aesthetics of a room, and also eliminate the displeasing sight of tangled wires associated with surround sound systems.

If you would like to learn more about TCL TVs, check out this article.

Can My Roku TV Connect To a SoundBar Wirelessly?

Configuring your Roku TV with a SoundBar system upgrades your audio and streaming experience. There have been speculations that Roku TV can connect to a SoundBar system Wirelessly. Let’s say you just bought one, can it connect to your Roku TV wirelessly?

TCL Roku TVs are specially designed to be compatible with some types of Soundbar systems, which is the easiest way to enhance the sound of your TCL Roku TV experience. A compatible wireless Sound Bar system can be wirelessly connected through Bluetooth or on a shared WiFi network with your TCL Roku TV. 

To connect a Soundbar to your Roku TV wirelessly, you would need a Soundbar that is compatible with your TCL Roku TV from the above list. You can do this using Bluetooth or a shared Wi-Fi network, and you would need to do that through the Roku App.

Another amazing feature about the TCL Roku TV Wireless SoundBar is that it saves the stress of having an extra remote. You can control your Roku TV, streaming, and SoundBar system with your current Roku TV remote.


Configuring your TCL TV to a Soundbar system is the best way to enjoy high-quality TV sound and still conserve space. Configuring your Devices to your TV eliminates the irritating sight of tangled wires lying around. Modern Advanced models of the Soundbar system have the unique feature of connecting Wirelessly or with HDMI to your TVs.

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